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Mercedes AMG: One Man, One Engine- 11.11.11

amgguys1.jpg There’s something amazing that will never grow old about perfectly hand crafted goods. Also the sound of my Mercedes AMG C63 Coupé engine… it just screams - happy. One of the incredible aspects of AMG is that each engine is hand built by a single person ~ thus, One Man, One Engine. And everyone engine comes out of their beautiful factory in Affalterbach, Germany. While doing things a little backwards, i met the man who built my engine before i met my car! Darius Garbas is the man behind my engine, and so far it seems like he’s done an incredible job with it. What i love is how much pride and passion they all seemed to have at the factory ~ and how nice they all were! There’s a plaque that reads “Leidenschaft, Leistung, und Verantwortung.” along with the signed plaques of EACH engineer building engines ~ and it means “Passion, Power, and Responsibility.” So take a peek into the One Man, One Engine world of Mercedes-AMG and meet Darius (and my engine!) on the next page.

P.s. if you want more of my C63 Coupé origin adventures - design sketches - laps on the test track in Bremen - the Bremen factory line where they are built - AMG VIP Private Lounge in Affalterbach

The car…



Into the factory… 1manamg1.jpg






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Just bought a 2006 CLK55 AMG. Missing both the “Handcrafted By” plate and the circle logo (3 point star of AMG logo ????)from the engine. Any thought on how to replace these ? Thanks

----- Jim Oehlstrom 05.09.13 19:42

That picture of the engine plate wall under that line in German is fantastic. (Passion, power and responsibility is what it’s all about, right?) It’d make a fantastic desktop, too—any chance of getting a larger version of it?

----- Phil 27.09.12 15:24

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