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Holiday Giveaway #17: Back To The Roots- 12.11.11

BTR00.jpeg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

MUSHROOMS!!! Ok for giveaway #17 - here’s one of my favorite experiments i tried this year! The Back to The Roots Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit - lets your grow oyster mushrooms out of recycled coffee grounds! Take a look at my unboxing and the progression of my mushrooms over a few mere days!

For a chance to win one of the 3 Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit from Back To The Roots, leave a comment with what deliciousness you’re growing before midnight PST on Dec 16th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winners by email! Check out more pictures on the next page as well as a coupon!

CONGRATS to our winners: Grant in New York, NY, Andrea in Portland, OR, and Nicole in Robbinsdale, MN!






For a chance to win one of the 3 Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit from Back To The Roots, leave a comment with what deliciousness you’re growing before midnight PST on Dec 16th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winners by email!



234 Notes

I’m growing a half dozen orchids - though they aren’t edible. :)

----- Michelle H 16.12.11 18:16

Basil and mint!

----- Mikell Johnson 16.12.11 10:57

growing all kinds of herbs all kinds

----- amir 16.12.11 09:41

I’m growing a lot of moss. I like moss. I like mushrooms too. Much better for eating.

----- Noah 15.12.11 22:07

got a little mint and cilantro

----- Nat G 15.12.11 21:46

Just some indoor herbs.

----- J Alexander 15.12.11 19:33

I have returned to school to pursue my dream and am thus growing myself intellectually, artistically through exploring new practices, and as a human being!

----- Catherine Chandler 15.12.11 14:58

I’m growing older, sitting on my porch, watching the fruit trees blossom with oranges, mangos, and bananas.

----- Adam 15.12.11 14:14

Growing viruses in my chest…not very delicious

----- Cherie 15.12.11 14:08

I already have tarragon & thyme and rosemary. I’ll grow a pig to compliment the mushrooms, though.

----- eab 15.12.11 12:59

Currently I’ve got a little chive plant as well as some rosemary and sage, all in my kitchen window.

----- Rachel Titus 15.12.11 12:18

I’m growing lots of house plants and starting some indoor herbs. Wish I lived some place warmer where I could grow my garden all year round.

----- lace 15.12.11 11:04

I’m growing blueberries and lemons.

----- zach 15.12.11 09:57

Just some aloe and prickly pear at the moment.

----- Marisa 15.12.11 09:36

growing my own herbs… the quality can’t get better

----- Brian 15.12.11 09:24

Since my entire garden was destroyed by last weeks intense winds in La, i have nothing as of now :-( The mushroom would be a fun we to begin again!

----- Christian 15.12.11 09:04

we tried mushrooms … but didn’t have success. I need to plant some chard and kale. we do tomatoes in the summertime.

----- katalia 15.12.11 08:05

Only sprouts! It’s winter and freezing, I need to bring wildlife inside!

----- Sanna U. 15.12.11 00:40

I’m growing shrooms for organic packaging (cushioning).

----- francoe 15.12.11 00:07

My tomatoes, died, and my pepers tried to kill me.

----- Arnon 14.12.11 23:21

tomatos are my all time favorite!

----- dima 14.12.11 22:46

I’ve taken care of an ivy plant since preschool :)

----- Victor 14.12.11 22:37

I’m growing spinach!!! :D!

----- Sara Wong 14.12.11 22:36

my waistline will be growing from all the deliciousness.

----- Mohit 14.12.11 20:50

Right now I’m only growing houseplants as everything is frozen outside

----- Carmen 14.12.11 20:03

Wanna grow up so i can grow mushrooms.

----- gerG 14.12.11 15:54

I grow cherry tomatoes! They’re wonderful!

----- Margaret 14.12.11 15:49

I am growing a plant vine, waiting for some of those vine cuttings to root, a moss terrarium, and a bonsai tree!

----- Linda 14.12.11 12:24

we grow our own tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplants, rosemary, basil, lemon basil, thyme, and Jamaican thyme. good stuff :)

----- blue 14.12.11 12:20

Just basil right now

----- Jacob 14.12.11 10:08

I’m growing basil, arugula, and strawberries in a Windowfarms unit in my window.

----- Matthew Wettergreen 14.12.11 09:15


----- Jali 14.12.11 08:30

I’m growing the potential to learn and experience from trying new things. I have a avocado tree I started from a seed this year. My garden thrived this summer and I’m already thinking what new and interesting things to try for next. Sadly none of the lettuce greens, tomato, pepper plants, dark leafy greens are wanting to grow for me indoors over the winter. Might just have to stick to sprouts and microgreens.

----- Meghan W. 14.12.11 07:11

Jalapeno pepper plants

----- Tris 13.12.11 22:26

I like growing basil plants! Basil tastes amazing on just about everything…also I have an orange tree in my backyard.

----- Kendra 13.12.11 20:39

At the moment I work on growing my self in grad school. But I use to have a beautiful garden full of herbs like Basil, Luiza and mint. I left it behind for know, trad it for school, but I will be back to my little garden.

----- Stav 13.12.11 19:46

I’ve kept well away from homegrown anything since my wife and I made a disastrous batch of some kind of Hungarian (?) hangover cure called Nalewka Babuni, made with copious berries, vodka, and Vitamin C supplements. It was a mess, and it tasted like death. But designing the labels for our bottles sure was fun!

----- Greg 13.12.11 19:29

Everything I had planted my dogs ate, except my chives and mint

----- Tony F 13.12.11 18:32

rosemary and lavender. I use them in everything - pastas, breads, cookies, cocktails - so I figured I might as well cut out the middle man and just have them constantly on deck.

----- Allie 13.12.11 18:01

Right now, I’m growing yeast in my sourdough starter, which has made some really tasty bread. And I just got some potting soil and will get some microgreens growing. Woohoo!

----- Lex 13.12.11 14:01

I’m growing herbs!! for making pasta.

----- Amanda 13.12.11 12:55

We’re not growing anything outside at the moment with winter on its way. All the plants have been brought inside until spring, but we grow cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes every year (to list only a few things). Since it is so cold out I have been doing things with terrariums, mainly using recycled glass bottles to grow different kinds of moss from the garden. I would love to try my hand at growing mushrooms with one of these kits too!

----- Patrick Flaherty 13.12.11 12:22

mint and ginger : all you need

----- eliot 13.12.11 11:46

still have parsley, rosemary, oregano, and thyme

----- jenni o 13.12.11 11:43

As of yet, I’m not growing anything. Wanna help fix that?

----- Jennifer 13.12.11 10:21

I grow sweet basil— I use the stuff frequently. And if not, it’s still nice to just rub the leaves and get the smell on your fingers. Mmmm~

----- Shauna B. 13.12.11 10:14

If deliciousness can be defined as precious cuteness then I’m growing a child and he’s already been mushroom hunting with me in the lovely forests of Mt. Hood National Park. We hope to continue this tradition as he grows so he can learn about Morels, Chanterelles, Hedgehogs, Boletus, Angel Wings, Lobster, Cauliflower mushrooms and all the other edibles Oregon has to offer. Growing some of our own could be the start of a whole new world of mushrooming!

----- Andrea 13.12.11 10:11

Since I live in Minnesota, all I can grow right now is a little herb garden with cilantro, rosemary, basil, parsley, and thyme!!

----- Nicole 13.12.11 09:25

We grow chili peppers. We eat it with every meal. There is nothing that can’t be enhanced with a little heat. Dessert included.

----- vu 13.12.11 09:05

I wish i could grow all those glorious and lovely herbs, but my weather doesnt allow it to happen =(

----- Kai 13.12.11 07:01

I’m not growing any vegetables or fruit, but I am growing my very cute bonsai tree!

----- Jay B. 13.12.11 02:43

I’ve got Basil and Parsley growing. At least I’m trying to grow them. :-/

----- James 13.12.11 01:59

Currently I am growing one carrot! :) I am very curious as to what it is going to look like as I didnt have a pot over 2 inches tall…

----- Tim 13.12.11 00:11

I’m growing an orchid but I’m not sure how well it’s working.

----- Jim B 12.12.11 23:05

Windowsill basil plants.

----- Thu 12.12.11 23:01


----- Joel Wong 12.12.11 22:46

I’m growing a delicious hunger~~

----- Juliana 12.12.11 22:24

We are growing basil, rosemary, thyme, and some other herb that my wife has assured me is good for me. My wife is growing our first child to be due in March!

----- Matt Menefee 12.12.11 22:06

my belly is growing. fatter. must grow mushrooms!

----- melissa 12.12.11 21:13

Lavender that I use to make Lavender syrup that I use in all sorts of yummy drinks

----- Justin H 12.12.11 20:49

Growing loooooove!!!

----- Diane 12.12.11 18:51

I’m growing a batch of yeast in some pizza dough, and I’m growing some garlic in the garden (although it’s not growing all that fast just yet). That’s pretty much it at this time of year.

----- Nicole 12.12.11 18:45

I’m growing a few inches every week due to all these holiday cookies! Fresh mushrooms would be a great way to get back on track with healthy eating :)

----- Stephen 12.12.11 18:45

Sadly I am not growing anything. Aside from the occasional mold in the bread cabinet. When I tried to do one of these a few months ago nothing happened. Not a teeny tiny thing. No mushrooms for me. They offered to replace it if I sent pictures, but I had thrown it away by then, so, no pictures either.

----- Vicky 12.12.11 16:10

Cilantro, basil and garlic.

----- Michelle 12.12.11 14:50

I’m growing tomatoes, mint and basil!!! and also pretty flowers in my small garden!!!

----- Daniela 12.12.11 14:29

I’m growing the amount of almonds I’ve roasted, which I give as gifts in festively decorated glass jars.

----- Margaret 12.12.11 13:50

I’m growing worms in my worm bin!

----- Kay 12.12.11 13:35

I’m growing a bigger ass from spending too much time writing and promoting my blog. But also figs, strawberries, pomegranates, raspberries, peaches, apples, pears, grapes, tomatoes, lavender, every kitchen herb imaginable, artichokes, onions, shallots, garlic, watermelons, collards, kale, cabbage, arugula, habaneros, poblanos, thai chilis, jalapenos, zucchini, rhubarb, green beans, mesclun greens, beets, carrots, and possibly a few more things I forgot. I start and save my own seeds because I LOVE gardening. And mushrooms. All mushrooms! But I’ve never grown them myself and would love to try! Especially for free. call me. XO

----- Mellissa @ I breathe therefore I'm hungry 12.12.11 13:03

I’m growing figs, pears, blueberries, strawberries, tomatillos, tomatoes and pumpkins. And with your help, mushrooms!

----- Ethel 12.12.11 12:27

Hops to make beer, shiso leaves, wasabi root.

----- Jess 12.12.11 12:20

i’m growing sage. yum!

----- kenny 12.12.11 12:15

Rosemary, sage, basil, cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, chives, potatoes, carrots, leaks, acorn squash, runner beans, Cauliflower, Kale, and cabbage… our garden is a little out of control.

----- Christopher 12.12.11 12:00

Our deliciousness was tomato and squash but we just had our first freeze and even covered, it is no more

----- erastos 12.12.11 11:35

I’m growing so much these days it is just astounding! I’m growing myself as a person through not only the last final stretch of my undergraduate education, but also through this amazing thing called LIFE! I’m helping people around me grow and discover as much as I possibly can. In the more literal sense I’m keeping my kombucha cultures growing along with my favorite little houseplant that I found almost dead one day. I had an affinity with this plant, I felt like the plant looked, so I vowed to save it. We’ve been best friends ever since and Sam and I are both alive and well today! Love love love!!

----- Erica Jean 12.12.11 11:29

It is too dark to grow anything at my house. Mushrooms would be perfect!

----- Speck 12.12.11 11:25

Japanese mustard greens.

----- Robert W. 12.12.11 11:20

it’s almost christmas and in my house there are all the plants which stay in the garden all the rest of the year!
i’m growing myself with love, family and design.

----- chiara 12.12.11 11:11

I don’t have a garden, but eventually I’ll grow my own herbs. Just haven’t gotten around to it yet…

----- Rachel Bain 12.12.11 10:56

Right now we have a huge crop of satuma’s coming in which is leading to an abundance of satuma-bourbon marmalade, satuma-cello and right off the branch, juicy-deliciousness. On a much smaller scale, the grapefruit are just about ready to be picked. Oh yeah — brussel sprouts too.

----- raymond 12.12.11 10:53

High rise apartments in the northern hemisphere don’t make for good food growing. I take my food scraps to the farmers market for composting and buy what the local farmers grow. I only grow non-food plants.

----- lauren 12.12.11 10:51

im not very good at growing so all i have is a cactus and a terrarium :(

----- matt 12.12.11 10:41

The Basil froze. So for now just Kafir Lime and Meyer Lemon.

----- Scott B 12.12.11 10:07

Honestly, I’m not growing anything at the moment. But I would love to get this for my mom, who’s an avid gardener and teaches deaf and learning disabled students - I have a feeling this would be a fantastic class project for them!

----- Jessica J. 12.12.11 10:05

Oregano on my balcony, because it’s the only herb that’s had what it takes to survive the snow.

----- Laura 12.12.11 09:58

Was gonna make a PB&J sandwich for breakfast…family of mold has moved into my bread bag…can’t decide whether to evict them or wait for the penicillins to illegally sublet.

----- Kimmi 12.12.11 09:54

I live in the city so only a small balcony, but I like to grow my own herbs

----- Stephanie 12.12.11 09:39

carrot and potato:)

----- viktoria papp 12.12.11 09:29

I’m growing a mango ‘tree’ as a house plant. Just grabbed a mango from the grocery store, ate it, and planted the seed.

----- Rance 12.12.11 09:20

I’m growing bamboo. For what reason am I growing this I have no Idea.

----- Gino V 12.12.11 09:11

We just moved into a new home, so the only thing growing in our house is a poinsettia plant at this point.

----- heather 12.12.11 09:08

Nothing edible being grown right now, but love my bromeliad.

----- John 12.12.11 09:08

I have a little rosemary tree (it looks like a christmas tree!) that I regularly harvest for soups, potatoes, etc. I wish I had some of the plants others on his forum appear to be growing…

----- Kate 12.12.11 09:05

I have a little rosemary tree (it looks like a christmas tree!) that I regularly harvest for soups, potatoes, etc. I wish I had some of the plants others on his forum appear to be growing…

----- Kate 12.12.11 09:04

I’m groing some sweet basil at the moment.

----- Mike 12.12.11 08:46

I’m growing (besides the suspect mold invaders in the back of the fridge) a new respect for what my body is capable of - stronger every day!

----- Mary 12.12.11 08:44

I’m growing mini cactus, mini bamboo, not so mini bike collection, and hopefully many mini mushrooms soon

----- RYAN MC 12.12.11 08:19

I am growing potatoes, mint, basil, parsley in my small apartment. I am going to add tomatoes to this mix. I would love to add mushrooms, also.

----- Gingerelli 12.12.11 08:08

Traditionally we grow all sorts of herbs, basil and tomatos, but you can only do so much on an apartment patio…. this would be a great addition!!

----- Abbie 12.12.11 08:08

Im growing mints and cherry tomatoes…planning to make a pasta with my “crop”! haha

----- Solmaz 12.12.11 07:25

Growing my LEGO collection.

----- Morgan 12.12.11 07:23

I’m growing a cute little herb garden. Hopefully when things thaw I can expand it a bit. Thanks for the contest!

----- Kimberly M 12.12.11 07:22

I’m growing some holy basil, cilantro, and rosemary on my window sill alongside orchids, bonsai and some cacti.

----- Jon Rees 12.12.11 07:14

I am growing a small herb garden, limes, habaneros, and jalapenos

----- Diana 12.12.11 06:55

I am currently growing my ambition and hope for the coming new year. I typically don’t give into the whole new year, new you craziness, with the lead in of resolutions which will fade come February, but this year, I will be turning 30. I am growing myself, learning, taking classes and cooking more. So, cheers to personal growth.

----- Maria C Rose 12.12.11 06:49


----- Megan 12.12.11 06:42

I’m growing orchids. :) It’s our family flower and practically a prerequisite that you grow one - and around Christmas you really have to work hard on your’s, as everyone is comparing them! It counts as me growing deliciousness because dendrobium phalaenospsis are edible. ;)

----- Ayla 12.12.11 06:29

I’m currently growing a beard… does that count? It’s pretty delicious-looking… ;)

----- Luke 12.12.11 06:22

We grow potatoes - nothing better than chips from your own garden!

----- Dan Gilmore 12.12.11 04:54

when we found out we were going to have a baby, my husband started buying potted plants - 3 and 4 at a time. my house feels like a rain forest.

----- sarah 12.12.11 04:31

Although I’m growing rosemary, sage, basil, cherry tomatoes, chives, wild garlic and lavender, what I’m really growing is happiness in my inner garden! The seeds are called gratitude I believe, and it comes from this phrase I read “It’s not happy people that are grateful, it’s grateful people that are happy.” (:

----- Vera 12.12.11 03:30

I’m growing (or killing, depends on how you look at it) basil in a jar in the kitchen.

----- Grace 12.12.11 02:25

I’m growing old

----- John Norman 12.12.11 01:08

I’m growing hungry.

----- Lucas 12.12.11 00:10

I’m growing a kinmokusei (osmanthus fragrans). Inedible but it smells delicious, like apricots!

----- Monica 11.12.11 23:48

I’ve never grown mushrooms… I’ve picked them, made tea with them, been mesmerized by them, i changed the lifes direction due to an experience eating them! I EVEN married a woman who collects mushrooms… COME ON, HOOK A BROTHER UP.

----- Pablo 11.12.11 23:20

im trying to grow an awesome ‘stache beard combo but… it just looks awkward.

----- david 11.12.11 23:13


----- jake dockter 11.12.11 22:22

More oranges and lemons than I can keep up with! Also, bananas and papaya…ah Hawaii in December!

----- Gina F 11.12.11 22:07

Pineapple plant no fruit yet.

----- Jeff 11.12.11 21:27

We grow basil year-round on our kitchen window sill.

----- Wehaf 11.12.11 21:10

I’m growing some ghost chilies right now.

----- Justin Cheah 11.12.11 21:10

We’re growing kale, chives, and parsley on our balcony garden. The kale don’t like the cool weather but I’m rooting for them to get through the winter…

----- maryanne 11.12.11 21:09

We grow basil year-round on our kitchen window sill.

----- Wehaf 11.12.11 21:09

Still managing to grow scallions, dill and rosemary in the backyard. Gotta try some root vegetables too.

----- Agnes 11.12.11 21:07

The only thing available and learnt through hydroponics club in primary school for me is to grow red cute cherry tomatoes!!

----- Zyann 11.12.11 20:28

we’re trying to grow flowers in this cold, colorado winter! wish us luck!

----- Justine 11.12.11 20:27

I care for a mini cactus. Does that count? :)

----- Ashley 11.12.11 20:23

My growing need to finish finals and start my winter break!

----- Susanne 11.12.11 20:17


----- Carrie 11.12.11 20:10

My apartment is currently a home to basil, chives, catnip, rosemary, and strawberries =]

----- Lizz 11.12.11 19:50

The only delicious (and edible) thing that I have been growing is rosemary. Not very original, and I will admit, it is more of a barely sustaining sort of thing, as I tend to work well with plants that are left to their own devices. -_-;;

----- Lisa 11.12.11 19:30

awwwesome! i was growing a delicious milk mo every morning of november to support the ‘movember’ movement.. time to move on to fungicember!

----- sooshi 11.12.11 19:26

Just a jade plant.

----- Randi Lynne 11.12.11 19:22

Sadly, I am also growing fungus - though mine is between my toes. Oh how I wish for some in a box instead!

----- Edward 11.12.11 19:20

I’m growing new ideas!


----- Agnes 11.12.11 19:15

I’m growing my mind, with science.

----- Victor 11.12.11 19:05

I am growing a bunch of awesome succulents and cacti….. none-vege counts too right? :P Please let me win the mushroom kit..please! ^_* It looks amazing!

----- Alice 11.12.11 18:28

We have a small herb garden outside our apartment. However, only a few of them are currently surviving the cold weather.

----- James 11.12.11 17:42

my shriek chia pet.

----- mindy h 11.12.11 17:31

I have one of those! I love it! Right now I’m trying to grow an avocadotree from the pit. So far, no progress.

----- Tran Nguyen 11.12.11 17:21

I’m growing 2 varieties of rosemary and also will be putting in a sage soon. And that’s just the front fence…

----- Andrew Chau 11.12.11 16:42

I’m growing a delicious disdain for finals :P

----- Ian S. 11.12.11 16:31

I’m growing a delicious disdain for finals :P

----- Ian S. 11.12.11 16:31

mmmmmmmold, mmmmmmmmm :-)

----- Allen 11.12.11 16:27

I’m growing mold somewhere in my house.

----- Crystal 11.12.11 16:21

I’m growing!

----- soula 11.12.11 16:20

Currently only growing 1 aloe plant and attempting to grow 1/2 a lawn that refuses to keep grass on it.

----- Aaron 11.12.11 16:19

Does a fake Christmas tree count?

----- Jeff 11.12.11 16:12

I’m currently growing a Ginseng plant. It is still rather young though but its shape is fantastic. Very human-like!

----- Gary 11.12.11 16:02

I’m growing oregano,mint and rosemary to freshly season my cooking creations.

----- vivian limonta 11.12.11 15:43

A wonderful life.

----- Anders 11.12.11 15:29

We’re growing 13 acres of deliciousness to build a wildlife habitat.

----- Rick 11.12.11 15:28

spearmint and pineapple mint for some very interesting mojitos!

----- rich 11.12.11 15:13

Herbs? Also growing a love for stand-up.

----- Antoana 11.12.11 14:55

I just put together a litte moss terrarium!

----- Jake 11.12.11 14:42

I’m growing my daughter. she is turning one on the 22nd of this month. so far so good lol.

----- Garry Hannah 11.12.11 14:35

Root veggies: turnips, beets, potatoes, radishes, carrots.

----- Anthony 11.12.11 14:31

Starting up a hydroponic window farm in my BK loft :)

----- Kat 11.12.11 14:30

I wish I had a green thumb. indoor plants dry out on me.
we did grow tomato and cucumber and basil last summer. it’s so nice to be able to pick prickly vegetables, per meal.
I’m planning on planting apple trees next spring.

----- tane 11.12.11 14:20

I will drink coffee for this. I’m growing some herbs but they’re not doing so well.

----- Andrea 11.12.11 14:17

I’m growing 5 tomatoes plants, 2 avocado trees, and 4 broccoli plants with 3 highly efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs and 1 sun.

----- Brandon 11.12.11 14:05

I’m a growin’ my new business, www.etsy.com/shop/SoundlessSoliloquy.

----- Sharon 11.12.11 13:56

Nothing right now but during the year, I love the tomatoes from my garden.

----- Iris 11.12.11 13:46

I also grow cacti, succulents and molds on food and other things which I both enjoy studying and use in some of my art projects. (I go to art school)
I am very interested in fungi, they have intricate life cycles and reproductive processes far differing from our own.

----- time4t 11.12.11 13:34

I have an unconventional garden. I grow herbs an vegetables in an urban setting in addition to growing yeast for the fermentatiion of alcohols and kombucha.

----- time4t 11.12.11 13:28

I’m growing cayenne and pasilla bajio hot peppers and curry leaves in my apartment windowsills!

----- Lee 11.12.11 13:27

I’m growing excited for my boyfriend to come home for the holidays.

----- Domi 11.12.11 13:23

I am growing kombucha

----- Drew Quintana 11.12.11 13:20

I just planted bulbs (Iris, Fresia, Lily) that my mom gave me in preparation for our back yard DIY wedding in July. I also just brought in our herbs (Thyme, Basil, Mint) from the garden so they don’t freeeeeeeeze.

----- Noelle S 11.12.11 13:11

At the moment I am not growing anything because it is too dang cold in Oklahoma.

----- christi 11.12.11 12:58

I’ve got a bunch of great tasting weeds! LOL

----- Russ McIntosh 11.12.11 12:54

Growing some yeast for no-knead bread.

----- Jason 11.12.11 12:49

Growing some yeast for no-knead bread.

----- Jason 11.12.11 12:49

I’m growing herbs on my windowsill (basil and thyme, mostly), plus two little moss terrariums.

----- Drew Moore 11.12.11 12:43

I can’t seem to get my herbs to grow past the sprout phase but I think I could do wonders with some mushrooms!

----- Melissa 11.12.11 12:42

I’m growing aloe.

----- Kris 11.12.11 12:36

I’m growing very small but very, very hot red chillies =)

----- Mirjam 11.12.11 12:36

Strawberries… In the middle of New York winter??? what is this madness???

----- Grant G 11.12.11 12:26

I grew my own saffron this year - just finished harvesting.

----- Karen 11.12.11 12:24

The only thing I grow that’s edible is baby squash. So yummy !!

----- April B 11.12.11 12:11

I grow tomatoes!

----- Jane 11.12.11 11:49

I’m growing habanero peppers to ferment in smoked salt for delicious hot sauce!

----- Darin Williams 11.12.11 11:37

I’m growing orchids, named Leopold and Lucas. But they have proven to be not so delicious. Apparently humans like them for teh flowerz.

----- Kylene 11.12.11 11:04

We’re growing some basil on our window sill. During the summer my family grows small crops of tomatoes, swiss chard, onions, lettuce, zucchini, squash, and potatoes. Yum!

----- Alex 11.12.11 10:55

Heirloom garlic.

----- Joe B 11.12.11 10:55

Im growing a small christmas tree on the windowsill. It smells super nice!

----- Monika 11.12.11 10:53

I’m growing all sorts of herbs!

----- Emily 11.12.11 10:51

I am growing some snow peas right now.

----- Lea 11.12.11 10:51

I am growing basil!

----- Alysa 11.12.11 10:45

At the moment, I’m growing a Pachira plant and a Fiddle Fig tree.

----- Tumyeto 11.12.11 10:35

I’ve got a little herb garden going on! This mushroom kit would be a great addition.

----- Katherine 11.12.11 10:35

I’m growing black mold in my bathroom.

----- Adam Edwards 11.12.11 10:25

I’m growing a kamquat tree..shrub?! for the new years!

----- Lily 11.12.11 10:22

I have a bunch of fruit trees but its cold so there is nothing on them now :(

----- Nick Robles 11.12.11 10:22

I’m growing a sourdough culture. And houseplants.

----- Donna 11.12.11 10:17

I just planted tulips, dafodils and amarilis. Can’t wait for the spring, and even sooner for amarilis to bloom.

----- Ali 11.12.11 09:49

my potted fern has teenie tiny mushrooms growing in the soil. The caps are about 5-10 mm in diameter, and makes me envision the tiniest fairies dancing around them.

----- Jessie 11.12.11 09:46

I’m growing a kombucha culture in my fridge.

----- Stacy B. 11.12.11 09:44

The list of things I should be doing around the house is growing. As is my wife’s ire!

----- TimD 11.12.11 09:33

Our summer plantings are still hanging in there, despite the frost…strawberries, raspberries, and sweet peas.

----- Jessica L. 11.12.11 09:28

Wow, these look delicious. I’m growing some basil and rosemary on my windowsill at the moment and think both would go really nicely with some gently sauteed home-grown mushrooms, maybe with a dash of parmesan cheese, too. Yum!

----- Erin 11.12.11 09:20

Hmmm not to much as it’s winter here and the garden looks dead. Oh no wait: I’m growing hungry.

----- TQ 11.12.11 09:19

i’m growing some weird looking hairs on the back of my hand…. might wanna get that checked out..

----- rachel 11.12.11 09:17

I’m growing some Koji fungus with rice for a new batch of Sake.

----- Ryan J 11.12.11 09:11

I’m growing a beard for Decembeard!

----- Ronan 11.12.11 09:09

I’ve been growing a sourdough starter in my fridge for 18 months. Delicious bread and pizza dough every week!

----- Ed 11.12.11 08:44

I’m growing myself and my capacity to accept others more readily.

----- Andy Swafford 11.12.11 08:34

I’m trying to grow paperwhite bulbs. I love their fragrant scent.

----- Lori Peterson 11.12.11 08:34

I am growing the potential to be something better

----- Cherie nelson 11.12.11 08:25

I am growing herbs and greens indoors.

----- Blake 11.12.11 08:16

I’m growing a tiny little boy. With two months to go until he sees the light of the world. Another branch on the tree of life has extended its arm to the future of man, bearing on the arms of the past; the most beautiful thing you can be part of growing.

----- Oskar 11.12.11 08:09

Right now I’m growing thyme in my NYC apartment

----- Wolfie 11.12.11 08:09

Basil plant in the backyard

----- Gaetan 11.12.11 07:51

I’m growing some hot peppers!!!

----- Angela Nguyen 11.12.11 07:49

My windowsill has rosemary, lemongrass, and parsley sitll alive. I’m not sure if the oregano, chives, and sage will make it through the winter. The basil and cilantro didn’t even make it to winter.

----- Sarah 11.12.11 07:43

Nothing too exciting.. I usually grow some radishes some kale and some tomatoes.

----- Matthew 11.12.11 07:41

I’m currently growing an unhealthy obsession with Mk 1 VW Rabbit Pickups! I need some mushroom goodness to balance it out ;)

----- Christian Eldridge 11.12.11 07:36

I’ll be growing lychee’s as soon as the weather permits! I love them, and they grow great in FL! Can’t wait to add mushrooms to my grow list!

----- Dani 11.12.11 07:30

I’m growing tired, and I need a nap. I need mushrooms too!

----- rey 11.12.11 07:30

I am growing a huge rare set of cat thyme for my cats. Smells like ether but they turn into zombies for it.

----- SeAN 11.12.11 07:24

I’m growing fudge cookies in my oven. :)

----- Cianán 11.12.11 07:19

I’m not growing anything, but my friend is growing plants in this teeny tiny apartment and mushrooms would make an interesting addition :)

----- Sharon 11.12.11 07:18

I’m growing an orchid plant that a friend gave me for my birthday. It’s wilting a little though… I’m not sure if orchids are meant to last through the winter.

----- Megan 11.12.11 07:12

we have one bright cherry tomato on a completely dead looking tomato plant. it’s a chrismahanukwanzakuh miracle!

----- Adilah Guiseppi 11.12.11 07:03

I’m growing (really hot) chilli peppers in the house XD I’m amazed they still grow although it’s so freezing cold outside already lol.

----- Ly 11.12.11 06:48

I’m growing mushrooms after 16th

----- Bojan 11.12.11 06:41

I grow carrots.

----- Daniel 11.12.11 06:38

I’m growing a basil and a parsley plant on my windowsill, and would love to grow some mushrooms too!

----- Chris 11.12.11 06:01

normally grow: tomatoes, peppers and some spices….would love to try this!!

----- noel drumbor 11.12.11 05:26

i am growing soooo many things. :) or am i seeing things.

----- Human Kelly 11.12.11 01:52

I’m growing myself with all the holiday chocolates and all while I should be eating healthy stuff like muchrooms.. :-) oh, And I’m also growing an ‘amaryllis’ in my window, it’s a great andere ver pretty flower! It grows centimeters a day!

----- Jiddy 11.12.11 01:20

I am growing my own grocery store so that I can get lettuce and toilet paper whenever I want.

----- Brian 11.12.11 00:09

I could tell you what I’m growing, but it made me forget already. xD

----- Chris Rands 10.12.11 23:28

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