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Holiday Giveaway #14: Photojojo- 12.08.11

xpj0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Giveaway #14 is from our friends at Photojojo and contains some super awesome photo related goodies. From a Fujifilm Instax 7s Camera & Film to capture holiday moments… to the Black Canon Camera Lens Mug i’m totally lusting after! And then there’s even the fascinating Photo Fabric Dye Kit that allows you to transfer your photos from negatives to fabric (think tshirts, scarves, table cloth and more!) I’m already excited and buzzing with ideas on ways to get creative with all this photography inspired goodness!

For a chance to win Fujifilm Instax 7s Camera & Film, Black Canon Camera Lens Mug and Photo Fabric Dye Kit from Photojojo, leave a comment with your favorite photo gadget/add-on/etc before midnight PST on Dec 13th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! See more details of the goodies and a coupon on the next page!

CONGRATS to our winner Victor in Burnaby, BC Canada!

xpj1.jpg Black Canon Camera Lens Mug


xpj3.jpg Photo Fabric Dye Kit


xpj5.jpg Fujifilm Instax 7s Camera & Film


For a chance to win Fujifilm Instax 7s Camera & Film, Black Canon Camera Lens Mug and Photo Fabric Dye Kit from Photojojo, leave a comment with your favorite photo gadget/add-on/etc before midnight PST on Dec 13th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!



450 Notes

My friends, which I use as my amateur photographic muses!

----- Bryce 14.12.11 07:44

overall my fav gadget is my camera, a 20 d canon.

but its fun to play with photosynth and tiny planets on my iphone and create mini planets!

----- maggie 14.12.11 04:22

LEE filter system and graduated neutral density filters

----- JohnC 13.12.11 23:23

I love the Fujifilm Instax 7s Camera & Film. Brings back the awesome retro polaroids in a sleeker design.

----- Jthan 13.12.11 22:14

I find tilt-shift lenses fascinating. Have to say they’re my favourite camera add-on at the moment even though I don’t actually have one.

----- Caitlin 13.12.11 21:33

My favorite add on is instagam and hypstamatic

----- Sid Law 13.12.11 20:27

I got my sister a gorillapod for Christmas - I think she’s going to love it!

----- Amy 13.12.11 20:21

I just bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 that’s my first step out of the strictly-point-and-shoot market, and I’m loving it.

----- Greg 13.12.11 19:20

I dig my tripod

----- Tony F 13.12.11 19:10

my favorite gadget was my camera, but I lent it to my brother when he went away on vacation and it got water damaged, lightroom and photoshop have been an essential addition to taking photographs for me, I have been looking everywhere for the lens mug, even if I don’t win I am strongly considering ordering it.

----- Mehrdad 13.12.11 18:02

My favorite photo add-on is going to be that Photo Fabric Dye Kit!

----- Melissa 13.12.11 16:26

My favorite photo add-on is going to be that Photo Fabric Dye Kit!

----- Melissa 13.12.11 16:08

I love the FlexPod Pro Gripper Tripod. A photographer no longer needs to double as a contortionist to capture photos from unique angles.

----- Kate de L 13.12.11 13:50

I love the FlexPod Pro Gripper Tripod. A photographer no longer needs to double as a contortionist to capture photos from unique angles.

----- Kate de L 13.12.11 13:33

sepia tone [the real sodium sulfide stuff, none-a-that photoshop shortcutting!]

----- eliot 13.12.11 11:51

The Diana Lens Adaptor for Nikon SLR’s are great! They are great for making your expensive camera’s look like good old fashioned cheapos!

----- Jake Sepulveda 13.12.11 11:50

Sadly I don’t have any special gadgets for my DSLR. (So expensive!) My favorite “gadget” then has to be Adobe Photoshop, so I can add all the effects digitally that I can’t afford manually. :)

----- Lorien 13.12.11 11:17

hipstamatic is my favorite photo app!

----- bekee 13.12.11 11:05

Hey! I really love my ipod touch, it has so many photo apps that i’m carring 5 lomos in my pocket without noticing, and that’s awesome, I love all my lomos but most of the time I don’t know which one to take with me.

----- Mariana 13.12.11 11:03

I love my Canon Rebel T2i and Zoom h4n!

----- crissy page 13.12.11 10:53

My favorite photo gadget is my canon macro lens. It allows me to take the super close and detailed photos I’ve wanted to take my whole life. The macro cell phone lens is definitely next on my list. Thanks for sharing it.

----- Brianna 13.12.11 10:53

My fave is everyone else who loves taking photos b/c i dont have a camera :/

----- Austin 13.12.11 10:52

I like my Holga K202 neko cam! Some of my favorite pictures have been taken on it. And the noise it makes is good for getting animals or young kids to look at the camera.

----- Shauna B. 13.12.11 10:16

I don’t really have any cool gadgets right now for my Canon Rebel XSi but I would love a wide angle lens and a fish eye lens. Some cool filters would be nice too!

----- Nicole 13.12.11 09:29

Sounds totally cheezy, but my fave photo gadget is my fiancee - she is an amateur photographer, but she learned from her dad, a professional. She is always a sweetie, and always humors me when i ask her to re-take photos of me that i never want to see the light of day [i’m not very photogenic]. I’d love to give her some fun photography items as a thank you :)

----- TONI 13.12.11 09:01

i love my mom’s old metal tripod from the ’60s. i’ve been using it since college. it’s moved with me into various states and apartments, never gotten lost, never broken, and still works just as well as it did when she first bought it.

----- liza c. 13.12.11 08:29


----- jay panelo 13.12.11 08:27

My favorite photo gadget is my new iPad! Wish ever camera had this big of a view screen!

----- Jay 13.12.11 08:00

My fav photo gadget is my ghetto-tripod: chair + broomstick + duct tape! :D

----- Eloisa 13.12.11 07:45

my favorite photo gadget is my four year old son, theo. he has an eye for taking photos…surreal.

----- natalie 13.12.11 07:33

Fuji FinePix X100

----- Justin R 13.12.11 06:39

My favourite gadget at the moment is my Canon 50mm 1.2L lens. Really happy with it.

----- Annie 13.12.11 05:13

My favorite photo gadget is my joby tripod and hipstamatic.

----- Jim B 12.12.11 23:09

Colored permanent markers! For adding funny doodles on the prints! :-)

----- Trish 12.12.11 22:50

I love my folding portable tripod. Would be lost without it!

----- Ana-Maria 12.12.11 22:35

My gorilla tripod has been awesome!

----- Alisa 12.12.11 21:21

I have the The Pop-up Flash Bounce from PhotoJoJo and I love it!

----- Justin H 12.12.11 20:44

Fujifilm Instax 7s Camera! (When I get one that is, hehehe :D)

----- RyanYX 12.12.11 19:30

my boyfriend who happens to be an amazingly talented photographer

----- Hilary 12.12.11 18:28

Canon 5DMIII

(when she shows up…)

----- Tyler Benner 12.12.11 16:27

Nothing really beats the one-man light studio as far as photo accessories go: http://www.petapixel.com/2011/09/05/human-light-suit-a-one-man-band-style-mobile-photo-studio/

----- Amy 12.12.11 16:20

My favorite gadget is my pinhole camera. Super low tech, but loads of fun - you never know what you’re going to get. My absolute favorite pinhole camera was one I made out of a small match box (google it, there’s DIY instructions online). I actually captured some pretty amazing pictures with it.

----- Vicky 12.12.11 16:13

my new Canon 600D! :D

----- Kelvin 12.12.11 16:02

my absolutely favourite photo gadget is…shower curtian, which works perfectly as filter for smoothing day light when I do pictures for my blog. And it costs only 1 pound:-)

----- malgosia 12.12.11 15:33

Gorilla pod SLR-zoom best thing I ever bought for my cameras.

----- Jeff 12.12.11 15:04

camera strap, or I’d be braking my cameras…

----- Emily 12.12.11 14:56

my digital camera

----- Mike 12.12.11 13:21

My favorite tool for my photos are my lights. The best photos are taken with the proper amount of light.

----- Justin Davis 12.12.11 12:15

My 24-130mm Nikkor lens

----- Almin 12.12.11 12:14

My canon A1.

----- Christopher 12.12.11 11:53

My favorite photo gadget is a small hand-held mirror. I use it to deflect the flash on point-and-shoot cameras, which softens the light, reduces red-eye/necessary post-processing, and yes. It makes even disposable camera use not suck.

----- Rabbit 12.12.11 11:53

Favorite photo gadget is a tripod. Infinitely necessary for low light.

----- Ryan 12.12.11 11:41

the instgram app!

----- Katy 12.12.11 11:27

I’ve almost all Photojojo stuff! i received last christmas a lens mug, two bracelets and a poster from a friend of mine, to augment my collection of Photojojo.
I’m a collector, a old and new cameras collector, i felt in love with Fujifilm Instax 7s Camera last month! But i love so much Tilt-Shift Camera!

----- chiara 12.12.11 11:21

our old 120 film hasselblad

----- carly 12.12.11 10:53

I’m a fan of using the website Picasa to edit and upload photos online free and easily.

----- Shannon 12.12.11 10:30

The percolator iphone app is pretty freakin’ boss!

----- Kimmi 12.12.11 09:59

The Macro Cell Lens Band is my fayve.

----- Gino V 12.12.11 09:46

My favorite right now is definitely my Diana Mini. I can take it anywhere and shoot whenever I want. So handy and so cute!

----- Rance 12.12.11 09:27

my 120 holga! love to make a continuous film strips.

----- SH 12.12.11 09:24

My favorite gadget is the fish eye!!! finally i can take pictures for my iphone y definilly looks amazing!
and sometimes i borrow to my mommi haha love it…

----- Karla 12.12.11 07:59

My favorite is the Macro Cell Lens Band. Perfect with the Blue. Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

----- Mathew John 12.12.11 07:46

The folding tripod. For sure. It’s on Photojojo now, too

----- Jake Jones 12.12.11 07:33

PEZ Dispenser for Hot Shoe

----- Morgan 12.12.11 07:20

My Gopro submersible camera! Without visor for more random pictures

----- Carla 12.12.11 05:39

My favourite gadget so far is the bokeh kit from Photojojo. They were so fun to play with! The next item in my wishlist is definitely the Fujifilm Instax 7s.. nothing beats having your best memories on polaroids with doodles! :)

----- Grace Lin 12.12.11 01:32

My favorite photo “gadget” is the Retro Camera app on my Android phone.

----- Jacquelynn 12.12.11 00:56

my favorite little camera add ons are scraps of transparent colored acrylic plastic. you can hold them over your lens or your flash and get great color effects really easily and better still, really cheaply

----- alex 11.12.11 22:45

My favorite accessory is a Gorilla Pod.

----- Wesley 11.12.11 22:04

My gorilla pod that can be attached to anything!

----- Emily 11.12.11 21:43

My favorite photo gadget is my mamiya 35mm film SLR. Takes beautiful pictures:)

----- Kiely 11.12.11 20:51

I love my dad’s old metal tripod. It’s beautiful & I use it all the time.

----- April Brooks 11.12.11 19:56

My favorite photo gadget right now is my iPad 2.

----- Tom V 11.12.11 19:52

My favourite gadget is my lomo camera! lomo 360!

----- Jessica Ng 11.12.11 19:44

There are two great things that a Polaroid camera offers that nothing else can match;
First being the perfect sound caused by the shutter opening and the film being released.
Second anticipation, the utter anticipation of while watching the film slowly come to life before your eyes.

----- Robert 11.12.11 17:38

my fave photo gadget would be my iphone 3gs. it’s probably not as sharp as the iphone 4, but it has enough quality to be edited on instagram and make the photos look amazing.

----- Varinnia 11.12.11 17:35

This giveaway is AMAZING!!! It is exactly what is on my Christmas list :)
My favorite gadget/add-on/etc at the moment is my iPhone, but more specifically, I LOVE the PhotoStudio and Instagram apps on my iPhone. I think it is so amazing to be able to share photos instantly with the world! But I will always have a special place in my heart for my 4x5 camera (just a little more cumbersome than the iPhone but I still really love it).

----- Anonymous 11.12.11 17:27

my favourite camera accessory is a good imagination.

----- Mindy h 11.12.11 17:27

My favorite photo gadget would be a fish eye lens or the Photoshop equivalent.

----- Crystal 11.12.11 16:31

My Canon 5D Mark II!!! I rarely leave home without it (though it’s a bit heavy to lug everywhere).

----- Paul R 11.12.11 16:08

Super Sweet! I can capture my moves (or my gym-mates) when I am at CrossFit in Cleveland. Then print the pic’s right on a t-Shirt. Killer.

----- Christine Mauersberger 11.12.11 15:59

A 50mm lens.

----- Ben M. 11.12.11 15:58

That iPhone Lens dial thing is amazing!! I want it :D I love the way the fish eye effect looks on photos and I think that gadget is really clever.

----- Alex Tsai 11.12.11 15:51

My cute camera cover.

----- Antoana 11.12.11 15:01

Instagram >

----- Andrea 11.12.11 14:16

My favorite photo gadget is actually an App called Little Photo :)

----- April B. 11.12.11 14:06

I’m not a photography buff per se, but I do love me my point-and-shoot. It works, and that’s all that matters.

----- Sh 11.12.11 14:06

My favourite photo gadget are fisheye lens,I love the effect make by them!

----- Raffaella 11.12.11 13:31

My favorite camera accessory is Adobe Photoshop

----- Russ McIntosh 11.12.11 12:49

Sincerely? Adobe Photoshop. With that I can make photos that don’t even exists. =)

----- Talita Escher Massola 11.12.11 12:23

For me it would be the “Gorilla Pod Camera Grip” It’s so useful and sometimes gives you nice angle shots.

----- Asenh Tsan 11.12.11 10:47

I’ve just started making bokeh shapes with black construction paper. New favorite thing!

----- Katherine 11.12.11 10:39

Currently .. it’s my iPhone’s camera. Convenient!

----- Lily 11.12.11 10:25

Must be the 9$ plastic macro lens for my second favourite photo gadget - iphone…

----- KRESIMIR 11.12.11 09:41

My fav app is called Instagram. I love taking pictures with it. love instagram

----- Joseph Sarti 11.12.11 09:16

Fish eye lens to capture as much as possible

----- Ronan 11.12.11 09:13

The micro 4/3 pinhole lens.

----- Aiza 11.12.11 09:12

Favorite add-on.. hmm.. the camera strap. I must have slippery fingers or something, but that strap saved me the cost of a new camera!

----- Sharon 11.12.11 07:32

My favorite gadget is a flat magnifying glass stuck in my wallet. Makes taking oddball photos quick and fun.

----- seAN 11.12.11 07:30

my plain old iphone.

----- Andy 11.12.11 07:30

The lensbaby is a pretty awesome thing to have.

----- OJ Desuasido 11.12.11 07:09

I LOVE with the Fujifilm Instax 7s Camera… I would love one of these for Christmas this year :D

----- Riley Spiller 11.12.11 06:57

My favorite photo gadget is my Nikkon macro lens.

----- Jon 11.12.11 06:39

My favorite photo gadget has to be the lupa lens. It gave a moment of silent intimacy with the contact sheet. It seemed to shut out the world.

----- Rae 11.12.11 02:55

My favorite camera add on is the little pieces of clear tape I layer over the on-camera flash to diffuse it it’s cheap and I get better more dreamy photos in the process.

----- laura.perryman 11.12.11 02:01

Q: your favorite photo gadget/add-on/etc?
A: iPhone. got it this year, my first smart phone. i take pics everywhere now.

----- Ria 11.12.11 01:26

Gotta love lenses.

----- nick 10.12.11 23:58

love instant photos like instamax or polaroids

----- Winnie 10.12.11 22:02

my new favorite toy is a Canon Canonet QL17 Giii (wow that’s a mouthtful!) courtesy of my grandfather’s basement. Still need to MacGyver the light seal, but at least I got the shutter going!

----- Heather B 10.12.11 21:55

Definitely my gorillapod!

----- Anissa 10.12.11 21:38

My favorite item I use with photos has to be, this weird multi use brown tinted flash light I came across. It’s great for dark pictures and leaving the shudder open, while I light up my subject :]

----- Sean Monaghan 10.12.11 20:30

I’m still in love with the Zink photo printer.

----- Charles Street 10.12.11 20:26

My most favorite camera accessories are fish eye lens and colored filters because they make my pictures funky and colorful!

----- Grace 10.12.11 19:05

Favorite gadget at the moment, Owle for the iphone.

----- Shalihe 10.12.11 18:52

i dont have any gagets.

----- carol 10.12.11 18:39

360-degree panoramic photo camera ball!!! love this concept!! a throwable camera that takes panoramic photos?!! how awesome is that?!!

----- Jamee 10.12.11 18:32

I love my lcd hood and i would like to try out a Creative Effects Lens =) thanks a lot for giving all those giveaways away ;)

----- Mirjam 10.12.11 17:18

The awesome effects on my Canon Powershot (especially toy camera effect!!)

----- Megan 10.12.11 17:15

i don’t really have a favorite photo gadget to be honest. my sister in law has a new, really awesome camera though and i’d love to get a camera bag for her.

----- Lauren 10.12.11 15:38

Favorite photo gadget right now has to be the Pano app for the iPhone 4S. Just went on a trip and used it all the time.

----- Brett K. 10.12.11 15:34

My favorite gadget for my NikonD90 would have to be my Gibson Lightning Bolt guitar strap, just makes my camera ooze ‘Badass’ to me! haha. ;)

----- Colleen S. 10.12.11 15:32

Lensbaby Composer! Swivel Softly, Baby!

----- Allen 10.12.11 15:01

Currently, my favorite photo gadget is just an photo-editing app for my droid called Little Photo. It’s way easier and quicker than photoshop. Sometimes I’ll actually take photos from my canon t2i and edit them on my phone via Little Photo. I’m such a noob.

----- Jessica J. 10.12.11 15:00

my favorite gadget is the bokeh kit from photojojo.

----- christine 10.12.11 14:27

I’m dreaming about having this Polaroid camera for the longest time. I must have it!! and it’s my birthday tomorrow- it would make the nicest birthday gift ever, Notcot guys! :)))

----- Stav 10.12.11 13:57

Got to be my ultra adorable camera bag!

----- Nat 10.12.11 13:49

Whether or not I win it, i’ll be ordering the photo dye because it is the coolest one and wishing I could also have the instant camera.

----- Hope 10.12.11 13:02

My camera bag for sure - roomy yet not big:)

----- Agnieszka 10.12.11 13:00

There’s nothing cooler than a fish-eye lens!

----- Wehaf 10.12.11 12:45

My favorite add on for my phone camera is my little magnetic fish eye, wide and macro lenses from photojojo website…they’re AMAZING!

----- Solmaz 10.12.11 11:54

my gorilla tripod with magnetic legs, for sure. You can place it literally everywhere from floor to ceiling, or even looking really cute hugging a telephone post

----- Laura 10.12.11 11:52

My favorite camera gadget is by far the Eye-Fi card as it allowed me to live blog at the courthouse the first day gays were allowed to get married in NYC.

----- AJ 10.12.11 11:49

My favorite gadget for my camera is the Lensbaby tilt transformer - I love that it can make everything look like a toy!

----- Elora 10.12.11 11:37

my dad’s old Kodak camera.

----- Burçin 10.12.11 11:28

I guess my favorite photo gadget is an old-style slide projector. Turn off the lights and fill a whole wall with memories, like a photo of your granny walking with you in the garden with a harness to hold you up when you’re just a little baby! :D or your young dad with a huge beard standind in front of the berlin wall waving hands :D

----- Liisa 10.12.11 11:19

since receiving the pop up flash bounce for my dslr a few weeks ago from photojojo it’s become a total staple in my indoor photography. can’t get enough & am totally in love!

----- amanda 10.12.11 11:00

I like the effect of fish-eye lenses :)

----- Megan 10.12.11 10:23

My favourite photo gadget-if it counts as one, is Photoshop.

----- Tatiana 10.12.11 10:07

My Favorite gadget is my canon ef macro lens for my 35mm

----- Alex Awesome 10.12.11 07:53

My favorite photo gadget is my built-in color filters for my Holga. Divine.

----- Fiorela 10.12.11 07:27

I can never get my camera to capture light the way I see it, so the photo manipulation software is wonderful.

----- Selena 10.12.11 06:57

Honestly my favorite photo gadget is the lightmeter app I use on my iPhone. Works perfectly and I can use all my old film cameras without hunting for batteries on eBay

----- Andrew 10.12.11 06:49

Memory cards are awesome. I can take tons of photos and not worry about rationing my shots just in case I want to take more.

----- The Keith 10.12.11 06:40

INSTAGRAM! coz caring is sharing!
(best way to make my dog a celebrity)

----- SHIRA 10.12.11 05:48

50mm f1.4 lens for my nikon dslr. all my fave photos were taken with it :)

----- melanie 10.12.11 05:40

Disposable camera abuse, cheap, fun, and the element of surprise.

----- Shane Smith 10.12.11 05:30

My Joby Gorilla tripod without a doubt!

----- Sam Foster 10.12.11 03:49

My iphone, for sure!

----- Colleen Morgan 10.12.11 03:37

My memory card. So many pictures to take, so little memory…

----- eab 10.12.11 01:25

I don’t really have a favorite photo “gadget” I just love a variety of lenses. I love the different looks you can achieve. The only “gadget” I can think of wanting or being amazing is some sort of mobile stabilizing kit for video. Like a mini gyroscopic balancer.

----- Leslie 10.12.11 01:01

The iPhone Lens Dial

----- william 10.12.11 00:00

The Kogeto’s Panoramic Dot!!

----- Maple 09.12.11 23:32

Although I have a Canon 40D for a year now I use mostly my iPhone 4.

----- Georgie 09.12.11 23:31

Instagram has made picture taking social and easy!

----- Tris 09.12.11 23:28

Lensbaby tllt shift lens!!

----- Jeff Rubio 09.12.11 23:03

I love my Fujifilm Instax. I take it with me everywhere!

----- Christina 09.12.11 22:58

My favorite gadget? A vintage Revere Stereo film camera. For something invented so long ago, it’s almost as if you’re seeing in 3D!

----- Alyssa 09.12.11 21:07

on of the best photos taken at my wedding was with a disposable camera! i know, blasphemy, right? then for our honeymoon, we went to a warm beach place. we brought along some disposable waterproof cameras and got some phenomenal pictures of the sea life. i wouldn’t say that i usually go disposable, but the grainy analogue goodness can turn out a few keepers per roll.

----- rich 09.12.11 20:44

My favorite gadget is the colored filters. I got them for $1 @ a yard sale and they just rock! :)

----- Susana Juarez 09.12.11 20:42

I love using my 50mm fixed lens.

----- Thu 09.12.11 20:41

I’m not super gadgety. I’m happy with a phone as my favorite camera accessory. As long as I can take pictures on the go. I’d make some crazy awesome stuff with this kit, though.

----- Speck 09.12.11 20:24

Love the iPhone telephoto!

----- Bill Hutchison 09.12.11 20:22

Fave photo gadget is my trusty point-and-shoot. So handy.

----- Mae 09.12.11 20:07

My favorite photo add-on is my Canon 580 EX Flash, does wonders!

----- Desiree Garcia 09.12.11 20:07

my squid patterned camera strap…

----- Maureen 09.12.11 20:04

Saw this coloured flash device at a lomography store last night; you know, the type of camera with coloured filters you can rotate to change the colour of your flash. The sales assistant was showing me how it works and it was pretty!

----- Liang 09.12.11 19:27

My favorite is the pico dolly

----- Jane 09.12.11 19:22

The Blackbird, fly is my favorite photography tool.

----- Shel 09.12.11 19:16

My favorite is probably still the old Polaroid instant camera that used to belong to my grandparents. It was my favorite toy at their house when I was a kid, and it’s still a great thing to play with now (when I can track down film, that is). Second favorite is the neon green 110mm point-and-shoot my grandmother gave me for my 7th birthday.

Looking back, I suddenly understand my love for photography…

----- Molly S. 09.12.11 19:06

Favorite gadget: “Steady Stand” by Modahaus. It’s a nicely designed, modern tripod for smartphones.

----- Michelle 09.12.11 18:42

My sanyo eneloop batteries. Unlike my previous batteries, these don’t lose their power while not using the camera, so I’m always ready to take a picture, when the right motive appears.

----- David 09.12.11 18:29

My favorite camera accessory is my mom’s old camera strap from the 70s. It’s one of those extra fat bands with the multi-color pattern. My favorite part is the elastic loops that are sewn in to hold extra film canisters, a now obsolete feature but a great reminder of the camera’s analog roots.

----- Matt 09.12.11 18:22

My mini tripod for my Leica d-lux 4. Best way to avoid awkward moments with strangers

----- philip gundersen 09.12.11 18:21

I miss my canonet the most.

----- Yoshio 09.12.11 18:17

Tripod with quick release plate. Can’t live without it.

----- Gaetan 09.12.11 18:15


----- steven 09.12.11 17:49

dot360 of course!

----- Patrick 09.12.11 17:38

I love-love-love the mug!!

----- Beth 09.12.11 17:31

The Hipstamatic app for my iphone.

----- Arthur Kosasih 09.12.11 17:06

Zoom lens

----- Jim 09.12.11 16:10

My favorite photo gadget has to be a Carl Zeiss lens adapter for my Nikon!

----- Thinh 09.12.11 16:04

My sunglasses when i wanna take a picture of the sunset.. it looks great!!

----- maria 09.12.11 15:56

Does Photoshop count?

----- jane 09.12.11 15:41

My favorite camera add on is a wrist strap. I couldn’t take on-the-go shots from the back of our motorcycle with out it. Simple, but the best investment.

----- Amanda 09.12.11 15:32

Instagram! Awesome app. I always wanted lenses for my iPhone 4!

----- risca 09.12.11 15:05

I love the ultra wide and slim!

----- Helen braund 09.12.11 14:55

my favorite photo gadget is my authentic Soviet-era 35mm Lomo camera, love the old-school photos

----- John 09.12.11 14:55


----- Marc D 09.12.11 14:43

Camera Lens Mug

----- Fernando 09.12.11 14:41

My favorite addon is a fisheye lens adapter. Fun stuff.

----- Edgar 09.12.11 14:27

My favorite camera gadget is the Go-Pro camera. I personally don’t have one, but I spend hours on end watching videos that were filmed with Go-Pro cameras. They truly make me feel like I’m right there, jumping off cliffs and surfing the largest waves with them, and that the possibility of me doing something similar in real life could be more realistic than I once thought.

----- Dian Saxon 09.12.11 14:24

ND filters - so nice!

----- Lena 09.12.11 14:16

actually, my favorite photo/camera accessory is the fotoclips I got from photojojo a while ago. they are a great way to hang compositions of photos. I have several goups of photos and postcards I made little compositions out of with fotoclips. the bottle cap tripod is pretty awesome, too.

----- blue 09.12.11 14:04

My favorite photo add-on is my SD card holder. It’s a must have and I don’t have to go fishing through my bag whenever I need them.

----- Alex 09.12.11 13:58

The wireless shutter release! Piece of cake, no more shake! :)

----- Amanda Brown 09.12.11 13:56

I can’t get enough of my Diana Mini, lo-fi toy camera pictures are always a great thing to have

----- Robert Fielder 09.12.11 13:44

My absolute favorite is prime lenses. That’s about all I shoot with. I believe in less gear is better so I don’t have a lot of it. I am completely in love with my Crumpler strap though.

----- Fujoshi 09.12.11 13:41

I can’t get enough of my Holga Flash Camera. I love the combination of skill and surprise.

----- Noelle S. 09.12.11 13:30

A wide angle fisheye/macro attatchment for your lens! Cant go wrong with wanting to capture a nice sunrise with the fisheye, then go right to taking a macro/fisheyed shot of some morning dew on some flowers.

----- John 09.12.11 13:29

I love my old school Nikon FM SLR with black and white film in it. So much fun because I can do everything from shooting to developing myself.

----- alison 09.12.11 13:20

wood camera iphone case

----- Billie Silman 09.12.11 13:19

I love my nikon 35mm and for fun my medium format Holga, but I’m devastated that my favorite Fuji film was discontinued. Don’t die manual photography, I love you too much!!

----- Lauren 09.12.11 13:13

My trusty Nikon D40 - gotta love it still

----- J_Walrus 09.12.11 13:07

i love my lomo lc-a. but i’m dying to own the photojojo lens cap strap. how ingenious!

----- melissa 09.12.11 13:05

My favorite photo gadget is Photomojo’s Telephoto lens adapter on my canon 50mm/1.4!!

Also rather addicting: their Macro and Wide Angle phone lenses on my 4S. Amazing photos!!

----- becca 09.12.11 12:38

My favorite is the Photojojo’s Telephoto Lens Adapter on my Canon w/ my 50mm/1.4!
However, also addicting: the Macro and Wide Angle phone lens (also from Photojojo) on my iPhone 4S. Amazing photos!!

----- Anonymous 09.12.11 12:35

Love the fisheye lens and love to make fish faces while using it

----- Linda 09.12.11 12:28

Does Instagram count? I think it does. I love that app!

----- Matt 09.12.11 12:15

My favorite photo gadget is my gorillapod tripod. Great for travelling!

----- Ryan J 09.12.11 12:07

My favorite photo gadget is my GorilliaPod tripod! I love using it to photograph theatre rehearsals by gripping it around seat backs!

----- Natalie 09.12.11 12:04

the telephoto iPhone lens!

----- viktoria papp 09.12.11 11:53

I love love love the photojojo store! I’m a professional photographer / artist but love my toy / experimental photos most. Photojojo has more items on my want list than any other site. Hopefully I’ll get some $ for Xmas and I can place my dream order and fill my shelves with photojojo joy!

One particular item which stands out as genius is the white balance lens. My SLR is bulky, bad enough carrying it around, let alone a light meter too… which I normally leave at home - sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose).


Worstcase scenario I’ll have to take a hammer to my piggy bank.

----- Paul 09.12.11 11:50

My Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens. It was super affordable and it’s almost always on my camera. Great for portraits and achieving soft bokeh!

----- Jessica 09.12.11 11:38

I love my fisheye lens!

----- Jen 09.12.11 11:24

Has to be my iPhone 4s. The camera is great quality for a phone and it’s always with me.

----- Geoff 09.12.11 11:22

Whoa, I need to try these items! The Photo Fabric Dye is insanely cool, as is the mug, and a camera addict like me would go insane for the Instax. My favorite camera add on is the Fisheye Lens Adapter. Thanks!

----- Amber 09.12.11 11:13

HDR settings!

----- Ralitsa 09.12.11 11:08

I love using fisheye lenses… I’m still after the iPhone one blogged about on NOTCOT a while back.

----- Laura 09.12.11 10:49

I love those lensbabies! I wish I had one for myself.

----- Karin 09.12.11 10:47

My favorite photo add-on: My adorable husbear, who makes every picture gaze-worthy.

----- Chen 09.12.11 10:40

My favorite is the rubber band macro lens for iphone

----- nick robles 09.12.11 10:40

My favourite accessory’s definitely my Gorillapod tripod.

----- Robyn 09.12.11 10:31


----- Becca 09.12.11 10:28

You can never go wrong with a good camera strap, but I really love my pod camera mount, it’s perfect for snapping pictures on hikes when all you have around are trees and rocks to balance a camera on!

----- Adri 09.12.11 10:24

My self-pic stick!

----- Stephen Fernandez 09.12.11 10:15

I know a lot of people talk about hardware, but when it comes down to it, a copy of Photoshop is essential is you’re serious about photography. Photoshop is my clear winner for add-ons.

----- randy 09.12.11 10:14

In all my time photographing, I think the most important thing I have is a good, sturdy tripod. :)

----- Ian S. 09.12.11 10:08

I love the ZoomH4n for adding sweet sweet audio when I use the 5D Mark II for video….

----- Brandon O 09.12.11 10:06

truly, my favorite is the old-school Polaroid camera my family has had since the 1970s. And the haphazardly curated box of pictures it created :)

----- tasa 09.12.11 10:06

MY camera bag is my most important gadget.
Not only I use it to carry cameras, but also used as different kind of tools.
I make it an “bag-pod” when I lack the tripod by adding a screw to it and let it stand on different surfaces.
I make it a flash diffuser by using it’s compartment with a remote flash.
I make it my pillow when I am on the road.
I make it my friend as I travel =)

----- Andrew 09.12.11 10:06

That lens-cap bracelet is freaking awesome!

----- Lea 09.12.11 10:06

Lomo camera kits.

----- Daniel 09.12.11 10:03

My Giottos Rocket Air Blaster. It’s fun and functional! ^_^

----- Collin Banko 09.12.11 10:02

My favourite camera accessory has got to be my gorillapod. I don’t take my camera anywhere without it!

----- Calum 09.12.11 10:02

My Chrome accessory bag is great. Brilliantly designed, discrete size and extremely versatile.

----- Stacy B. 09.12.11 10:01

The HDR setting on my iPhone 4s

----- Alex Bryan 09.12.11 09:57

Fisheye: for nostalgic fun.

----- John 09.12.11 09:52

i love love love my canon 50mm 1.4!

----- Jennifer 09.12.11 09:51

I like my old ZENIT, with its old leather bag which i got from my grandpa. By taking photos with that camera you can SMELL and TOUCH the HISTORY THROUGH your EYES.

----- Monika 09.12.11 09:47

My fave is the instax camera! The quirky photos I get from friends are all over my cubicle to remind me of happiness! I would love a camera for myself! :)

----- Ashley 09.12.11 09:45

Love the Impossible Project film, especially the black frame :)

----- Tiffany 09.12.11 09:42

Favorite item is probably the lens cap strap holder

although for pure novelty (which I almost require from this store) I have to go with the mini camera

----- jay 09.12.11 09:41

My ancient Pentax K body with the fussy rewind, every time I use it I remember my dad and his photography lessons.

----- cc 09.12.11 09:39

My favorite add-on for my camera is the date-stamper. It lets me take the photos my parents took.

----- Paul M. 09.12.11 09:39

my nikon 35mm lens!

----- joanna 09.12.11 09:38

I don’t have anything fancy for my camera except a small little tripod that has help in many a situation.

----- Vinny W 09.12.11 09:36

canon rebel t2i!!

----- Cecilia 09.12.11 09:34

handstrap, neckstrap.

----- brian casler 09.12.11 09:29

my fav photo gadget is an old holga with a broken shutter that i rigged as a pinhole- very cool images.

----- guy l'orange 09.12.11 09:28

My current addiction is instagram, it’s fun and makes it so easy to share with friends. But my heart belongs to Flickr.

----- Justine 09.12.11 09:27

My carrying case - because it makes me brave enough to bring the camera along.

----- Laura 09.12.11 09:14

I’ve been playing around with a pinhole camera. Pretty cool.

----- BruceS63 09.12.11 09:12

My favorite photo gadgets are all my talented photographer friends!

----- Robert W. 09.12.11 09:09

My 50mm f/1.4 for my Sony a550. I rarely take it off. ^_^

----- tom 09.12.11 09:02

My favorite photo gadget is my Singh-Ray LB Warming Circular Polarizer filter! It really helps make my sporting photos pop!

----- Peter Taylor 09.12.11 09:01

My favorite camera accessory is my Lensbaby lens. Dreamy other worldly pictures.

----- 5chw4r7z 09.12.11 09:00

My fav photo gadget is the Polaroid I-Zone. Why take photos when you can take stickers!

----- M Tucker 09.12.11 08:59

Really love using the Jobi Gorillapod that lets me take crazy pictures even when I’m alone at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

----- Chloe H. 09.12.11 08:54

Fujifilm Instax!!!!

----- Carl Oxley III 09.12.11 08:46

I love the remote I have for my Canon DSLR.

----- Emily 09.12.11 08:46

I use my old film canon rebel and awesome filters, but sadly the art is almost gone. :(

----- Angela Nguyen 09.12.11 08:45

My buddy’s digital slr. I’m gonna steal it, and tell him that I got a new one.

----- Adam Edwards 09.12.11 08:41

I love my gorillapod a ton! So useful!!

----- Devin Vermeulen 09.12.11 08:36

Instagram!!!! Im addicted!

----- Jess 09.12.11 08:32

I love my Lumix GF2

----- James 09.12.11 08:22

love my polaroid. instant yet has a retro quality. it’s the best of both worlds. :)

----- janete 09.12.11 08:18

love my polaroid. instant yet has a retro quality. it’s the best of both worlds. :)

----- janete 09.12.11 08:18

My favorite photo accessory right now is Instagram. It’s perfect to give your photos something extra when you are on the go.

----- Tyler 09.12.11 08:17

Instagram. It might sound like a weird photo gadget but not one thing has inspired me more to think creatively when taking photos in a few years.

----- Brandon 09.12.11 08:16

My dad has this grabby arm thingy that is just a long thick wire with a clap on one end and a trigger on the other that opens and shuts it. Sounds weird but next time you drop that important paper behind the fridge you will wish you had one. It’s fantastic.

----- Jessi 09.12.11 08:15

My favourite photo gadget is my iPhone 4.

It is the camera I always have with me and lets me catch things that would otherwise be forgotten.

----- Ben 09.12.11 08:10

I love my vintage Polaroid SLR 680 (thank you eBay) and Impossible Project’s gold polaroid film for it. Makes for some amazing instant holiday pictures. The black and white polaroid film with black frames are great too. I can’t wait to take and collect enough to frame them together in a large checkered pattern.

----- Jian 09.12.11 08:10

love the gorilla pods! so cool!

----- jacklyn 09.12.11 08:01

my favorite gadget is my homemade camera stabilizer made of a bolt, a little yarn, and a washer that i put under my foot.. nifty, cheap, effective!!

----- brian 09.12.11 08:00

My Gorillapod!

----- Steve 09.12.11 07:59

Love the Holga Lens Filter Kit for iPhone! for real cameras.. I love the super zoom lens i have for my nikon DSLR.

----- Tran Nguyen 09.12.11 07:53

underwater disposable camera !

----- denis 09.12.11 07:53

My old old russian camera wich my polish grandpa exchanged with a russian solder for one pack of cigarets somewhere on a battlefield in east poland.
I wonder what this camera saw in her life?!

----- Agnes 09.12.11 07:51

favorite gadget: Canon 16 - 35 lens!!!!

----- Peter Tran 09.12.11 07:46

fisheye finder!

----- laszlo dobrovolszki 09.12.11 07:42

favorite gadget: Canon 16 - 35 lens!!!!

----- Peter Tran 09.12.11 07:40

love our instax!

----- Jacob 09.12.11 07:40

Really looking to the advancement of the micro system cameras.

----- Chau H 09.12.11 07:39

Saving up for my next lens haas never been so easy with my DSLR SAVINGS BANK!

----- Alex 09.12.11 07:37

Tripod. Super useful!

----- Rachel Bain 09.12.11 07:35

I never go anywhere without my sample swatchbook of stage light gels to use as flash color filters. It adds a splash of color that often produces really striking & unexpected results.

----- Dustcrumb 09.12.11 07:32

Best photo gadget would be the ring flash. It just makes portraits pop.

----- christi 09.12.11 07:31

An old Angenieux Super 16mm fast lens, to adapt it to micro4/3 Olympus.

----- Piotr 09.12.11 07:31

the fisheye lens for the holga is probably the best thing ever.

----- Christian 09.12.11 07:31

My FAVORITE of all of my camera add-ons would have to be my 580EX. Without it, I would have never have achieved the kind of passion and interest in photography and strobism. It was a game changer for me and was my first external flash I ever owned at the age of 17.

----- Justin Astro 09.12.11 07:27

Sepia colored photos! Love them :)

----- nikki 09.12.11 07:23

Favorite gadget: a macro lens attached to my iPhone, I feel pro :D

----- Melissa Dominguez 09.12.11 07:18

Definitely my camera bag! I would be totally lost without it.

----- Manda 09.12.11 07:16

While I will always love my first hand-me-dow 120 film camera, I think my current favorite camera add on is the Macro Cell Lens Band. I’m amazed by how simple it is and by how well it works!

----- MatarazzoDesign 09.12.11 07:13

I still love my film camera my grandpa gave to me.

----- Ayumi 09.12.11 07:06

To stop zoom lens creep when shooting down I use a rubber band over the seam between the zoom ring and the lens barrel.

----- Ed 09.12.11 07:01

right not my favorite is my newest, panasonic gh2. Great photos and amazing video.

----- josh 09.12.11 07:01

all about the fisheye

----- allen 09.12.11 07:01

Lovin the instant camera iphone decal from photojojo, that makes my iphone all that much cooler! It’s the simple things in life…

----- Cameron 09.12.11 06:58

my iPhone is my primary go to, but I do love my Oktomat you never know what you’ll get… you just have to find places to process the film.

----- Erastos 09.12.11 06:57

Canon 70-200mm 4.0 lens…blam!

----- sethernicus 09.12.11 06:54

Love the Olloclip for iPhone you posted #44072. Very cool accessory.

----- Smyth Kowalczyk 09.12.11 06:50

i absolutely love the iPhone lens dial. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and have not stopped using the cool effects. I’d say it looks cool so that in itself one-ups ANY app :)!

----- Michelle 09.12.11 06:50

Does it count to say that my favourite photography gadget is my father?? He solves all my problems with my cameras, he always sits down and goes through all my photographs with me to pick the best ones. Otherwise, my favourite camera gadget is a little bendable tripod that is awesome at positioning the camera any way I want it - plus it even looks fun, it has googly eyes!

----- Ayla 09.12.11 06:46

my camera bag!

----- jenni o 09.12.11 06:43

My favorite gadget is one that goes over the lens that has the tip of a finger printed on it so that every picture you take looks like the photographer has their finger over the lens!

----- Katie 09.12.11 06:42

My favorite slr add on is the macro diopter lens i got from ebay. You’ll see things from a different perspective!

----- Kat 09.12.11 06:38

I have a mini tripod that is awesome for getting shots in some weird/low places, it also is able to be strapped to poles or tree branches and such for mounting it randomly.

----- Charlie Price 09.12.11 06:35

Probably doesn’t count as a gadget, but am still in love with my Leica M6 after all these years.

----- Scott B 09.12.11 06:34

I love my set of contrast filters for my B&W darkroom.

----- Kate 09.12.11 06:30

I’m not really an avid photographer, but who doesn’t love to play with a fisheye-lens? :)

----- Bartal Djurhuus 09.12.11 06:29

My sturdy tripod (that is older than me, and seriously heavy) for those long exposures, or set up shots!

----- Abbie 09.12.11 06:29

My old brownie that has been handed down thru the family that still works beautifully.

----- Christina 09.12.11 06:28

The Lensmate for my DMC-LX3 makes me a light travelling photo amateur deluxe.

----- Anders 09.12.11 06:28

I don’t already own the RAM mount you mentioned in your gift guide, but nwo I want to!

----- Kimberly M 09.12.11 06:26

Vaseline! Its good for both a long day of shooting and a long night of….shooting.

----- Mickiah Broomfield 09.12.11 06:23

Opteka fisheye lens for photographing and videoing parkour!

----- Brian 09.12.11 06:18

Oh man… this giveaway is grand!
I work with a photographer who has introduced me to the Diana F+ with Fujifilm Mini Polaroids and it definitely has become my favorite.

----- Mikaela 09.12.11 06:16

I have a little digital Rolleiflex that is very fun to take pictures with. It takes a great picture with lots of depth, it also doubles as a cute necklace.

----- Joyce 09.12.11 06:11

I can’t function without my circular polarizer on the end of my sigma lens!

----- Allen Morris 09.12.11 06:10

maybe not a gadget…but i do love me some instagram! :)

----- Kristie 09.12.11 05:59

I used to have some fun light painting objects in totally black rooms.

----- Daniel Gizo 09.12.11 05:54

I love my flash!

----- Chris Wilkinson 09.12.11 05:52

Gorilla pod is handy for holding a camera in place in unusual positions.

----- Doug 09.12.11 05:31

A 50mm fixed lens for my Canon with an f1.8. Great for low light shots. The last thing you want to do is use that awful flash that comes with the camera and have all your pictures look like your grandparents took them with a point and click.

----- Jessica 09.12.11 05:31

Spy lens!

(it’s like a periscope— fix it on your lens to shoot up, down, or sideways stealthily)

----- Christina 09.12.11 05:29

Any fisheye lens instantly makes me want to look at the world through the camera 24-7. :D

----- Margaret Hitch 09.12.11 05:27

would love to try out the photo dyes!

----- Seth Gover 09.12.11 05:27

My Holga, and a set of mustaches on sticks that I take to every photo shoot.

----- aggie 09.12.11 05:25

I love my POGO instant printer. I love being able to take someone’s picture and just hand it to them!

----- Jeremy 09.12.11 05:20

I know it’s not that fun or exciting, but a pop-up studio/lightbox has been really useful for me recently, it’s great for helping even out the shadows on product shots and when I put things on eBay.

----- Andy 09.12.11 05:12

my Sigma fish eye lense and monopod

----- eddie 09.12.11 05:11

I have a small ipod that i take everywhere with the camera. It’s the best for taking silly photos without the hasle of asking a stranger.

----- Iva 09.12.11 05:10

A steady hand or tripod.

----- Sarah 09.12.11 05:06

Tripod! Steady images always!

----- Yuri Martins 09.12.11 05:05

I really love the rubber band macro lens for cell phones that I just discovered through NOTCOT. I have to get one of those!

----- kathryn 09.12.11 04:55

My fave is a small portable lighting studio that I can just show up with and set up anywhere for photos!

----- Lia 09.12.11 04:50

The underwater case for the LC-A. Awesome pictures guaranteed.

----- JR 09.12.11 04:42

wide angle lenses

----- Ben Bubar 09.12.11 04:41

My black rapid strap!!! It’s awesomeeee and I recommend it to all my friends who like to travel with their big slrs. It’s a great comfortable strap that keeps your camera safe at your hip, but readily available for those brief candid moments. Highly highly recommend!

----- Minnow 09.12.11 04:36

My melon pin hole, great pictures and one of my five a day…mmmm healthy, fruity photos!!!

----- Adam 09.12.11 04:27

The Olympus PEN Mini is my favorite at the moment. Compact and high performance at the same time…

----- Gary 09.12.11 04:21

The Olympus PEN Mini is my favorite at the moment. Compact and high performance at the same time…

----- Gary 09.12.11 04:17

cool Fujifilm :D

----- jia ying 09.12.11 03:38

iPhone4 - pictures on the go!

----- Grace 09.12.11 03:38

Fav is my DIY strap that goes from over the shoulder to hooking on my backpack strap. Quick-release and O-so handy, I can’t imagine shooting without it.

----- Kevin 09.12.11 03:34

cool Fuji film : D

----- jia ying 09.12.11 03:32

Love mini tri-pods…..thank you!

----- wolfie 09.12.11 03:18

lenses! lots of lenses!

----- heather 09.12.11 03:15

my g7 camera that i take everywhere.

----- grace 09.12.11 03:13

i very like my super duper flash…:)

----- Dagne 09.12.11 03:07

Using the iphone gorilla pod attached to moving objects for film, and strapped to beams of structures to take shots from some very interesting angles.

----- Fei Wang 09.12.11 03:01

My rad little telephoto lens from their site!

----- Lish 09.12.11 02:32

Ok! Let me tell you this,I love cameras and the Fuji Instex fascinates me… It’s so vintage and eye catching with its little pop-up feature.love it and like it… :) :) :)

----- Shashank Kambam 09.12.11 02:29

i would love to have a Fujifilm Instax 7s Camera & Film. i would want to create a collage/wallpaper in my room with the photos i could produce out of it

----- Samantha 09.12.11 02:24

My stereo attachment :D

----- Samuel 09.12.11 01:54

The critical gadget for any camera is a slow shutter speed and a steady hand. No caffein beats imagestabilizers every day, hands-down. Figuratively that is…

----- Tim 09.12.11 01:40

There is literally too much to choose from as a specific favourite but I would probably go with the iPhone Len Dial as it’s a stroke of genius and beautifully crafted.

----- John Norman 09.12.11 01:32

My favorite photo gadget is my lomo camera, I love that bizarre photos!

----- Marta 09.12.11 01:30

Macros - it’s all about the detail.

----- Tom G 09.12.11 01:29

My favorite gadget is fish eye…I’ve captured a fantastic fall in Hyde Park, London, punctuated of yellow, orange, brown…my favorite time of year!

----- FEDERICA 09.12.11 00:57

A rolleiflex

----- Julie 09.12.11 00:50

my polaroids!

----- Julie 09.12.11 00:47

A vintage polaroid and a fish eyes :)

----- dorian 09.12.11 00:45

Not as snazzy as some of the things mentioned here; but my dad’s old telescopic tripod. Heavy, stiff and circa 1970.

----- Tain 09.12.11 00:38

My favorite photo gadget is the built-in tilt-shift filter in my Canon 60D :) I can play with the effects on the spot without having to connect to a computer, haha.

----- Stephanie 09.12.11 00:25

My pet fish gave me a fish eye lens for my camera on my birthday. Now we both share a good laugh at the pictures that I take. Thanks Goldie!

----- Jasper 09.12.11 00:17

I love my instax mini

----- Emily 09.12.11 00:16

i love me some instax mini so much it’s not even funny

----- Zach Tarrant 09.12.11 00:14

i adore the collapsible sx-70 polaroid camera!

----- Michelle 09.12.11 00:05

Lomo fish eye lens.

----- Carrie 09.12.11 00:03

I’m in love with my vintage polaroid cameras and my iPhone 4s camera!

----- Gerri 08.12.11 23:52

I’m in love with my vintage polaroid cameras and my iPhone 4s camera!

----- Gerri 08.12.11 23:52

I’m in love with my vintage polaroid cameras and my iPhone 4s camera!

----- Gerri 08.12.11 23:52

My favorite camera app is Camera+ for the iPhone 4g. Its convenient and has build in picture editing for the person on the go :)

----- Nick 08.12.11 23:49

i can make fun with my photographer during photo shoot… hahahahha…

----- Lee Yew Wan 08.12.11 23:45

The delete button - I am one ugly man.

----- Edward 08.12.11 23:28

gorilla pods are my fav. tools for photography

----- Andy 08.12.11 23:26

I love my fisheye camera, it gives such a unique perspective of things!

----- Susanne 08.12.11 23:24

My Favorite photo gadget is my clik capsule bag- a small padded no frills enclosure for my camera which fits into my backpack, bag, or tote. It’s nice to not have my camera bag on me when I want to be incognito. Photojojo has a similar product, which has a pocket and handles, which mine does not.

----- Jessie 08.12.11 23:23

Gorilla Pod Camera Grip the thing I like to play with

----- martins 08.12.11 23:21

My favorite photo gadget would have to be a simple colored LED flashlight to create light art! :D

----- Tatiana 08.12.11 23:20

Favorite photo gadget- my iPhone. The best camera is the one that’s always with you.

----- Dima Peteva 08.12.11 23:18

Favorite camera add on are different lenses… definitely can’t live without the macro!

----- Steph 08.12.11 23:16

My favorite camera mod is the old fisheye lens that I secured to a piece of plywood so that I could screw it into my pocket sized Canon Digital IXUS 30 where the tripod dock is on the bottom. It’s been with me for almost 4 years and is still one of the most reliable mods I’ve ever attempted.

----- Breanna Lee 08.12.11 23:02

Must be my mini gorilla pod. I’m not a hectic photographer, but i love traveling. When traveling the hardest pics to take are inside churches and temples where you’re not allowed a flash (most of the time). Gorilla pod keeps that bad boy still so no more blurry pics for me.

----- sebastian 08.12.11 22:48

Love popping the polarised sunglasses in front of the lens when shooting towards the sun.

----- Simon 08.12.11 22:29

My favorite ad-on is the external flash… it allows me to get really creative, and to take a lot more clearer pictures.

----- Mihai V. 08.12.11 22:24

My eye(s) are my favorite camera gadget

----- Chris 08.12.11 22:24

my favorite, my crumpler bag, so strong.

----- yariv 08.12.11 22:19

I carry around my old backpack with the waterproof dry bag inside which saves my camera so many times when I go trekking and taking outdoor photos.

----- runelp 08.12.11 22:18

My favorite photo gadget is a compact folding tripod that allows me to strap a camera to the dash board and fill our race support from the car. Got video?

----- Chris Clinton 08.12.11 22:01

upgrading from my cranky old dumbphone to an iphone 4 :)

----- daniel 08.12.11 22:00

My favourite at the mo is the improved iPhone 4s

----- Adrienne Knight 08.12.11 21:54

My Nikon(G) - m4/3 lens adapter. It lets me get over the limitations of shooting video on my GF1.

----- michael jaiser 08.12.11 21:53

Hands down a tilt shift lens
done and done!

----- Levi Montez 08.12.11 21:51

So what do photographers say now that the “come and see my darkroom” line has gone the way of the Dodo?
(Aaron Sorkin)

recently loving my iPhone as a camera. I’ve been packing light.

----- Allison 08.12.11 21:47

:) I love using colourful cellophane!!! Great effect for lighting.

----- Kelly 08.12.11 21:47

My fave is the Holga iPhone case, so awesome.

----- Michael 08.12.11 21:45

the best add on is a good strap

----- Richie 08.12.11 21:41

My favorite photo gadget would be the most fun one, the underwater camera I got from one of my best friends! I go swimming pretty often and it makes for some pretty wacky pictures. It’s great. And I also hope I win this, I’ve always wanted an Instax camera!

----- Jay B. 08.12.11 21:34

I love long exposure shots!

----- Iving 08.12.11 21:34

I would have to say my memory card, which is kind of lame, i know. I am really entering this givaway for my friend/roommate who is a super gifted photographer and would put this prize to good use.

----- Jenn 08.12.11 21:33

filters!! you can get some pretty crazy shots with them

----- ling 08.12.11 21:29

I have this mini digital camcorder/camera/mp3/video/radio player, at first I thought it was kinda funny having music and games on my camera, but now I almost don’t go anywhere without it it’s an amazing little machine.

----- Chris Rands 08.12.11 21:29

my horizon kompakt camera.

----- jay panelomo 08.12.11 21:27

The best is my little waterproof pouch for my Nikon P&S. So handy for those snorkeling outings on our Caribbean cruises.

----- Tim D 08.12.11 21:26

My favorite camera gadget is actually my cell phone macro lens that I got from Photojojo!

----- Alex 08.12.11 21:25

My favorite gadget is actually a simple blue flim camera that I used when I was in elementary school. I felt on top of the world because other kids used a disposable camera and I had a reusable one. The quality is about the same, but it was a camera that my brother had bought for me.

----- Christine 08.12.11 21:23

My favorite camera add-on might just be my phone. :P

----- kim 08.12.11 21:21

Photography Gels!!

----- rey 08.12.11 21:20

i love using my canon s90 with glowsticks!

----- victor 08.12.11 21:19

My favourite add on has to be my memory card I’d be nowhere with out it

----- Emily Clark 08.12.11 21:17

In spite of owning several cameras, lately it’s been the improved iPhone 4S camera.

----- a human guy 08.12.11 21:16

Would have to be the improved iPhone 4S camera.

----- A New Guy 08.12.11 21:14

I have an app for my iPod Touch called Pudding Camera. It’s really handy and has a variety of filters/settings. Definitely my favorite “add-on.”

----- Lara 08.12.11 21:10

My favorite add-ons are the homemade filters I design using stage lighting gel sample packets. Also, if I’m picked, I promise to share these toys with the comment after mine! -HopefulLeigh

----- Leigh Clemmons 08.12.11 21:10

My favorite photo gadget these days is Instagram.

----- Pablo Lara H 08.12.11 21:09

i really enjoy my new found pentax photo lupe. i could look at old slides all day.

----- benjamin 08.12.11 21:08

Favorite thing before digital was the enlarger in the darkroom. So fun to play around with.

----- Aaron 08.12.11 21:08

I love pop-up diffusers! I have no idea why, they’re very useful but they’re also just kind of adorable.

----- Kat 08.12.11 21:03

My favorite photo gadget has just got to be my camera sunshade. It’s helped me in many situations. Thank you Photojojo & NOTCOT for this giveaway!

----- Carolyn 08.12.11 21:02

I love my old medium format polaroid land camera with the macro attachments

----- Drew Quintana 08.12.11 21:00

My Mystical Photography The word photography comes from two ancient Greek words: photo, for “light,” and graph, for “drawing.” “Drawing with light” is a way of describing photography. When a photograph is made, light or some other form of radiant energy, such as X rays, is used to record a picture of an object or scene on a light-sensitive surface.

----- mysticalsandy 08.12.11 20:59

Remember highschool arithmetic? Good, I don’t either. Sine. Cos. Tan. Ti-83 Texas instrument graphic Calculator. Well you can put a little program into the calc to do timelapse photos in conjunction with a Canon DSLR. All the time playing drugwars or tetris or snake on the very same calculator, wait, the calc couldn’t multitask. DAMMIT.

----- Andrew Chau 08.12.11 20:58

oh my, i absolutely adore everything about photography! but i guess my favorite gadget or add-on would have to be my fujifilm instax - instant ♥ :) x

----- Julia 08.12.11 20:58

I used to rip the top flap from the film box and use it for focus when taking slide photos. It was my special tool. Sometimes I would forget to take it off before shooting…

----- tane 08.12.11 20:58

GorillaPod. Really useful when I don’t have a table to set my camera on.

----- Eric 08.12.11 20:57

I thought the iPhone lens addons were genius! I’m still thinking about them!

----- Daniel Swan 08.12.11 20:54

My favorite accessory is my case attached to the camera on my old school Zenit. :)

----- Brian 08.12.11 20:53

I love instant pics. Love to get my hands on the instax camera for small instant goodness.

----- Jeremy 08.12.11 20:52

My favourite camera accessory is the one that allows me to experiment most of all - my uv filter! It’s when I’m not extra paranoid about scratching a favourite lens that I can be most creative.

----- Hannah 08.12.11 20:51

i *have* the handy dandy hand strap, and love it. totally works with the way i use my camera.

----- rachel m 08.12.11 20:51

my favorite gadget is the new Inkling!

----- kenny 08.12.11 20:50

My canon point and shoot! So handy, so wonderful.

----- EmmaG 08.12.11 20:46

We live in a digital world but I still love a good old fashioned darkroom.

----- Liz 08.12.11 20:41

My favorite accessory for photos are picture frames. A must have for capturing the great memories made in life.

----- kandee 08.12.11 20:40

Our rugged, waterproof video camera was the best thing we could have brought on our Caribbean honeymoon!

----- sarah 08.12.11 20:38

my fav photo gadget are those little bendy tripods.

----- AMANDA 08.12.11 20:35

A camera strap. Simple, but saved my gear so many times!

----- Geek in Heels 08.12.11 20:32

my favorite photo gadget is a lens i have that forces your photos to be like a kaleidoscope…my parents passed it down to me and ive never found another quite like it! its fun and playful and has wonderful memories attached!

----- Natalie Kay 08.12.11 20:31

My iPhone camm made me a photographer instantly!! Little touch here and there, voila… a nice looking pic with twentieth ‘likes’ :)

----- Mellissa 08.12.11 20:29

This is one of the best ones so far! How’s this; I get the instant camera and nev transfer kit, you keep a mug and send one to Jackson! What a deal! Ps happy bray.

----- rachel s 08.12.11 20:25

Favorite photo gadget is a flash unit. It’s not for using flash the normal way however. For my purposes, I like to do light stencil graffiti and so a flash unit is the perfect device for making crisp light creatures appear in midair.

----- Helen 08.12.11 20:25

my favorite gadget…his is hard since i love it all, but the dreamy diana lens is something i’ve been drooling for for ages now!

----- paulie a. 08.12.11 20:24

It had to be Polaroid SX-70…now just the camera on iphone.

----- Trinh 08.12.11 20:23

I’ve never used one, but I really like the idea of helmet-mounted tripods to capture adventure!

----- Ashley 08.12.11 20:22

I like those little flexible tripods that can also grab things

----- eug 08.12.11 20:19

My favorite photo gadget is my SLR Magic 35mm lens for my Sony NEX-5N! Can never go wrong with it.

----- SARAH 08.12.11 20:17

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