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Fulton’s Clip Joint Playing Cards- 12.28.11

fulton00.jpg Theses beautiful Fulton’s Clip Joint Playing Cards designed by Brad Fulton arrived from Dan and Dave’s. Take a peek at this video to get into the mood and world they evoke… The details on the box are stunning ~ and the joker cats will mesmerize you.

Fulton’s Clip Joint Playing Cards celebrate our fascination with cinema, history, and the art of the grift. Taking inspiration from vintage Los Angeles and Film Noir, Fulton’s captures a time and place where men were men, women were dames, and the next deal could be your last. These limited edition playing cards feature original artwork by Dan Phillips and are beautifully encased in a linen box with embossed ornaments and foil stamping.”

See close-ups on the next page! (As well as a peek at the uncut sheet!)










And for a full work of art… you can even get the deck uncut and signed ~ ready for framing! fultonuncut.jpg

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5 Notes

Hah my friend’s husband created these!

His wife (Van) is a fellow photographer and we used to work together.

----- Abram 05.01.12 23:29

These are available WORLDWIDE through Dan & Dave…the link is in the story. I bought some for “American Poker Night Party”

----- Dirk 30.12.11 11:55

Very nice cards, but i think not available in germany :(

----- Luke 30.12.11 05:57

Angles was a noir slang term for Los Angeles…”City of the Angles” as in crooked, as in “What’s Your Angle.”
Quite accurate if you ask me…

----- Brad 28.12.11 19:15

funny didn’t know that LA was also the city of angles. which kind? obtuse?

----- Anonymous 28.12.11 11:19

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