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Holiday Giveaway #1: A+R- 11.25.11

ar0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

AND it begins! First up on our giveaways ~ our friends at A+R ~ which still feels like NOTCOT in person if you wander down to their store in Venice! I can never resist coming home with something new to play with! They are giving away Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone ~ i was just checking these out in the store last week and i love the way they fold into what looks more like a sunglass than headphone case! They have a foldable solid steel frame and a microphone on the cord… and it comes with adapter cables for most phones as well!

For a chance to win Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone (in your choice of color!) from A+R, leave a comment with what materialistic item is on the top of your wishlist this year before midnight PST on Nov 30, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! See more pictures on the next page!

CONGRATS to our winner Eva from NY!




For a chance to win Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone (in your choice of color!) from A+R, leave a comment with what materialistic item is on the top of your wishlist this year before midnight PST on Nov 30, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!

And to help with your holiday shopping… here’s a nice coupon! A+R.jpg


531 Notes

Some AKG K550’s would be awesome, if they even come out this year.

----- Evan 30.11.11 23:59

I’m dying for the Olympus E-P3!

----- Gee 30.11.11 22:47

A saddleback briefcase yo! They’re so crazy nice!

----- BEN C. 30.11.11 21:20

A no-design card case-like wallet!

----- Justin R 30.11.11 19:24

Q: what materialistic item is on the top of your wishlist this year?
A: new Macbook Pro

----- Ria 30.11.11 18:54

1/100 Saint beer! Which I want to drink while traveling abroad :)

----- Amanda 30.11.11 17:58

A couple of solid gold bricks, it’s like wishing for more wishes :D

----- Sarah 30.11.11 17:22

Dear Santa, If you could drop off two tickets to DisneyWorld, that would be fantastic.

----- Annabel 30.11.11 16:55

my #1 item this year is the 1970 flat black Pontiac GTO that I won’t get :)

----- Devin 30.11.11 15:37

On top of my wishlist is probably a new kitchenaid mixer for my mum (which is doable) and for me, a pair of Louboutins (which is not). :-)

----- Elena 30.11.11 15:26

on the top of my wish list is definitely a good pay of headphones for while work long hours in the studio. in-ear headphones hurt after a while..
next would be new clothes

----- Tim 30.11.11 15:01

An Eames chair would be great!!!

----- Megan 30.11.11 14:42

A vacation in a beach resort I can’t afford to buy for myself. Oh, I wish I wish I wish.

----- Stav 30.11.11 14:31

Gyokucho 9.5” Double Edge (Ryoba) Saw.

----- Justin Mrazik 30.11.11 14:13

I need a new phone in the worst way, my dumbphone is on its last legs, so I really want a Droid Razr

----- Russ! 30.11.11 13:50

A wing suit for sky diving.

----- Louis 30.11.11 13:49

It seems silly now… I’ve wanted direct drive turntables and a mixer for a few years now. It’s been a dream of mine to DJ.

----- Michael 30.11.11 13:19

Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone and a puppy!!!-a puppy wearing Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone!

----- Eva Xia 30.11.11 12:59

I want an DSLR Camera! I’m starting to really get into photography.

----- Caleb 30.11.11 12:46

dope accessories, specifically this DOOM ring from Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/listing/66673520/rose-gold-doom-two-finger-ring) and this Bon Appetit belt from Friend of Mine (http://www.madebyafriendofmine.com.au/shop/product_info.php?products_id=687)

----- Allie 30.11.11 12:28

The most wanted material item on the top of my wishlist is a new DSLR camera. I’m eyeing the Canon 7d. I would love to be able to take better quality video with the use of interchangeable lenses.

----- Leslie 30.11.11 12:10

Asus Transformer Prime Tablet is on my top list!

----- Ariel 30.11.11 11:37

I want… MONEY. Just enough to buy EVERYTHING in these giveaways… Also a car. And procrastination medicine

----- Carlos 30.11.11 11:27

A bespoke suit.

----- Jack Frost 30.11.11 11:21

Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone

----- Carlos 30.11.11 11:02

At the top of my wish (and I do mean wish) would be a new 2012 Honda CR-Z iCF shipped over from the UK

----- Dylan b 30.11.11 10:38

on the hunt for a vintage turntable.. Thorens or AR

----- Nick H 30.11.11 10:34

a new record player! Community season 2! anything from Kikkerland! the list goes on and on and on…

----- denise 30.11.11 10:32

I would love a new record player! That is my materialistic wish!

----- Charlie Price 30.11.11 09:47

the most materialistic item on my list-my own vaccuum screening table XXL

----- Andy Stoltz 30.11.11 09:39

Best thing to get this holiday season would be a new camera or GoPro!

----- Justin Wohl 30.11.11 09:26

an iPhone 4S, an iPad 2, a new wardrobe, an amazingly supple leather jacket, some awesome frye boots …

----- katalia 30.11.11 09:10

materialistic desires:
leather bag, new headphones, iphone, jeans.

----- andrea 30.11.11 08:36

a dutch oven

----- jenna 30.11.11 07:59

After sitting on one for the first time at Clerkenwell Design Week, and realising it was the comfiest chair ever, I would love to own an Eames LCW chair (in walnut veneer of course).

----- Ollie 30.11.11 07:10


----- Maria 30.11.11 06:58

A materialistic gift… a funky new watch, and some really good headphones!!!
(mines are broken!)

----- Caroline Joly 30.11.11 06:14

my wish list…
1. Black Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone.
2. Silver Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone.
3. White Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone.
4. I want it all!!!!!!

----- RONI PASLAH 30.11.11 03:59

A DSLR, omigoodness.
So expensive but so worth it (or so I anticipate).
I think it will give me confidence by making me feel more like an authentic blogger.

----- Vincent 30.11.11 03:24

A+R Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone

----- Nadalyn 30.11.11 02:39

I’d grab my hands on a Fujifilm FinePix X100…

----- Eloisa 30.11.11 02:05

A new bike!

----- Tristan 30.11.11 00:51

A John Cooper Works Mini.

----- Martin 29.11.11 23:58

The most materialistic item on my wishlist is definitely a new car, something simple to get me around town will do.

----- Timmy 29.11.11 22:11

A beautiful Kitchen Aid would be at the top of my wishlist—oh how many different types of baked goods and food I can make if I only had one! *sighs*

----- Steph 29.11.11 22:02

A beautiful Kitchen Aid would be at the top of my list—oh how many different types of baked goods and food I can make with one… *sighs*

----- Steph 29.11.11 22:00

Secretly, Notcot is a definite Yescot!

----- Ellen Bautista 29.11.11 21:44

If money was no objective the most materialistic item I would love to get would be a Singer 911… may be I can get a framed poster instead! On a slightly more attainable dream… that new Lyton camera looks pretty sweet :)

----- Gabriel Tam 29.11.11 21:40

I want a Cole Clark VL2P lap steel guitar to just play for hours.

----- Jordan 29.11.11 21:33

The item at the top of my materialistic wish list is a BMW Z4.. though I do not have the money to buy one and I’m a terrible driver and an Asian one at that which does not help with the stereotype.. haha.

----- Helen 29.11.11 21:24

I’ve been wanting a PS3 ever since it came out, but gosh… Could never justify spending the money when bills and feeding myself were calling. Might actually get one for Christmas this year, though! A girl can dream. :D Seeing how I only have cheap, poopy earbuds at the moment, I would love these in red! Love you NOTCOT~!

----- Lorien 29.11.11 21:00

As long as I’m dreaming, a 2004 Chevy C5 Corvette Z06 in midnight blue.

----- Aubrey 29.11.11 20:57

clean water for all

----- eliot 29.11.11 20:53

I want a kick ass bicycle, end of this year… it’ll be good if i can learn to ride it right away (ridiculously I can’t ride a bicycle… :D)…, a Polaroid for the new year silly moments, and of course this Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone that accompany me while riding the mighty new bike… It’s not an impossible wish right? It’ll end this year perfectly!!! :D

----- Mellissa 29.11.11 20:51

Segway all the way — tired of walking across campus. No pepper spray for me.

----- Andrew 29.11.11 20:01

I would like a house in Columbus, Ohio so I can live closer to my best friend.

----- Chris Jennings 29.11.11 19:46

A pressure cooker.

----- Sarah 29.11.11 19:07

A Porsche 911 turbo.

----- pETE 29.11.11 18:46

A Dremel! I want to go around the house sanding down all these wee nooks and crannies, making glasses out of wine bottles and re-finishing furniture. It’s going to be spectacular!

----- Fraser Marshall 29.11.11 18:12

You guys always have the coolest stuff!

----- Rob Tsou 29.11.11 18:01

I would love to have a Kinect Gear Ring. So cool!

Thanks for another fantastic year of NotCot!!

----- April Brooks 29.11.11 17:26

ALSO, I discovered this morning that my headphones are broken! AHHH!

----- Justin 29.11.11 17:04

The materialistic item on the very top of my wishlist this year (as well as every year) is a macbook pro! I’m waaaay to broke to even think about saving for one and I may shell out when I get my financial aid. I want one because they have the best programs (I’m an art major) and OF COURSE because I can drop some beats with Garage Band. ALSO, who doesn’t want to be able to play The Sims everywhere they go? PLUS, these headphones would be for real balla status with the laptop. YES.

----- Justin 29.11.11 17:01

Oh many I so want fancy matchy driving gloves and shoes for Christmas. Come on, Santa!

----- Daisy 29.11.11 17:01

a Red Ryder BB gun

----- secretagentmike 29.11.11 16:39

Hmmm, the headphones would be oh so awesome but I always wish for food :D it’s still something I can call a material item :P I mean the experience with food is universal and unusually special since if we talk about it as something like a material item it’s a one shot deal, you only use it one time :3, so you savor every second you have with it, the smell, the taste, it’s an experience, a sure fire way to settle in your memory if it’s a good one. And once you’ve eaten it, there’s no carbon footprint that comes along with it (maybe just maybe some gas lol) but you see it can be the greenest :P

----- El 29.11.11 16:19

I love shooting analogue film, and for the past few months I’ve been dreaming of a Hasselblad rangefinder. It’s so portable, but still offers stunning craftsmanship.

----- Mindy H 29.11.11 16:17

A Pentax DSLR K-5 :)

----- bao nguyen 29.11.11 15:57

New dSLR though a kitchenaid mixer comes in at a close second.

----- Stephanie 29.11.11 15:33

A 50 year single malt Scotch.

----- Arthur 29.11.11 15:33

a white iPad 2!

----- Sean Mutchnick 29.11.11 15:14

Top of the list: diet pills.

----- RS 29.11.11 15:09

I really want the Rosetta Stone instructional course for learning Russian! Maybe next year the top of my materialistic wish list will be a way to get there ;)

----- TONI 29.11.11 15:08

Fiat 500 Abarth. I can just see myself tearing through the streets in it.

----- Anthony 29.11.11 15:01

Smart phone! iphone 4S if possible.

----- Jin 29.11.11 14:40

Hmmm, I think I would have to say the gorgeous Marigold bed in white from anthropologie with the sunbird sheet set and Gerorgina Duvet! I would be in heaven

----- Tiffany 29.11.11 14:27

An Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!

----- Ted 29.11.11 14:27

I would love the Kitchenaid Copper Mixer.

----- Ayumi 29.11.11 14:22

My love of flying has me lusting over a Bell & Ross timepiece. The elegance and simplicity speak volumes to me about the amazing ability of designers throughout the ages and how good design is often timeless.

----- Tyler Benner 29.11.11 13:04

Ideally a new mac!! But I’d be happy with a wool bow tie, a pair of chelsea boots or some Comme des Garçons 2MAN!

----- Robert W. 29.11.11 12:23

At the top of my list this year, macbook air!

----- Jeffrey 29.11.11 12:17

A kitchenaid stand mixer would be awesome.

----- Emmanuel 29.11.11 11:50

Really wishing for a Nikon D7000 :: sigh ::

----- Jane 29.11.11 11:48

top of my wish list… hahaha I have not had a wish list or received something as a holiday gift in so long, that personally as a materialistic gift, I could use a full ride/artist residency in New York, Tokyo, or L.A.

----- J Ice 29.11.11 11:39

Totally looking forward to scoring some sweet new indoor soccer shoes to go along with that first place trophy for the new season!

----- Tyler 29.11.11 11:38

My materialistic wish: to have my home remodel completed before Christmas and to win / be given a billion dollars to spend and gift as I wish.

----- Chen 29.11.11 11:21

When I think materialistic, I think excessive beyond utility. So while I could use a new blanket, my wish list actually has a Woolrich Hudson’s Bay Wool blanket - a classic.

----- Dan Dan 29.11.11 11:08

more than anything id like an inflatable dalek, but i guess those are for children (size-wise, clearly most doctor who fanatics are adult-ish). in lieu of that, headphones playing gentle music to soothe the savage jealous beast in me when i see my boyfriend’s niece get one instead :/

----- Ashley B 29.11.11 11:08

Jawbone JAMBOX

----- James Connors 29.11.11 11:02

I’m a simple man so all I want is a new pair of headphones, these A+R ones would be super swell, to jam out on my way to work, a Baume & Mercier watch, and a BMW M3 for a weekend getaway car.

----- Vlad Gold 29.11.11 10:58

The 13” MacBook Air and these headphones to watch movies on flights :-)

----- Almin 29.11.11 10:49

I love this design! I hope they sound as great as they look!

----- Chris 29.11.11 10:46

I would like an iPad to give to my husband so I can have my MacBook back.

----- Natalie 29.11.11 10:42

I *really* want a trip to a part of France that I haven’t been before… maybe somewhere in the countryside… or near a castle… or somewhere I can go hiking… or maybe the beach… who doesn’t love the beach?!

----- Drew 29.11.11 10:29

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

----- Micah Lee 29.11.11 10:24

I’d like a pair of red Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphones so I can rock out in style, while model making in studio on long winter nights.

----- Alex Z 29.11.11 10:01

I want an internship at Apple. I don’t need it, I’d be better off working in Michigan, or the midwest or even boston where I have been before, but the utter WANT of working there surpasses any other form of materialistic lust I possess.

----- Michael Senkow 29.11.11 09:57

I’d really like to get a Stirling engine

----- Chris Wilkinson 29.11.11 09:47

A pair of Red snapper “Copenhagen” Headphones for my boyfriend!! He want so badly.. so if i can get it, that blow his mind :P

----- Ross 29.11.11 09:45

My wishlist topper? An awesome shirt from Hixsept called “Apollo”.

----- Dan Gilmore 29.11.11 09:35

I would love a Hard Graft 3-in-1 bag.

----- Pei 29.11.11 09:22

A $300 handmade wool sweater.

----- Lauren 29.11.11 09:17

Three words: EAYRSLEE Park Tote.
Antique tan, so so soft, I can almost smell the leather…

----- frey 29.11.11 08:42

My techno-fetish xmas dream present is an exoskeleton so I can like a robot!

----- Erik 29.11.11 08:19

a mac mini and a Professional 3D animation software :)

----- Elena 29.11.11 08:12

Enough with these hipster desires, an original Eames lounge chair (with ottoman) is what I require.

----- Ry 29.11.11 08:10

The Nooka Zizm is topping my list this year. I have a thing for geometric watches.

----- Kevin 29.11.11 08:08

Plane tickets to visit my sister in Japan! :( She won’t be able to make it home this Xmas, and I already miss her.

----- Ayla 29.11.11 07:59

well, my christmas came early and I already got my present. it was a tv yellow double cutaway les paul and it rocks.

----- jacklyn 29.11.11 07:56

I have been obsessing over something I saw on this very site recently - the Madison Street bicycle by the Detroit Bicycle Company. What a beautiful bicycle. WANT!

----- Wesley H 29.11.11 07:49

The Madison Street rider from Detroit Bicycle Company - oh yeah!

----- Rav 29.11.11 07:25

A John Lunn flute. Use the google, they are amazing. I have no idea if they sound good, but this is supposed to be materialistic, so I’m going with the prettiest one. Rose gold, please.

----- Alison 29.11.11 07:06

a 3000 dollar giant totoro from Studio Ghibli, but will he help grow my plant at home ?

----- J 29.11.11 07:05

A 27” LCD monitor, but a new dSLR is a close second.

----- Lara 29.11.11 07:01

If I could only afford a Leica M9….

----- Cesar 29.11.11 06:30

a raise or a hefty bonus to buy ‘em all

----- Michelle 29.11.11 06:06

A mug of hot chocolate as delicious and as guiltless as the ones my mom used to make me after a long hard day of sledding.

Barring that, a two week all expenses paid trip for 4 to London.

----- Brenna 29.11.11 05:47

I can’t believe nothing came to mind and I had to actually think about this question!!! I’d say it would be…………… A pair of Metal Urbanista “Copenhagen” Headphones hahahaha!

----- Maynard P 29.11.11 05:16

My top materialistic item for this year is Digital Caliper…
finally i won’t miss the small numbers….

----- Yael 29.11.11 01:01

New desktop computer, definitely.

----- Carrie 28.11.11 23:05

The top item on my list is a new pair of cute, every day shoes. My favorite pair was chewed up by a dog I was dog-sitting last year, and I haven’t gotten around to replacing them.

----- Catherine Chandler 28.11.11 21:11

A pair of corduroy Tom’s.

----- Kay 28.11.11 21:07

I WANT A TIME MACHINE!!! if not, I guess I can settle for the WORLD….Muhahahaha

----- Supervillain 28.11.11 21:01

The top materialistic thing on my wishlist this year WAS a pair of weatherproof comfortable boots.
However, seeing these headphones in the red color has made that boot dream seem silly.

----- Jessie 28.11.11 20:29

Man, what I really want is a custom Mercian touring bike, but the chance I’ll get one is about zilch. Someday!

----- Liza 28.11.11 20:12

Backpack for a month anywhere outside of US.

----- Trinh 28.11.11 19:00

A Hard Graft hip pouch. Their prices are ridiculous, but their use of materials and the subtle details they add are just superb.

----- Kaeo 28.11.11 18:54

I seriously want a new pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses. Not Marc by Marc, but the real deal.

----- Neil Spencer 28.11.11 18:15

I’d love a Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag, made from their soft-as-butter leather. A girl can dream!

----- Ashley 28.11.11 16:17

engagement ring from my love

----- Olessya 28.11.11 16:02

A shiny new macbook pro would be the best gift ever.

----- Andrew 28.11.11 15:44

It’s not really a very creative answer, but I would love to own the iPad 2

----- Diana 28.11.11 15:36

J. Rusten’s Golden State Table, beautiful piece of art

----- Khoa 28.11.11 15:07

My realistic wish is for an apple TV, but a boat is always #1

----- Erastos 28.11.11 14:01

I know I don’t need another chair but I would love to have one of Harry Bertoia’s “Bird” chairs. Oh, the ottoman would also be nice touch to complete the set.

----- Duane 28.11.11 13:33

Well I guess now these babies. And maybe a case for my iPhone,a camera bag, and some Fuji instant film.

----- Yitzy Paul 28.11.11 13:20

My list is all books this year!

----- Daniel 28.11.11 13:11

Anythingt and nothing, but most of all a new pc….

----- Piergiorgio 28.11.11 13:04

What a coincidence! Headphones are at the top of my Wish List this year!

----- Julie 28.11.11 12:38

Ahh, the ultimate materialistic item on my wishlist: the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic. Stop craving all the things you can make yourself!!

----- mxm 28.11.11 12:27

at the present moment I have 0,25% of chance to win this headphone.. and I have no clue about how the selection is going to be, but I’ll try anyway… the materialistic item that is on the top of my wishlist right now is actually a Rubik’s Cube! and I’m not joking, some weeks ago I saw a young girls solving one of those in a bus, she made it in less than 2 minutes… I HAVE TO learn the puzzle behind it to keep my honour..

kind regards

----- Pedro 28.11.11 11:50

A close competition between the iPhone 4S or its cousin the iPad 2 *sigh*

----- Rue Q 28.11.11 11:46

a claw-foot bathtub

----- steph 28.11.11 11:39

Large cast glass sculpture I saw in Napier. Evocative.

----- Dave j 28.11.11 11:29

I would like a Fiat 500 Abarth!

----- Tran Nguyen 28.11.11 11:21

I’d be happy with a nice, slick iPad 2. I’m feeling an extreme lack of tablet in my life.

----- Andrew 28.11.11 11:13

Ownership of 32% of Apple Inc.’s stock. Or maaaayyybee I’d settle for the Galant Black Glass Topped desk from Ikea… *sidelong glance*


----- Rahni 28.11.11 11:02

One of those gorgeous curvaceous Aalto vases! The rhyming here was completely unintentional I promise.

----- Jessi 28.11.11 10:58

Galaxy Nexus!

----- Zaira V 28.11.11 10:35

I’m thinking the top of my list would be airplane tickets to go visit all my family in Korea.

----- Lucas Lund 28.11.11 10:30

I wrote my christmas list on linen, Is that what you mean by “Materialist”.

If not, a toaster would be cool.

----- Matthew 28.11.11 10:30

Normally I’d want something like a set of Global knives, but I’ve not seen home in four years since poor students can’t afford tickets from UK to Borneo, so return tickets back to Sarawak will do me just fine please.

----- Dian Saxon 28.11.11 10:16

Literally at the top of my list is the iPhone 4S (which will work great with these headphones!). But at the top of my unrealistic list is the new Canon C300! Damn that looks to be one nice camera (and I can probably use these headphones with that as well. Hmm.)!

----- Anthony D 28.11.11 10:10

What I’d realy like is a garage to protect our new (to us, but it’s 9 years old) car.

World peace! I meant world peace!

----- Bruce 28.11.11 09:56

WOW! Perfect timing. What I need are a set of headphones because mine just baught the farm.

----- Gino 28.11.11 09:45

Sitting at the top of my wishlist is the Life chair from Knoll.

----- Andrew Dunn 28.11.11 09:40

I’d just like a solid coffee mug with some rediculous conversation starter written on it. Is that too much to ask!?

----- Justin 28.11.11 09:40

I iMac - 27”-er! … I’ve never had one - only PCs. Yet, I’ve become an Apple fan since my new iPhone 4S and I feel like I…. must…have…one. Marketing has worked; CHECK!

----- Chad B 28.11.11 09:36

a bottle of dom perignon and a new snowboard! oh yea, a macbook pro would be nice too.

----- Joanna 28.11.11 09:34

A new coffeetable. Haven’t find the perfect one yet so that I wish for to find!

----- Johanna 28.11.11 09:24

I want (but definitely don’t need) a Motorola Xoom.

----- Russell 28.11.11 09:19

It would have to be a new DSLR so I can get back into photography and video. Not to mention be done with capturing footage off of a tape, oh to be able to copy video files over.

----- Brian Belida 28.11.11 09:17

My top item of the year would be a new laptop, or a new car (since I just went to the LA Auto Show last week!) For laptop, Macbook Air would be perfect, the Asus Zenbook is also nice (the PC alternative;) the HP Envy is also very nice but a little bulky. Dell’s Adamo also has really nice look but probably not an option right now.
For Car, I am in love with the Mini Countryman, it’s like a mutated/masculine version of the Mini Cooper; other cars that I also like are the Audi S7, Cadillac CTS, Dodge Challenger, and Mercedes SLS.

----- Wen 28.11.11 09:17

an iPad… don’t need one, but sooo want one.

----- Ryan Wampler 28.11.11 09:13

For me, an ipad :)

----- Monica 28.11.11 09:08

Definitely a ‘77 Corvette Stingray. Efficient? No. Cheap? No. Practical? Not in this economy. Dead sexy and mean-as-hell-looking? Darn tootin’.

----- Lelia 28.11.11 08:05

I dream of the Warren Platner coffee table!!!!

----- Jess 28.11.11 08:05

I’d really love a new winter jacket. Perferrably Canada Goose for those chilly Toronto winters.

----- Mikayla 28.11.11 07:39

I want “maschine” from native instruments. then i can use the headphones to listen to my own music.

----- Jakob H 28.11.11 07:34

I’d love an urwerk watch - if my missus fancies mortgaging the house….

----- gavin 28.11.11 07:33

a new iphone.

----- James 28.11.11 07:26

mercedes 1955 300s of course!!

----- Q 28.11.11 06:58

A wedding ring! I spent all my money on getting my wife’s wedding ring. we couldn’t afford one for myself, but then eames lounge or an iphone!

----- Sergio 28.11.11 06:41

The complete Stanley Kubrick collection on Blu-Ray. I need to watch 2001 on repeat. Repeatedly.

----- Blake 28.11.11 06:41

I’m really hoping Santa brings me a Lumix 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens for my micro four-thirds camera this year. I’ve been so impressed with my little E-PL2 and I think this would really be the toy to take my photos above and beyond. I’m newly engaged this holiday season and have been shamelessly hint-dropping to my fiance for a few weeks now. Although I have to admit it’s hard to want for anything when you’ve been asked to spend the rest of your life with the person you love most :)

----- Evie 28.11.11 06:34

AllClad pasta pot!

----- Michael 28.11.11 06:17

I really want a sencond Kontrol X1

----- Fabio Santini 28.11.11 05:33

I’d love a mercedes 1955 300sl gullwing. Not sure how possible this is though!

----- Guillaume 28.11.11 05:24

A copy of: sebmontaz’ I believe I can fly - flight of the frenchies http://www.sebmontaz.com/videos/237-i-believe-i-can-fly-flight-of-the-frenchies
If there is such a thing as a universal language that speaks directly to the soul, these guys know how to speak it. Wow! what a rush.

----- Frank Kolkman 28.11.11 05:20

Top of my list is a new TV or an iPad. Either will do :)

----- Geoff 28.11.11 05:15

Garmin Forerunner 310 XT with HRM, and than I’ll just keep running forever and ever. (Read: Running Forest Gump style, away from the hole in my pocket.)

----- Hans 28.11.11 04:50

My materialistic item on the top of my wishlist is a magic pen which draw creative ideas all the time! Then i can draw and listening my favorites songs thanks to this amazing headphone :)

----- Dorian 28.11.11 04:15

Price. Dream on, me.

----- jbc 28.11.11 03:34

Top o the list:
A smoker to make tasty meats!

----- Sean 28.11.11 03:31

King of Convenience + speaker = sonority among the crowd
Death Cab for Cutie + earphones = silence among the crowd
Sigur Ros + my ATH-M50 headphones = crowd that turned into silence
Mogwai + A+R Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphones = ……

Yes. My top wishlist item is this headphone.

----- Achuey 28.11.11 02:39

It’s been on the list for so long now! LOMO LC-A Why didn’t I get one 10 years ago before they were £300?!

----- StuF 28.11.11 02:30

Well I wasn’t aware of it until I just saw this Giveaway, but apparently new and wonderful headphones by Urbanista are on the top of my list!

----- Tam 28.11.11 01:29

The most materialistic item on my wishlist this year is a Herman Miller Embody Chair.

----- Chris 28.11.11 01:24

Wacom Cintiq. If by “materialistic” you mean “awesome” and by “this year” you mean “always”.

----- Schmoek 28.11.11 01:08

oh my, i’d love a canon 5d mark iii (if only it existed)! x

----- Julia 28.11.11 00:59

What I am wishing for the most is a vintage school map to hang in my study.

----- Anders Møller 28.11.11 00:45

The top materialistic item on my wishlist this year would have to be a pair of Outlier 4Season OG Pants. I recently picked up cycling and would love to have a pair of pants that look good and are great to ride in. That way I can bike to any occasion, whether it be a dinner, date, or dance and not have to worry about looking odd in a pair of bike shorts! :P

----- Darrell 28.11.11 00:38

Most likely a nice iPad sleeve

----- Jonathan 28.11.11 00:37

Oh Man, my headphone just got screwed this morning…..and while browsing through NOTCOT i found this link…..what more can i expect :)

----- Soham Majumder 27.11.11 23:46

I would like a new iMac for recording our music. The one I have makes more noise with the fan than me with the guitar!


----- Federico 27.11.11 23:31

My materialism for the year is the Grand Seiko “Snowflake” SBGA011 Titanium Spring Driven Watch. It’s beautiful attention laden craftsmanship and mechanical ingenuity, at a minor price of excess.

----- Allen 27.11.11 22:50

I want a Wacom Pen Tablet this year and/or pair of Vivienne Westwood x Melissa’s Anglomania :)

----- Kimmy De Leon 27.11.11 22:29

I’d like the newest Canon dSLR EOS 70d. Greedy, I know.

----- Jeff 27.11.11 22:08

materialistic item on the top of my list? that has GOT to be an xbox 360 and kinect system with dance central 2. you know, so i can utilize and map out my activity using that jawbone UP. =]

----- Trina 27.11.11 22:03


----- Cody 27.11.11 21:53

a Two-Rock Studio Pro 22 guitar amplifier. a music-inspired wish for a music-based giveaway.

----- Sean 27.11.11 21:39

If we’re talking materialistic, the Xbox with the Kinect is definitely on the top of my wishlist. It seems like so much fun with friends!

----- Jay B. 27.11.11 20:59

Well, from my realistic Christmas list, our food disposal stopped draining yesterday night, so a new one is on the top of our list. From my not-as-practical, but-not-so-improbable Christmas list, I want a smartphone. And from my totally fantastical Christmas list, I would like to own an apartment AND create it into my version of HK architect Gary Chang’s apartment: http://www.youtube.com/v/Lg9qnWg9kak&hl=en_GB

----- Lisa 27.11.11 20:54

The materialistic item at the top of my wish list (this year & every year until I can afford to splurge on it or get it as a gift) is the amazing Breville Scraper Mixer Pro. It is a DREAM!!!!! For so long I’ve wanted a KitchenAid mixer & recently I was put on to the newly released Breville one. It is much much lighter in weight, has a much quieter motor, & is 550 Watts compared to KitchenAid’s 325 watts. Not to mention, it’s $300 & comes with the scraper piece whereas the most inexpensive Kitchenaid mixer I’ve seen was $399, & you have to buy the scraper separately.

----- Isadora 27.11.11 20:45

I’d love some new shoes, maybe some flavor of camper

----- Charlene 27.11.11 20:34

The materialistic item at the top of my wish list (this year & every year until I can afford to splurge on it or get it as a gift) is the amazing Breville Scraper Mixer Pro. It is a DREAM!!!!! For so long I’ve wanted a KitchenAid mixer & recently I was put on to the newly released Breville one. It is much much lighter in weight, has a much quieter motor, & is 550 Watts compared to KitchenAid’s 325 watts. Not to mention, it’s $300 & comes with the scraper piece whereas the most inexpensive Kitchenaid mixer I’ve seen was $399, & you have to buy the scraper separately.

----- Isadora 27.11.11 20:29

This now!?! I think its meant to be as my surname is Hagen. If I win i might contemplate adding the “Copen” to it for good measure ;)

----- Simon Hagen 27.11.11 20:18

It would be awesome to score some amazing Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphones.

----- Robert 27.11.11 19:39

I’m in dire need of a new phone. I took a shower with the last one— not my best moment.

----- Matt 27.11.11 18:49

I think I would like to ask Santa for an IPad!

----- Judy 27.11.11 18:32

At the very tip-top of my list this year is actually headphones, as one of the ears to mine stopped working a day before Thanksgiving, and none of the Black Friday sales were quite good enough for me to want to buy a new pair. So I’m just waiting and hoping. In the mean time, all the other people that run on the same trail as me get to listen to Modeselektor at top volume from the crap speakers of my iPhone.

----- Cecile 27.11.11 18:13

I really want an iPad! I’d use it as an e-reader and would be a great tool to keep me busy while traveling. Green is my favorite color!

----- Dani 27.11.11 17:58

I would be thrilled to get any sort of original art work. It’s about time I start decorating!

----- Mikaela 27.11.11 17:57

I want a beautiful old road bike. 49cm frame, please.

----- Liza 27.11.11 17:37

Gosh… The radioative golden fish of Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory! That deserves the first place, indeed.

----- Talita Escher Massola 27.11.11 17:25

My xmas wish is for a piano. It’s been 15 years since I’ve lived with one. It’s something that helps fill part of the soul that is currently missing from my life right now.

----- BrynE 27.11.11 17:16

I would love for someone to give me a studio or small apartment where I could practice yoga in peace, have space to make my crafts without stepping on anyone else’s toes and that I could use as a little hideout when I need to get away from the world.. and my life!

----- Sharon 27.11.11 16:44

I’m hoping for a new desk chair.

----- Dan 27.11.11 16:30

I’d like, ( though don’t need and can’t afford) a pair of Wolverine 721 Ltd Cordovan No.8 boots.

----- Dave Schwalbach 27.11.11 16:18

I’m a simple girl, and I most want some super warm, super comfy Smart Wool socks! Nebraska winters are soooo chilly!

----- Kaylee 27.11.11 16:12

A gorgeous set of kitchen knives for next year when I have to actually feed myself.

----- Vanessa 27.11.11 16:06

Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone

----- Ish 27.11.11 16:03

I would like a harman kardon surround sound system.

----- Geoff 27.11.11 15:46

I’d like 3 extra months in 2012 to get stuff done.

----- Corey 27.11.11 14:49

Clothes to make me look like Ben from Parks and Rec

----- drew 27.11.11 14:35

warm stripey socks are on the top of my christmas list.
i’m kind of sick of technology these days.
time machines, of course, are exceptions.
that would be the happiest christmas,
also the happiest every other time.

----- yerby 27.11.11 14:17

A Hamilton Ventura watch, circa 1960’s. Thanks for putting this on, Notcot!

----- Derik S 27.11.11 14:15

I want a really nice rug for the bedroom. I don’t think I’ll get it, though!

----- Wehaf 27.11.11 14:15

All I want is an ipod nano - music + pedometer for long dog walks!

----- Lynnea 27.11.11 13:59

I want my Moog Little Phatty nooooooow :)

----- Eddie 27.11.11 13:50

What I really want is an iPhone 5. I know it doesn’t exist yet, but oh how I want one!

----- Mel Criss 27.11.11 13:41

MAN! A Pair of these rock and roll headphones to go with my rock and roll hair is on the top of my wish list!

----- PHIL denton 27.11.11 13:34

TiGr Titanium bike lock

----- Ross Harrison 27.11.11 13:33

Dual iPads…

----- MxH 27.11.11 13:07

It would definitely have to be the portable 3D printer by PP3DP.

----- Thuur 27.11.11 13:02

I want a plane/train/bus ticket home to see my family on Christmas for the first time in 4 years. I’d love to stop telling myself and them, “Next year….”

----- Natasha 27.11.11 12:47

I’m waiting on my Tag Heuer Meridiist pocket phone

----- Tommy J 27.11.11 12:44

I would like a live…jewel covered elephant painted like a Louis Vuitton bag. If not that then a set of Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphones

----- Paul 27.11.11 12:43

A yamaha CP5 keyboard!!

----- Maple 27.11.11 12:40

I would love, but probably won’t get, a HED 3 wheelset for my Cannondale!

----- Nicole 27.11.11 12:27

Dezeen watch is on top.

----- Augustas 27.11.11 12:24

I would like a GeekHouse Rockcity for Xmas.

----- Ryan 27.11.11 11:58

a new fancy camera lens.

----- thu 27.11.11 11:53

I’d love a book of Fabric Swatches… That’s “Materialist” right?

----- Matt 27.11.11 11:01

I want an engagement ring!!!

----- Ana Silva 27.11.11 10:57

A hyphae lamp from Nervous System. For no reason other than the sight of it makes me incredibly happy for some strange reason.

----- Adam 27.11.11 10:54

The top item (whether I’ll get it or not) is the Ultimate Collector’s Edition Lego Millenium Falcon. 5195 glorious pieces!

----- Cole 27.11.11 10:38


----- k walsh 27.11.11 10:30

dude I’m wanting a new ukulele very badly.

----- taryn 27.11.11 10:26

I need a Phase One P30+ digital back. I sure can shoot cool product photos while listening to music on these headphones. Thanks A+R!

----- Shrinath 27.11.11 10:25

Not sure if this qualifies under the “materialist” heading, but I’d love plane tix to Berlin to send my boyfriend for his spring break this year; and those headphones would be nice for him to rock out to on the plane.

----- AJ 27.11.11 10:17

A Braun BN0035 and BN0021, that’s on top of my list.

----- Hon-Tan 27.11.11 10:01

I’ll be honest, I am not very materialistic, actually, I just don’t buy anything new. Everything I get is a thrift, a donation, a free find or under 15$..and that makes me happy!..to an extent. For it often means the stuff I get is “gently used” or on the brink of being dysfunctional. I won a camera at a raffle and it broke. I’m on my third pair of bad ear-phones and I just lent them to a friend. Maybe I don’t deserve to have nice things…but one can dream. Anything from this company would improve my “sub-urban” image.

----- Kit 27.11.11 09:47

i want a rocking horse!

----- viktoria papp 27.11.11 09:43

An ipad is on top of my list, so I can show my portfolio easier. Dragging around a luggage bigger then you get´s tiring… and to listen to music on it XP

----- Anna Hinojosa 27.11.11 09:18

A Quickmill Anita espresso machine.

----- Ryan W 27.11.11 09:09

I want a Jawbone UP. I have no real need for it, so that’s what would make it a great present.

----- Jason 27.11.11 09:04

a new job! and a lomokino + lomokinoscope :)

----- melanie 27.11.11 09:02

Gerber apocalypse kit

----- Justin H 27.11.11 08:58

Well, I’d like to get a bicycle.

----- martin 27.11.11 08:40

Hunter Brixen combat rain boots in navy or the Le Chameau low rain boot in red; I’ve never had rain boots before and it’s time to overcome wet feet.

----- Shanna VanVolt 27.11.11 08:22

The Jawbone Up Wristband. I like to know more about my sleep cycle. :)

----- Roman 27.11.11 08:22

a pair of glittery miu miu pumps

----- Renee 27.11.11 08:19

Gold Jewelry. Can Never go wrong with any gold. =)

----- Ronn Giang 27.11.11 08:11

I’m looking at a jazzmutant lemur. Im trying to kick christmas to the new era with some hella bass. I just need to find some sketchy outlet to buy it from because jazzmutant has this nasty habit of taking their products off the market.

----- Keith 27.11.11 08:04

I’ve asked for a Big Agnes sleeping pad.
Bed bugs have infiltrated my mattress. I’ve moved outside my house into a tent, but it’s getting cold and stiff!

----- Samantha 27.11.11 07:53

A the top of my christmas wish list is a RC Helicopter. Even though i’m sure i would get bored of using it after 2 hours, it’s a childhood dream toy and i want one!

----- Koush 27.11.11 07:44

All I want for Christmas is a new pair of boots.

----- Adam Edwards 27.11.11 07:37

Well seen as my lovely HD 205 sennheiser’ s broke just the other day i was starting to look for some new Headphones, not sure which ones yet…but i miss them already just not the same watching my tv shows and listening to my music without them :(

----- Frank 27.11.11 06:46

I’ve always wanted a good soundcard for my computer and I’ve been eyeing on Asus Xonar Essense One

----- Joel Wong 27.11.11 06:27

New boots! Black and without much heel, so I can wear them to work.

----- Ally 27.11.11 06:13

The jawbone up for me

----- Allar 27.11.11 06:06

one of the new olympus M.Zuiko Digital 12mm f2.0 Super Wide Prime lens for my pen!!!

----- Mel 27.11.11 05:04

An MP3 Player for using my new headphones.

----- Chris 27.11.11 04:34

17 inch macbook pro in my stockings please!

----- Ju 27.11.11 04:17

A new sound system would be nice!

----- E-A 27.11.11 03:53

What I’d love to receive is the latest Dodo ring. I’ve tried to make my boyfriend aware of my desire, but he replied: “When our relationship will be serious enough…”!!!! Oh God, when will he be ready??

----- FEDERICA 27.11.11 03:21

Je voudrais un zune, pour écouter ma musique!

----- Nathan 27.11.11 02:59

Snow Whites Coffin (a Dieter Rams & Hans Gugelot Turntable from 1956), just imagine the music…

----- Mark 27.11.11 02:25

Every colour of the rainbow in v-neck jumper form. Is that materialistic? to add to it…all folded neatly and arranged on white minimalistic floating shelves.

----- Andrew Chau 27.11.11 02:02

Thank you NOTCOT & A + R for offering this! A nice Espon printer is on top of my list. I’m in dire need of it to print my tablet size projects *_*

----- Careolyn 27.11.11 01:50

A video deck that still works. It’s not that easy to come by!

----- Erika Gerhat 27.11.11 01:45

Any game console with a dance mat!

----- Linda Domjan 27.11.11 01:44

I want a ridiculous amount of air plants to hang from my ceiling :D

----- Samuel Schlatter 27.11.11 01:00

Dear Santa (via A+R): There are really few things I need in a materialistic way, but thanks for asking! I would only wish that for the coming year I might receive some new red Copenhagen headphones. I try to walk everyday with my iPod, so headphones are essential. Also essential in everything are great design, simplicity and practicality. They tick all of those boxes, and they tickle my fancy, so please please please jolly guy in red, include a pair of these under my Christmas tree! Best to the Mrs!

----- Ali K 27.11.11 00:34

I really want a new DSLR.

----- Michael 27.11.11 00:20

I would like a trip to Copenhagen in a luxury cruise from Oslo listening to Canon in D with a set of urbanista headphones!

----- Cheekean 26.11.11 23:56

a nice golden macbook air, please!

----- Laszlo Dobrovolszki 26.11.11 23:48

What i would Really like is Optimus Prime. But i guess i would also do with an Asus Transformer Prime. Thanx!

----- Ner 26.11.11 23:23

My #1 want would be a copy of City of Darkness: Life In Kowloon Walled City.

----- M Tucker 26.11.11 23:01

a macbook air or a nice imac

----- daniel 26.11.11 22:37

a letterpress machine… a small tabletop showcard press!

----- natalie kay 26.11.11 22:32

those copenhagen headphones! rad.

----- brian S 26.11.11 22:32

I want a new macbook pro

----- Shaena 26.11.11 22:26

Super 8 Movie

----- Joseph Sarti 26.11.11 22:18

A pair of Epson Moverio Transparent virtual reality glasses. :)

----- Rasmus 26.11.11 22:10

Wacom Inkling pen… lets hope.

----- Evan R 26.11.11 22:03

Haven’t owned a headphone since high school (that’s more than a decade ago). So I’ve been wishing for one for the longest time! That’s really on my number one list this year.

A fancy timepiece, vintage tin robots and iphone wallet/case would be neat as well!

----- MJ 26.11.11 21:48

A McFaul Studio Octo weekender bag and a great adventure to take it on!

----- Ness 26.11.11 21:43

I am asking for a diamond ring. I guess I’ll take a guy to go with it if I must.

----- Jenny 26.11.11 21:36

chanel j12 watch EPIC!!!

----- Levi Montez 26.11.11 21:29

I am very intrigued by the Jawbone Up, so I would love one of those, but the item at the top of my list is a Shitake Mushroom log!!!! I just really want to grow my own!!

----- Tessa G 26.11.11 20:14

A Neeew Car!

----- anders 26.11.11 20:01

A basket for my new bike is definitely the materialistic item on the top of my Christmas list this year. ;)

----- Victor 26.11.11 19:58

At the top of my list were a new video card and a third 1920x1200 24” IPS display. I’ve already got them both. There’s lots of small stuff I would want, but at this point there’s really nothing. Maybe … some Last Night On Earth expansions.

----- Daniel F 26.11.11 19:53

My most wanted gift is just about impossible to get since it’s been discontinued. Sunbeam’s Woddles Waffle Iron. Who can say no to a penguin shaped waffle with a belly-bowl for syrup (or ice cream)?

----- Jennifer 26.11.11 19:43

A Eames chair to start my collection. Love them, so timeless.

----- Mike 26.11.11 19:22

an old, worn off copy (book) of Robinson Crusoe…in the past few month I had no time for myselt and with this book I wish I had the time to read it again :)

----- Artur Jelonek 26.11.11 18:51

I want a Marmol Radziner designed prefab house!

----- Art 26.11.11 18:35

I think I want a mutewatch this holiday season

----- Kelvin Yu 26.11.11 18:33

westone 4r’s. or a new watch

----- kye 26.11.11 18:19

A computer that doesn’t commit suicide in less than a year. What gives?

----- Shauna B. 26.11.11 17:41

The new Westone 5 earphones

----- Kim Spencer 26.11.11 17:26

My very own Wafflebot!

----- Jasper 26.11.11 16:39

My 2011 wish is a Samsung 8000 TV, almost bordless, 60 inches of pure hotness.

----- Jeferson Rocha 26.11.11 16:34

I want a Hidden Champion fixed gear bike

----- Bram S 26.11.11 16:18

I want nothing for Christmas…..but to find something very, very, special for my boyfriend…Something he won’t expect :)

----- shawna 26.11.11 16:03

Oh lord-y. All I want for Christmas is a dishwasher!!!

----- Whitney Gardner 26.11.11 15:43

Looking for a sweet new street bike this season

----- Jim 26.11.11 15:38

A Liberator Fascinator Throe moisture-proof sex blanket!

----- Claude 26.11.11 15:26

this year i’ve been pretty fortunate to get all the things i need and a few things that i just wanted. so the thing i want most right now is a Void watch. It’s completely minimal, but also completely unnecessary!

----- rich 26.11.11 15:17

This is an obscenely long list for me, that is not appropriate to every ask anyone for. However, since you asked, at the moment an intuos tablet!

----- Lish 26.11.11 14:58

I really want to get a high quality juicer this year!

----- Stacy B. 26.11.11 14:50

An iPad 2! Or a new lens for my GF1 - last year’s megamaterialistic purchase :)

----- ili 26.11.11 14:19

A new pair of headphones is definitely on my list!

----- Chana M. 26.11.11 14:01

A pair of custom made boots from White’s Boots in Spokane Washington are at the top of my list!

----- Ryan J 26.11.11 13:50

I definitely want an iPad 2 this year!

----- Sandee 26.11.11 13:34

Definitely a Jawbone UP, especially after the review….or maybe a mutewatch :)
And some blue suede shoes

----- Tiago 26.11.11 13:12

I’m jonesing for a Jawbone UP - that or a working record player.

----- Mary 26.11.11 13:09

I want a winning scratch ticket

----- Meghan F 26.11.11 13:00

I’d like an Android tablet

----- Domi 26.11.11 12:54

I’d say Leica M9… but the M9 is completely overrated and ridiculously overpriced. No way I could let myself walk around town shooting photos with an $8,000 camera around my neck. Give me an M4 and I’d be stoked forever.

----- Anthony 26.11.11 12:54

An Aeropress, for sure. Coffee is my drug, and I want to be able to make great coffee anywhere I go.

----- Jake Jones 26.11.11 12:47

I would love a time machine so I could repeat 2011 - it was an awesome year, also I don’t realy want to turn 26… :)

----- Tammie G 26.11.11 12:39

Materialistic? -At Christmas? but it’s all about peace and goodwill right? Oh and a polaroid camera, and the chance to say how I won these cool headphones.. now that’s something money can’t buy!

----- aileen 26.11.11 12:30

A mini brewery kit to help me stay sane thru the holidays.

----- Jean 26.11.11 12:27

Lytho Camera!

----- Tom Good 26.11.11 12:26

A framed original Audrey Kawasaki piece

----- Daniel 26.11.11 12:25

A makerbot

----- Dries 26.11.11 12:10

A Polaroid PoGo.

----- Chiara 26.11.11 12:05

A life-size StormTrooper, like the one Barny from ‘How I met your mother’ has in his room!

----- Antoana 26.11.11 11:54

Top of my list…a new Sony NEX-7 camera

----- Alex Bryan 26.11.11 11:52

I looking forward to some custom colored Chucks!

----- Aaron Reinke 26.11.11 11:47

I’d like one of those ar drone quad copters.

----- Doug 26.11.11 11:39

A 4 x 5 Field Camera!

----- Rose 26.11.11 11:36

I seriously want a Boogie Board Rip…it’s one of those really sweet digital LCD drawing tablet things that you can take notes on to save paper, but I love drawing on it too. It’s sort of ridiculous but I love it.

----- Kendra 26.11.11 11:31

The killer new Zelda/3DS combo pack! A Nintendo 3DS emblazoned with the Royal Crest of Hyrule? Hellz to the yeah!

----- Tom 26.11.11 11:17

Honda CBR Repsol 1000RR!

----- Cooper 26.11.11 11:14

I really want a nice DSLR to replace my point and shoot.

----- Alex 26.11.11 10:28

Wishlist topper would be a 32GB White IPOD Touch which would go great with these headphones.

----- Christi 26.11.11 10:23

New Zealand.

----- Chris 26.11.11 10:17

I am getting a really beautiful Wool Scarf to match the Red Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphones that i will be winning..

----- Ryan Pierce 26.11.11 10:10

A Kindle Fire!

----- Caro 26.11.11 10:09

canon 5d II

----- nick robles 26.11.11 09:56

iPhone 4S white 64gb is on top of my list.

----- Allen 26.11.11 09:22

You know, many said that would love this headphone, like me, so isn’t that creative anymore. Than in the top of my list is now the place for a flying motocycle. oh wait… does that even exist?

----- Talita Escher Massola 26.11.11 09:19

o’course on the top of my list is the place of this beautiful Copenhagen Headphone. =)
Thank you guys.

----- Talita Escher Massola 26.11.11 09:03

I would like some kind of non- rural, nordic, private listening device, perhaps something compact and bendable?And world peace.

----- Joyce 26.11.11 08:59

I would like some kind of non- rural, nordic, private listening device, perhaps something compact and bendable?And world peace.

----- Joyce 26.11.11 08:58

A discontinued tiffanies necklace that matches my Paloma drop earrings that I adore.

----- Christina 26.11.11 08:53

NUFORCE Icon-2 amplifier would go really well with white Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” headphones.

----- Peter 26.11.11 08:50

Canon Powershot S100

----- Gaetan 26.11.11 08:43

A baby Wombat.

----- Yoshio 26.11.11 08:41

macbook pro please

----- jacob 26.11.11 08:41

a 3d printer

----- nacho 26.11.11 08:36

I want a upgraded computer. 2007 was so long ago, and I need to work on projects… fine I really just want to play Skyrim.

----- Elizabeth 26.11.11 08:35

Coveting an iMac this year. My PowerPC just isn’t cutting it anymore. (can’t sync any of our iDevices and running the Adobe CS is painful!)

----- Aaron 26.11.11 08:31

I’d love a new iPad.

----- kim 26.11.11 08:21

I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!

----- blake 26.11.11 08:06

I really really really want an Akai MPC1000. But I would not mind these headphones (earbuds are starting to hurt my ears). Hopefully luck is on my side for once here ;)

----- Gerry 26.11.11 08:05

A new canon T3i DSLR. Papa needs a new camera.

----- Brad 26.11.11 08:04

I’d love to get a LEICA M9.

----- Andy 26.11.11 08:02

OriginalFake x Peanuts – “JOE KAWS” Snoopy Vinyl

----- drew 26.11.11 07:39

a pair of loubatain heels.

----- Maggie 26.11.11 07:16

New speakers for my computer

----- Thomas Matelich 26.11.11 07:02

A flight with Virgin Galaxy!

----- Eric 26.11.11 06:58

An Apple 11” MacBook Air. And maybe a Wacom Inkling. (But a black Urbanista ‘Copenhagen’ headphone from A+R and NOTCOT would come in pretty high on the list, too. ;)

----- Dav 26.11.11 06:52

An iMac

----- Borys 26.11.11 06:49

uh huh I’ll have to sort my wish-list for first… sorting… yep, the item that came in first place is a fishing boat for fishing and other adventures

----- martins 26.11.11 06:40

I would love a fancy gown even though I rarely attend the kind of events that require one.

----- Kelsey Johnston 26.11.11 06:40

iPad 2. Cliché but still top of my list.

----- Matt 26.11.11 06:18

A canon 50mm lense

----- Sam Lam 26.11.11 06:08

A super cool, money-can’t-buy, made in Japan, humonoid robot with the abilities to understand and communicate in natural language whilst sporting complex movements at an unprecedented human-like preciseness. Oh and it should able to possess an inherent knack to tell extremely funny ‘knock-knock’ jokes.

P.S. Santa Claus (or one of your PA elves), hope you are reading Notcot and will stumble upon this.

----- Gary 26.11.11 06:03

The out of print card sets from Theory 11 I found out about too late!

----- Brian 26.11.11 06:01

the lytro camera is on my list!

----- Kalina 26.11.11 05:56

I want some new half carat diamond earrings….that I REALLY don’t need :) But I want them !!

----- APRIL BOGUS 26.11.11 05:56

I want a Galaxy S II. Or maybe I just dream about it.:)

----- Viktor 26.11.11 05:51

Too much! I think the Triumph Bonneville T100 Steve McQueen Special Edition Motorcycle from Firebox is currently at the top.

----- John Norman 26.11.11 05:51

A food dehydrator.

----- David 26.11.11 05:50

I want a Louis-Poulsen-PH-5 lamp for my kitchen.

----- Jamie 26.11.11 05:44


----- PATRICK 26.11.11 05:43

an airfare to see my best friend in Sydney for x-mas and newyears.

----- laury 26.11.11 05:34

iPod, yes iPod not iPad, very retro huh ;P

----- Aljosa 26.11.11 05:23

A Ziiiro Celeste watch.

----- Jay 26.11.11 04:49

Hero 2 camera!

----- Eric 26.11.11 04:06

A PS3. For me.

----- Jamal 26.11.11 03:29

a Real Replica Batmobile from Firebox. Only £120,000


----- Josh 26.11.11 03:19

A Kindle Fire, for my Mum.

----- James 26.11.11 02:58

I would love a totally white Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone! :)

----- Lilla 26.11.11 02:41


----- Jay Panelomo 26.11.11 02:33

i would love a pull saw. a Japanese pull saw

----- benjamin 26.11.11 02:06

I would love a tablet so I can FINALLY skype with my friends in Europe…

----- Thinh 26.11.11 01:32

I would love an iPad 2 for Christmas or a Canon T3i.

----- Brandon 26.11.11 01:29

I just want the minimally designed Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone -best product design I’ve seen!

----- Clairie 26.11.11 01:09

A Lytro camera! You know that one with multiple focus.

----- stevep 26.11.11 01:05

Top of my list is a Leather Swan chair by Arne Jacobsen… Even if its a used one!

----- Ricardo Leon 26.11.11 01:01

All I really want this year in my new home is a really nice mattress!

----- Jenny 26.11.11 00:49

One of Alec Soth’s “Sleeping by the Mississippi” photographs.

----- Anonymous 26.11.11 00:48

A Artemide Tolomeo Desk Lamp…oh and the Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone

----- Andrew 26.11.11 00:35

A good life! Some time off work and school, and a set of Copic markers would be nice too!

----- B Louie 26.11.11 00:09

An iPhone 4S, with Sofia Vergara’s voice instead of Siri’s, hehe.

----- Miguel 25.11.11 23:49

I’d really like the new Sony NEX-5N.

----- Edgar 25.11.11 23:25

I would love to have a reactable to create music with.

----- Christina 25.11.11 23:18

I was looking to get another computer for video production work.

----- Collin Banko 25.11.11 23:18

I was thinking a new Hasselblad body would really float my boat this year!

----- Lee 25.11.11 23:14

I want the ‘monk ring’ in Angela Mignone’s Etsy shop. It looks good and would be a brutal brass knuckle in a pinch…An apartment would be nice too. Right now I’m living in a Best Western with my boyfriend, his friend, and two cats :(

----- Jess 25.11.11 23:10

Wireless Speakers

----- Samuel Belteton 25.11.11 23:02

First thing that popped into my head was a Roland TD-6 edrum kit

----- TJ 25.11.11 22:59

“I just want you for my own. More than you could ever know. Make my wish come true. All I want for Christmas is you.” Seriously, these lovely headphones would be nice and a pocket-size mp3 player to go with it. Thank you very much!

----- NY 25.11.11 22:36

IBM selectric typewriter

----- Sean 25.11.11 22:33

At the top of my list is Zelda: Skyward Sword. Looks pretty sweet

----- Kyle Stake 25.11.11 22:29

I’m hoping to snag myself a diamond engagement ring, which is probably one of the most stupidly materialistic things a person can have…but still, here’s hoping! *fingers crossed*

----- Cill 25.11.11 22:17

i would love a best made axe.

----- thng aaron 25.11.11 22:17

I would love to get a DSLR camera or an e-book reader

----- Ling 25.11.11 22:12

A classic, mont blanc, ball point pen. college notes deserve only the best

----- Evan 25.11.11 22:02

A nice wallet. Well, anything better than the business card case I’m using now will do.

----- Jeff 25.11.11 22:01

For me… A Tie, I love me some Ties. Skinny ties, Euro ties, leather ties, wooden ties. No matter, just a Tie

----- Ugo Bitussi 25.11.11 21:42

If I’m being completely materialistic, I would like a Hyundai Veloster… need a vehicle for long distance drives… and good mileage… so I can enjoy the weekends.

----- Matt Peckham 25.11.11 21:39

Me, I want an old Kay upright bass, 3/4 size, doesn’t matter if it’s a little battered, but I want that beautiful old sound. Unfortunately, I can’t just walk into any music store and buy one…and if there is a Santa Claus, I think he would have a hell of a time getting one down the chimney.

----- Josephine 25.11.11 21:34

would LOVE to unwrap a Romain Jerome Space Invaders watch on xmas morning…But these gorgeous headphones would also do just fine ;)

----- Maisan 25.11.11 21:28

World peace!! Or a canon 35mm f1.2 lens if world peace is not available…

----- Minnow 25.11.11 21:24

Canon 5D mark II

----- James 25.11.11 21:20

Much needed - a laptop that doesn’t quiver at the thought of operating both Word and Chrome at the same time! (or at least a small wad of cash to put a dent in that wish. baby steps.)

----- Ali 25.11.11 21:15

A pair of headphones would be grand….

----- Patrick 25.11.11 21:07

i just want to get a Wacom Cintiq 24HD! And this amazing head phones :)

----- Agnes 25.11.11 21:04


----- jonathan 25.11.11 20:55

All I want for christmas is a toaster that actually works.

----- Brandon 25.11.11 20:52

i’d love an urwerk ur110. some of the most amazing watch complications i’ve ever seen.

----- jason 25.11.11 20:47

I asked Santa for a blender and a set of Stabilo Point 88 pens.

----- Sarah 25.11.11 20:40

I would like the PERFECT pack that can hold my laptop and DSLR for some urban backpacking trips through asia… I know its out there…

----- Zack 25.11.11 20:31

A Kitchenaid standing mixer in some gaudy color like magenta or lime green. :)

----- Kristie 25.11.11 20:21

I’d like a funnel neck wool coat - perhaps a classic camel color. If the cut and length are just right, it could be smashing. I might even welcome the cold, grey Cleveland winters.

----- Adrianne Sherron 25.11.11 20:11

Ahhhhhh I crave for the Chrome Soyuz laptop backpack !!!

----- Kai 25.11.11 20:00

Top of my list is probably a tablet computer.

----- range 25.11.11 19:57

bodum double wall mugs and a newleaf teapot! so i can drink hot tea every night :)

----- jenn! 25.11.11 19:55

a new pair of walking shoes.

----- james b 25.11.11 19:54

I’m all about an iPad

----- Mike Street 25.11.11 19:54

A long winter coat for work!

----- Leslie 25.11.11 19:47

Actually, it isn’t that materialistic to most people but I’m broke and I need it for my protection on the subway. I want a mp3 player to go with these headphones. My commute is so long and “crazy with entertainment” that I need visually communicate with all the crazies that I cannot hear them. Any buffer would be appreciated. Thanks. Signed “THE ONLY SANE Girl on the MTA”

----- Karen 25.11.11 19:37

these headphones. but then, the only thing i have to plug ‘em into is an old akai hifi on my bookshelf. so what i really want then is a 1/4” headphone adapter!

----- eban 25.11.11 19:34

Top of my list will be a new snowboard.

----- Ed 25.11.11 19:27

I would love an ipad 2 for christmas!!

----- Amanda 25.11.11 19:24

A HardGraft FLAT PACK / DRIFTWOOD BAG or a Cheap Monday BLACK KAX BAG, help? :) and in my dreams’ wishlist a Leica M9-P :P

----- Leo 25.11.11 19:20

A ThreeA Tomorrow King action figure. Silly, I know, to want a toy this bad, but it’s a toy based on the awesome paintings and illustrations of Ashley Wood.

----- Laura 25.11.11 19:04

The top of my list is Zeiss macro-planar 100mm/2.

----- Jeremy 25.11.11 18:46

A Mac Book Air…for my mom :)

----- Justin 25.11.11 18:26

I would love an Elie Saab Pleated Sheath Dress (black) size 12. Thank you very much.

----- Jae 25.11.11 18:21

I would like the lexdray manhattan messenger, too many bags but must have this one.

----- JON WANG 25.11.11 18:09

Reclaimed lumber

----- Jake 25.11.11 17:54

An asus transformer prime!

----- Sophia 25.11.11 17:37

I would appreciate some stylish clothing.

----- Angus Macmillan 25.11.11 17:30

Teenage Engineering’s OP-1!!!!!

----- Savio 25.11.11 17:30

I want a jet set trip to Paris….hmm, not that much materialism,huh ? :)

How about Chanel’s Soleil Pastel?? Love the pink ;)


----- koranut se ;) 25.11.11 17:24

I´d love get Syd Mead´s Sentury I and or II…

----- Karl S. 25.11.11 17:22

A food processor! Or these headphones…

----- KATE 25.11.11 17:14

Clearly the item at the top of my list is Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphone. I’m rather surprised the entire list of comments didn’t say this.

----- Tammy 25.11.11 17:06

I wish for a very, very long midi cable. Preferably in red, but I’m not picky… And there’s actually a chance that my wish is granted. :-)

----- David 25.11.11 17:04

My (numerous) desires include an Asus Zenbox and a new DSLR to replace my crappy D40.

----- olga 25.11.11 17:02

Hey first off, these headphones are so rad. But number one on my wish list is a canon 7D. Gotta dream big haha

----- Davis 25.11.11 17:02

I am craving, longing, for a Hans Wegner wishbone chair. Ahh, the Danes…

----- Benjamin 25.11.11 17:01

A pair of kick ass headphones that don’t fall apart after 30 days like the lame Sony ones I am constantly having to repair…

Second: an iPad?

----- Joe Hudak 25.11.11 17:00

Right now I’m hoping for a new pair of chukkas…

----- Trevor 25.11.11 16:57

At the top of my list is a brand new MacPro 13” laptop… Apple wanna hook it up?

----- Vinny Mannello 25.11.11 16:56

I was made aware of Burberry’s Black Label 2011 Fall/Winter collection through notcouture, only to soon thereafter find out it was strictly offered in Japan with seemingly no viable way to come in to ownership of any of the pieces. There is a sport coat in that line-up: a gorgeous dark blue affair with a red accent underneath the collar. And I want it. Terribly.

----- Aaron 25.11.11 16:50

AH, I would love to have the large P.S. 1 saddle, but I can’t justify spending nearly $2000 on a bag. Especially since as a recent post-grad. If you know any willing and able sugar daddies, please send them my way!!

----- Grace 25.11.11 16:50

I would like to receive a finger lime tree

----- Ryan 25.11.11 16:46

Happy thanksgiving! I would love a stay at the Standard in NYC. :)

----- hoister 25.11.11 16:40

Kraken Rum poster and shower curtain!

----- Kathryn 25.11.11 16:36

A Hard Hat .

----- Mark 25.11.11 16:31

I would love a new xbox! My xbox keeps overheating and taking me away from the 2012 FIFA World Cup. I will win the World cup!

----- Benjamin Poole 25.11.11 16:24

The item on the top of my wishlist is a Canon 5d Mark II

----- Robert Fielder 25.11.11 16:20

I really want a tetrafol musical pyramid! :D

----- KD 25.11.11 16:18

Ducati street fighter you know run to the post office, pick up chinese food the usual just hella quick!!


----- victor hypolite 25.11.11 16:15

Top of my list is the aquatica AD7000 Underwater Housing for Nikon D7000.
I am traveling to the Bahamas with my family and would love to take some underwater pictures of baby Daniela.
I might be growing some scales for the New Year!

----- Sylvia Nieves 25.11.11 16:06

A 1lt Red Seal Bottle and two commemorative glasses

----- Meme 25.11.11 16:04

Top of my list is the aquatica AD7000 Underwater Housing for Nikon D7000.
I am traveling to the Bahamas with my family and would love to take some underwater pictures of baby Daniela.
I might be growing some scales for the New Year!

----- Sylvia Nieves 25.11.11 16:01

wacom tablet and original longboard :D

----- Winnie 25.11.11 15:57

Herman Miller Noguchi Table. The 15% off with the annual HM sale makes it ridiculously tempting.

----- Stephen 25.11.11 15:54

I’d love an iPad

----- wolfie 25.11.11 15:51

The Lobot desk lamp which sadly, is not really available.
Soooo prettyyyyy: http://studiolobot.com/

----- Matt 25.11.11 15:45

I’d love to squeeze one more trip outside of the US before the year ends. Doesnt even matter where.

----- Luis 25.11.11 15:45

Bottle of Leguas 7 anejo

----- mm 25.11.11 15:40

An Xbox or PS3.

----- Hasan 25.11.11 15:39

Nikon D800. It will be an amazing investment and a great replacement for my 2006 D200.

----- Rosanna 25.11.11 15:32

4 Eames Wire Chairs with black leather seat pads.

----- Pierrette 25.11.11 15:31

A membership to my yuppie neighborhood co-op grocery store. Indulgently excessive (you can shop without a membership) with a sheen of moral superiority and status.

----- Matthew 25.11.11 15:31

I didn’t know i needed them until i saw them but now all i want are Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphones, no really then i could ditch the crappy apple buds

----- marion 25.11.11 15:30

a mega munny to paint

----- Devin 25.11.11 15:26

the new Dragon Frame and a Nikon D90.

----- JoshMahan 25.11.11 15:23

i’d love an ipod

----- Cano 25.11.11 15:17

a new MacBook Pro :)

----- kasey 25.11.11 15:15

Those commercials around the holiday season of stylish cars (Audi / BMW) are really enticing!

----- Marc 25.11.11 15:14

I would love get macbook air!

----- Dan Yoon 25.11.11 15:05

The top item on my wishlist this year would have to be aiaiai tma-1 headphones because I work in a studio at an architecture school and it would help me focus on my work and enjoy some great tunes. Happy Holidays NOTCOT!!

----- William 25.11.11 15:01

A spa get-away so that I can become as beautiful on the outside as I am on the inside. Like a Kardashian, right?

----- Bella 25.11.11 15:01

I would love an ipad right now

----- Ming 25.11.11 15:00

On top of my list you would find a humble request for a new apartment actually.
But I would settle for an edition of Logic Pro too?

----- Arne 25.11.11 14:52

Apple 32 GB iPad 2 w/ 3G please. Thanks Santa!

----- Jin 25.11.11 14:47

I’d love to get a new blazer.

----- Ben 25.11.11 14:46

Personally, I would like a set of “Urbanista’s “Copenhagen” Headphones”.

----- KGB 25.11.11 14:46

A new working digital camera. I’m still trying to decide which one, there are so many options to look at!

----- Keith 25.11.11 14:46

I would like a 13-inch 128GB MacBook Air. I sure hope Santa comes through!

----- CARTER 25.11.11 14:44

On the top of my wishlist is the Leica M9P… it’s just so stunning! This camera has just this classic and minimalistic feel to it & I just love it.

----- Khoa 25.11.11 14:41

An Escalade made of solid gold — I want asphalt to crumble beneath as I drive. A nice pair of headphones would be great too.

----- Jon 25.11.11 14:41

I would like the limited edition NIKE MAG, the shoes future sneakers Michael j fox wore in back to the future (^u^)

----- Anonymous 25.11.11 14:37

Believe it or not, but I’d like some headphones for Christmas. I have been endlessly provaricating over multiple options, w/ Beats Studio by Dr. Dre - Hi-Def Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones being the current lead. But the Copenhagen headphones look fine too.

----- Marius Watz 25.11.11 14:35

a Qwstion Office Bag (herringbone)! perfect combination of office/casual bag which can be used as a messenger bag and backpack :)

----- Ken 25.11.11 14:32

ticket to spain

----- dylan 25.11.11 14:31

I’d really like a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. That phone looks amazing.

----- Raymond 25.11.11 14:29

The original SX 70 camera refurbished by the delicate hands of the Impossible Project’s team, and an unlimited supply of film. A wonderful wish that might never be fulfilled since the SX 70 is out of stock…

----- neza 25.11.11 14:27

I’d love a pair of Mona pumps from J Crew - in blue! :)

----- Priscilla Phitsanoukane 25.11.11 14:27

I’d love an Apple iphone 4S for Christmas

----- shel 25.11.11 14:26

This year I would love to get a DSLR camera. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, maybe this will be the year.

----- Megan 25.11.11 14:24

At the top of my list this year is a bottle of Monocle x Comme des Garcons Scent One: Hinoki. http://shop.monocle.com/fragrances/monocle-x-comme-des-garcons-scent-one-hinoki

----- James 25.11.11 14:21

I would like a 128GB microSD card, and I would like it to actually work in all of my devices. I must have more storage! I need to put the videos into the mainframe! Also dearest notcot, there is nothing that I wouldn’t appreciate when it’s given as a gift, of course.

----- Chris Burns 25.11.11 14:17

I want a Toshiba Thrive AT100. I think besides iPad it’s the best one out there.

----- Solmaz 25.11.11 14:16

My number one this year would be a Panerai -mmmmm

----- Gil 25.11.11 14:16

At the top of my list this year, I have a lot of yarn and fiber for spinning and knitting!

----- Liz 25.11.11 14:16

It honestly changes second to second, but right now I’d love a new record player.

----- Jeremy 25.11.11 14:08

Without a doubt, one of the fantastic timepieces from Void Watches.

----- Chris DJ 25.11.11 14:03

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