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Holiday Giveaway #18: Click For Art- 12.12.11

clickforart0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Click For Art has been taking limited edition art to a gorgeously functional place and constantly evolves year after year ~ from prints and canvases to espresso cups/saucers, pillows to tea cup sets, chairs to hold alls, and now ~ DINNERWARE! The first artist for this new dinnerware is Kozyndan, and there is 10.5” Dinner Plate, 8” Side Plate, Rice/Dessert Bowl, Koko Cup and Saucer, Duchess Mug (10oz), and Duke Mug (13oz). Beautiful, aren’t they? A perfect complement to any table setting!

For a chance to win 2 sets of this new Kozyndan Dinnerware from Click For Art, leave a comment with your favorite artist you’d love to see in dinnerware before midnight PST on Dec 17th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! See more pictures of the various pieces as well as a coupon on the next page!

CONGRATS to our winner Crystal in Tallahassee FL!








For a chance to win 2 sets of this new Kozyndan Dinnerware from Click For Art, leave a comment with your favorite artist you’d love to see in dinnerware before midnight PST on Dec 17th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!



285 Notes

I love the serenity of Christopher Pratt’s work, the colours and shaped would make great dinnerware. http://www.gallery.ca/en/see/collections/artist.php?iartistid=4433

----- Ruth D. 17.12.11 10:48

Actually, Kozyndan have been some of our fave artists for a long time. But it would be cool to see Mel Kadel dinnerware.

----- Lynnea 17.12.11 09:07

I’d love to see Yoshitaka Amano create some lovely dinnerware. His art, particularly for Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D, is absolutely gorgeous.

----- Jennifer K. 16.12.11 15:26

I would have to go with Vicki Andersen from my home town… I would like to see her do a Mexican Day of the dead themed set. www.vickiandersen.com

----- Mikell Johnson 16.12.11 10:59

Chen Hongshou

----- Carmen 16.12.11 10:55

would love to see artist series from different cities/countries

----- amir 16.12.11 09:44

I would love to see Jackson Pollock, but it also might be hard to tell if they’re clean or not…

----- Elisha 16.12.11 09:36

Nanami Cowdroy

----- J Alexander 15.12.11 19:32

I’d love to see the artwork of one of my favorite musicians/artists, Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons. His artwork is often black on white, simple and profound. Very symbolic and special!

----- Mirza Molberg 15.12.11 15:01


----- Cherie nelson 15.12.11 14:02

Jeff Koons dinnerware? It would be shiny…

----- TQ 15.12.11 12:33

I’d love to see some Jeff Soto pieces!

----- Jenny B 15.12.11 12:26

Lord Frederic Leighton. I love Flaming June.

----- lace 15.12.11 11:22

Nothing favorite, just non mass produced!

----- Brian 15.12.11 09:25

that’s a hard question … I think I’d love some ansel adams dinnerware.

----- katalia 15.12.11 08:04

Mark Rothko

----- John Norman 15.12.11 07:35

raoul dufy

----- allen 15.12.11 06:49

I’d have to say the most yummy dishes would have ansel adams photos on them

----- cat 15.12.11 06:30

kidrobot ^^ maybe something from the tasty line

----- Victor 14.12.11 22:38

I’d love to see The All-American Rejects on my dinnerware ;)

----- Sara Wong 14.12.11 22:37

I’d love to see J.D. Leyendecker’s work on dinnerware! But more pragmatically (design-wise), I think James Jeans’ work would look amazing on anything.

----- Kat 14.12.11 22:28

Frieda Kahlo…her dinnerware would be epic.

----- Sarah R. 14.12.11 22:14

Retna :]

----- Steph 14.12.11 21:37

Yoshio. Of Course.

----- Yoshio 14.12.11 21:11

it will have to be kozyndan no doubt about they artistic dishes and pieces

----- Joseph Sarti 14.12.11 18:27

Fikret Mualla.

----- Burçin 14.12.11 16:17

Oh man, I really wanted to get someone a Kozyndan tea cup for Christmas, but it wasn’t really in my budget. I covet the Zutto tundra minibag myself…

----- Valerie 14.12.11 16:15

I’d love to see Kid Chan as a dinnerware or housewares set- beautiful tones and vibrantly soft colors! www.startdrawing.org

----- Cassie V 14.12.11 14:11

Ed Ruscha.

----- Meghan 14.12.11 13:51

Alexander Mcqueen

----- carol 14.12.11 13:11

I would love to see Sabrina Ward Harrison for Click for Art. She is an amazing artist and has inspired me since I was in high school.

----- Rebecca Smiley 14.12.11 11:55

I would love to see Sabrina Ward Harrison for Click for Art. She is an amazing artist and has inspired me since I was in high school.

----- Rebecca Smiley 14.12.11 11:37

Jim lee

----- Jacob 14.12.11 10:06

Stan Sakai

----- Postmaster Keith 14.12.11 07:11

The Two Fridas by Frida Kahlo. Amaizing!

----- emma 14.12.11 04:07


----- maggie 14.12.11 04:06

Mucha dinnerware… whip lines on cups and plates, an art deco table would be wicked

----- cla 14.12.11 02:45

Bill Reid’s pre and post Haida period
thank you :)

----- Greg Gerv 14.12.11 01:54

Loving the Kozyndan set. However the artist that Click have to work with next is Os Gemeos.

----- Adam 14.12.11 01:07

I would love to see Audrey Kawasaki on Dinnerware! I really love it if her painting were on coffee mugs so I could enjoy her paintings with my coffee everyday. Also her paintings would be so perfect for Japanese style tea cups.

----- Crystal 14.12.11 00:43

Salvador Dali or Stefan Seigmeister

----- Erlina Husada 14.12.11 00:18

kozyndan are my favorite, but an awesome digital print from chuck anderson… would be pretty wicked. :)

----- hana 14.12.11 00:07

I LOVE Kozyndan! Another artist I’d love to see on dinnerware is James Jean. His images are so beautiful!

----- Amelia 13.12.11 22:59


----- Tris 13.12.11 22:25

Warhol. It would be so meta!

----- Francis 13.12.11 22:22

Would love love love to see Audrey Kawasaki art on dinnerware!
I would buy every set :)

----- Taryn Yat 13.12.11 21:46

I would love to see Kay Nielsen’s artwork on dinnerware! His work is hardly printed as it is, but it’s so delicate and beautiful.

----- Kendra 13.12.11 20:37

Camilla Engman

----- Manu 13.12.11 20:30

Amy Cutler!

----- Jillian 13.12.11 20:13

After seeing the Maurizio Cattelan exhibition in Guggenheim, I would like to see what he would do with dinnerware.

----- Stav 13.12.11 19:55

I’d love to see works by Paul Klee on my dinnerware.

----- Jon 13.12.11 19:34


----- Mike 13.12.11 19:27

Honestly Kozyndan ARE the artists I’d like to see most on dinnerware, which is why I’m so excited to see this product.

I think eBoy could make some great plates, maybe even for kids. It’d be fun to uncover all of his little painstakingly pixelated details as you ate.

----- Greg 13.12.11 19:27

I would love to see Audrey Kawasaki dinnerware!

----- Freesia 13.12.11 19:07

Pushead plates mmmmmmmm

----- Tony F 13.12.11 18:31

Joseph Mallord William Turner

----- Allie 13.12.11 17:59

I think that the drawings of Rachel Whiteread would make awesome dinnerware, the palette and the lines are so beautiful, delicate, ethereal, and amazzzzing.
like the drawings from the Hammer exhibition of her work in 2010

----- Gabrielle 13.12.11 17:13

I think that the drawings of Rachel Whiteread would make awesome dinnerware, the palette and the lines are so beautiful, delicate, ethereal, and amazzzzing.
like the drawings from the Hammer exhibition of her work in 2010

----- Gabrielle 13.12.11 17:12

salvador dali

----- Rosanna 13.12.11 17:07

this guy (Michael Cina): http://cinaart.com/

----- denise 13.12.11 16:06

Egon Schiele would be great.

----- Jessie 13.12.11 16:02

Jean-Honoré Fragonard

----- Lisa 13.12.11 15:24

Van Gogh - starry night

----- Schmidty 13.12.11 14:50

Antonio Canova should have carved dinnerware items too, Amore e Psiche carved into the pot. The perfect sculpture ever.

----- FEDERICA 13.12.11 14:42

James Jean! yuppers!

----- Lish 13.12.11 14:37

There is a melbourne artist that lives in Delft. He does illustrations of markets and the like with extreme detail and then puts it in to illustrator and colours it. I can’t find him online…and I have a photo of his contacts at home…

----- Andrew Chau 13.12.11 14:30

Mike and Katie of Tado, their stuff so super cute, would be great to be sipping on a cup of tea with one of their cute prints on it.

----- Natasha 13.12.11 13:25

Definately Ai Wei Wei!

----- Kara 13.12.11 13:12

walton ford would be amazing - especially his paintings of apes eating fruit!

----- shawn 13.12.11 13:07

would LOVE to see some dinnerware from eveline tarunadjaja

----- Amanda 13.12.11 12:54

Amanda Visell would be a great addition.

----- George 13.12.11 12:53

Andrew Bell! :)

----- Toni 13.12.11 12:30

Without a doubt, Alphonse Mucha.

----- Laura 13.12.11 12:27

I would love to see Rikki Rothenberg’s work in dinnerware: http://www.thenewnationale.com/rikki-rothenberg-available-work.html

----- Noelle 13.12.11 12:26

I OF COURSE would just love to see all the wonderful artists featured on NotCot!!!

----- tam 13.12.11 12:24


----- Daniel 13.12.11 12:20

I would love to eat off Jemma Salume dinnerware. I hadn’t thought about which artist I’d like to see on plates, but I think she’d be a good choice. Her art is clean, colorful, and would probably make it hard for me to cover it with food… Which would lead to much needed weight loss, so really, it’s a win all around.

----- Kerri 13.12.11 11:57

keith haring

----- eliot 13.12.11 11:45

Since James Jean already had his 15 minutes in dinnerware, my next choice would have to be Marguerite Sauvage.

----- Lorien 13.12.11 11:11

My first thought is Sylvia Ji… and then I think about how whimsical Lori Earley would be; either of these talented artists would make dinner ware I could eagerly covet. :)

----- Jessica 13.12.11 10:53

Would it be weird to wish for Ron Mueck?

----- Jennifer 13.12.11 10:20

Olaf Hajek would be really nice.

----- Amanda Olson 13.12.11 10:17

I would love a cup of psychedelic Kandinsky!

----- steph 13.12.11 10:09

Philippe Bleu

----- Jony 13.12.11 09:25

Terry Fan

----- Jonny 13.12.11 09:24

I think it would be awesome to see some of Chuck Anderson’s (nopattern.com) design on dinnerware!

----- Nicole 13.12.11 09:23

I would love to have dinnerware with artwork from friend and local Montreal artist, Marie-Noelle Wurm.

----- Sharon 13.12.11 09:15

Jean-Michel Basquiat

----- John 13.12.11 08:58

jaime hayon

----- marta 13.12.11 08:51

Maira Kaufman

----- Allison 13.12.11 08:39

Jojo Seames!

----- Mike 13.12.11 08:35


----- Jay 13.12.11 08:21

Yoshitaka Amano please. Thank you.

----- NY 13.12.11 08:10

Some of Zdzislaw Beksinski’s subtler works would be atmospheric.

----- Maria 13.12.11 08:00

Ben Tour

----- Adam Edwards 13.12.11 07:50

I want to see Banksy dinnerware.

----- Justin R 13.12.11 07:44

Kurt Halsey!

----- Eloisa 13.12.11 07:38

Matthew Lyons. I just love the (retro) visual style of his images.

----- Annie 13.12.11 05:15

Matt W Moore, definitely.

----- Gem 13.12.11 04:50

Pavel Tchelitchew!

----- Erin 13.12.11 04:48

Marq Spusta!!!

----- Mark 13.12.11 04:28

Kate Beaton

----- Michael P 13.12.11 04:16

jean prouvé

----- cassidy 13.12.11 04:04

Alex Pardee!
- Although i’m sure how appetizing that would be!

----- Lizzie 13.12.11 03:37

Joe Ledbetter

----- Max 13.12.11 03:08

Jen Corace. They’d be awesome.

----- Michelle 13.12.11 01:53

Frida Kahlo!!

----- Grace 13.12.11 01:13

Giotta Tajiri’s work on a plate would look stunning no doubt

----- Tim 13.12.11 00:41

Some Francois Diday dinnerware would be interesting!

----- Ryan J 13.12.11 00:09

Joy Ang!

----- Tiffany 12.12.11 23:54

I’d definitely love to see a Wataru Yoshida dinnerware!

----- Jaymz Yong 12.12.11 23:20

Audrey Kawasaki would be great!

----- Iris 12.12.11 23:18

I would love to see Jean Cocteau!

----- Jim B 12.12.11 23:02

Audrey Kawasaki would be awesome!

----- Thu 12.12.11 23:00

Artist? Can it be Emma Watson?

----- Joel Wong 12.12.11 22:57

hayao miyazaki, please

----- chinthing 12.12.11 22:47

Mateusz Kolek has a style that would look crisp and beautiful.

----- Kylene 12.12.11 22:41

John Casey!

----- Yenn 12.12.11 22:11

PCP (Heisuke Kitazawa) would be amazing!

----- Charissa Faire 12.12.11 22:09

I’d dig some Barron Storey sketches on plates of radness.

----- M Tucker 12.12.11 21:11

Kara Walker.

----- Cody 12.12.11 20:58

I’m going with Blaine Fontana

----- Justin H 12.12.11 20:48

Since Namami Cowdroy is already on there, I’d say my other fav artist Huck Gee.

----- Andy 12.12.11 20:38

Kandinsky, Klimt, or Rothko.

----- Nina 12.12.11 20:13


----- Momoko 12.12.11 20:02

I don’t really have a favorite artist per se. I just appreciate witty creativy (e.g. http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs19/i/2007/300/2/d/John_Calvin_and_Thomas_Hobbes_by_spacecoyote.jpg) and I’m not sure if art like this or even Banksy belongs on a dinner plate… However, something like this on a plate could definitely find buyers: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs19/f/2007/284/0/b/Extra_Value_Combo_Alpha_by_Lysol_Jones.jpg

----- Lisa 12.12.11 20:00

love to see some Fafi dinner were

----- Marion Corbett 12.12.11 19:27

Frank Gehry!

----- tivonne nguyen 12.12.11 19:19

I would love to see Camilla d’Errico dinnerware!

----- Alicia 12.12.11 19:05

Me desire for Audrey Kawasaki too!

----- Jessica Ng 12.12.11 19:02

Simone Legno of tokidoki!

----- Diane 12.12.11 18:50

definitely supakitch and koralie

----- steven 12.12.11 18:39

Catalina Estrada. It would look Amazing.

----- Claire 12.12.11 17:43

My favorite artist of all time is always Francis Bacon. It would be wicked dinner wear!

----- Kat 12.12.11 17:23

My favorite artist of all time is always Francis Bacon. It would be wicked dinner wear!

----- Kat 12.12.11 17:22

Jillian Tamaki

----- Becky 12.12.11 17:16

Umberto Boccioni

----- Dustin 12.12.11 17:14

I already got to see my favorite artist on dinnerware - they did a run of James Jean’s illustration a while back. Marguerite Sauvage’s art would also be amazing to see on dishes.

----- taryn 12.12.11 17:06

I would love to see Nick Cave’s sound suits on some dishware- especially the more colorful ones.

----- Jessie 12.12.11 17:00

Egon Schiele - imagine eating off of that?

----- Chris 12.12.11 16:57

Audrey Kawasaki, hands down.

----- Lara 12.12.11 16:42

Bretton Bowne!

----- Tyler Benner 12.12.11 16:32

I think Rob Ryan or Julie Rothman, something graphic and fun. I remember when the first Kozyndan dinnerware came out, so beautiful!

----- Shannon Doran 12.12.11 16:30

Banksy of course

----- Josh 12.12.11 16:26

Everything I own is black and white so some Warhol dinner wear would look great!

----- JANE 12.12.11 16:23

I’d love to see Mark Ryden’s artwork on dinnerware - I’d buy that in a second!

----- Elora 12.12.11 16:20

Ai Weiwei. Haha!

----- Victor 12.12.11 15:50

I would love to see the work of Catalina Estarda on dinnerware. I think her delicate and colorful patterned pieces would be lovely layered together as place settings.

I am particularly fond of this bunny dinnerware as I am a rabbit lover whose bunny just passed away on Friday and I’d love some new bunnies in my life:)

----- Kristin 12.12.11 15:49

James Jean

----- Anna Hinojosa 12.12.11 14:56

Hayao Miyazaki’s art would be too awesome for dinnerware…I would end up framing it. Nonetheless - Hayao Miyazaki. Maybe he will put some of those funny little dust bunnies from Spirited Away on the plate! :)

----- Laura 12.12.11 14:48

shepard fairey’s graphic nature would be great on dinnerware.

----- Sophie 12.12.11 14:47

Nanami Cowdroy dinnerware would be awesome

----- Hilary 12.12.11 14:43

I would love to see a set of Zhang Xiaobai dinnerware.

----- Lily 12.12.11 14:36

Giorgio de Chirico. I would love any wares by him.

----- Angela Nguyen 12.12.11 14:24

Mtendere Mandowa

----- Anders 12.12.11 14:22

I’d love to see Botticelli’s “la nascita de venere” on dinnerware =)

----- Mirjam 12.12.11 14:20

It’d be very cool (and interesting) to see Glyn Smyth’s artwork on some dish-ware.

----- Stacy B. 12.12.11 14:13

Junky Mizuno please! Who wouldn’t want to play tea time with a fru-fru, goth, cute cup?

----- Deng 12.12.11 13:56

Really love this set! so cute :D

----- koranut 12.12.11 13:52

Would love to see some Sanjay Patel Little Deities dinnerware.

----- Sairam 12.12.11 13:38

Sanna Annukka!

----- Margaret 12.12.11 13:38

This would be such a cheery surprise to my morning cup of coffee!

----- Ariel 12.12.11 13:36

I think Frank Stella would look great on dinnerware, even though he’s not my favorite artist.

----- Kay 12.12.11 13:34

id love to see andrew hem’s work on dinnerware!! id ALWAYS want to use it and show it off!

----- SARAH 12.12.11 13:30

For some reason I just got a craving for some Tom Ford, dinnerware. After seeing A Single Man i think he could bring his design sense to anything!

----- Olympia 12.12.11 13:12

Charley Harper!

----- Allison 12.12.11 13:07

Andy Goldsworthy stone dinner ware…. though I’m not sure I’d want to own it, it would be gorgeous…
This set is STUNNING

----- Dante Olivia Smith 12.12.11 13:05

Mark Ryden all the way, they would be the eeriest and most intriguing plates out there … or Marion Peck, either would be amazing

----- Robert 12.12.11 13:04

I’ll vote for Shaun Tan’s picture book illustrations.

----- Thao 12.12.11 13:00

Love these! I own the wave print and just need to get around to framing it one of these days. I’m voting for Hilary Knight dinnerware—I think it would be highly entertaining to have Eloise skibbling around the edge of your plates. Could be done in an understated way to minimize the potential for cutesy-ness.

----- Kaitlen 12.12.11 12:55

I would live to have a Mark Ryden “Meat Show” gravy boat. A girl can dream.

----- Laura 12.12.11 12:55

I’d like my boyfriend to write me a love poem on my coffee cup :) That way, I could read it each morning as I get my sip on.

----- Ian S. 12.12.11 12:51

It’s been said before, but Banksy

----- Gaetan 12.12.11 12:49

I would love to drink from a Jamie Hewlett illustrated tea cup, lots of bombs and tank girls.

----- Crystal 12.12.11 12:46

I would love to have dinner ware from Alexis Marcou, illustrator working with graphite.

----- Asenh Tsan 12.12.11 12:27

Aaron Horkey!

----- julia norgren 12.12.11 12:26

A Friedensreich Hundertwasser tea set would be incredible.

----- James 12.12.11 12:22

I love to see Roy Lichtenstein!

----- Jen 12.12.11 12:22

young Finnish underground artist jari hokkanen. attached his work to the link. It’s very fresh and airy.

----- Jess 12.12.11 12:16

David Hockney would be awesome!

----- kenny 12.12.11 12:14

I would want to see the illustrator John Tenniel on china - they would be so intricate and beautiful!

----- Claire 12.12.11 11:58

Tomer Hanuka, James Jean, Takashi Murakami, Jeff Soto!! Rothko would be quite tasty as well.

----- Alexander 12.12.11 11:46

One and only Hieronymus Bosch. His “The Garden of Earthly Delights” applied on dinnerware would me amazing!

----- Paulina 12.12.11 11:44

Monet with those beautiful landscapes

----- christi 12.12.11 11:43

I love the set is a beautiful work… I’ll love to see Sonia Blair work http://www.soniablair.com/ she has beautiful work!!!

----- Daniela 12.12.11 11:37

Honestly, this Kozyndan stuff is just what I want, but with the Great Wave print.

----- John Cope 12.12.11 11:34

Ooh - Mondrian would be awesome.

----- Maggie 12.12.11 11:34

Eric Joiner, ( he makes oil paintings of giant Tin Robots )

----- Keno Leon 12.12.11 11:32

I think Patrick Morgan would make some interesting dinnerware

----- Erastos 12.12.11 11:31

I would LOVE to see some Audrey Kawasaki on dinnerware!

----- Gabriela 12.12.11 11:29

A wonderful painter, Wayne Thiebaud, would make dinnerware delicious!

----- Cami 12.12.11 11:29

Hokusai would be awesome!

----- Nha 12.12.11 11:29

David Shrigley.
Although I’m scared of what my guests might think :)

----- Brent Singer 12.12.11 11:23

I would love to see some of Roa’s work. It is a bit dark for a dining set, but maybe it is fitting for us carnivores. I also like the idea of a juxtaposition between street art and in home personal aesthetic.


----- Jenn 12.12.11 11:22

Kandinsky dinnerware would be nice!

----- Chana 12.12.11 11:22

I am in love with this set. I think some mondrian plates would be awesome

----- nicole 12.12.11 11:19

Just one!? I’d love to see dinnerware with artwork from Autumn Whitehurst, Hiroshi Tanabe and Yoshitomo Nara. All wonderful artists.

----- Robert W. 12.12.11 11:17

I’d love to see Audrey Kawasaki dinnerware!

----- Alex 12.12.11 11:16

I would love to see my own artwork on a set! Russ McIntosh!!

----- Russ McIntosh 12.12.11 11:11

Yoshitaka Amano

----- Wyley 12.12.11 11:11

audrey kawasaki!

----- Grace 12.12.11 11:10

Love these!! Ditto on Audrey Kawasaki.

----- Michelle 12.12.11 11:08

It could be gorgeous to see Adara Sánchez Anguiano on dinnerware.
All the choices done by Click for Art are great!

----- chiara 12.12.11 11:07


----- wolfie 12.12.11 10:54

Banksy dinnerware would be fantastic.

----- Rachel Bain 12.12.11 10:54

Audrey Kawasaki

----- lauren 12.12.11 10:47

I am in love with these!!!!

And, Audrey Kawasaki would be great on dinnerware.

----- ELIZA 12.12.11 10:44

Terry Richardson. Phallic Mugs.

----- Willy Harris 12.12.11 10:42

David choe…..wait that may not be appetizing.

----- Christian 12.12.11 10:40

Escher. Maybe on a line of Klein bottles to increase the mindboggliness.

----- Domi 12.12.11 10:37

I would love to see a Shepard Fairey set!!!!

----- corgimas 12.12.11 10:36

Gustav Corbet

----- Noah 12.12.11 10:35

scott campbell… . so rad.

----- carly 12.12.11 10:30

I dig on the Kozyndan - but wouldnt mind seeing Luke Chueh

----- Pam 12.12.11 10:29

I’d murder (well, not really “murder,” per se…) for some Jordan Crane dinnerwares.

----- cole 12.12.11 10:28

Vincent van Gogh! i like it very much!

----- Dagne 12.12.11 10:26

Not exactly artists, but I’d love to see the cartoons of Kate Beaton and Adrian Tomine on dinnerware

----- Andrea 12.12.11 10:25

I dig the Kozyndan set, I actually own two of their prints. I would love if there was a Takashi Murakami dinner set or Chiho Aoshima. Ai Yamaguchi works well too, especially since she was formally trained in ceramics.

----- Paul 12.12.11 10:23

Would love to see a set of eBoy dinnerware.

----- aldo 12.12.11 10:21

I’d love to see Mark Ryden’s work on/in dinnerware !

----- April B 12.12.11 10:15

Either Audrey Kawasaki as stated previously, or Anthony Lister would be pretty amazing!

----- Sarah Meyers 12.12.11 10:12

Jeff Soto: please bring it to life, that would be a great gift!

----- rosalind 12.12.11 10:07

the bunny ones are super cute!

----- Julie 12.12.11 10:06

Dev Harlan,so my Cheerios could bask in the glow of the beautiful lights.

----- Rey 12.12.11 09:59

I’d love to see a similar set with squirrels by Jay Ryan! Then they could battle with the bunnies over tea.

----- Laura 12.12.11 09:54

Ralph steadman

----- Nick Robles 12.12.11 09:54

Augustine Kofie, a.k.a. The Draftsman.
70’s colours with fresh aesthetics.
(other artists mentioned are also awesome).

----- artur 12.12.11 09:54

Alexander Calder.. you can totally eat of sculpture and mobile plates, right?

----- Tran Nguyen 12.12.11 09:53

James Jean…nuf said

----- Kimmi 12.12.11 09:50

cy twombly !

----- julia kindrachuk 12.12.11 09:47

Aw, these are wonderful! My favorite artist I’d love to see with dinnerware is definitely NOTCOT fave Audrey Kawasaki. So beautiful!

----- Chelsea 12.12.11 09:45

How could I say anything but Dalí?

----- Christina 12.12.11 09:41

Albert Einstein. Sticking his tongue out!

----- Laura 12.12.11 09:40


----- tom 12.12.11 09:33

warhol plates could be good

----- dylan 12.12.11 09:31


----- viktoria papp 12.12.11 09:31

Tristan Eaton

----- J_Walrus 12.12.11 09:29

Calder paintings would work quite nicely I think

----- Christina Hansen Appel 12.12.11 09:28

glenn brown set, please!

----- laszlo dobrovolszki 12.12.11 09:28

I would like to see John Maeda dinnerware, but for the sake of something more practical … wouldn’t Jon Burgerman’s work look great on a plate?

----- Tony 12.12.11 09:28

I would like to see Sylvia Ji on my dinnerware.

----- JESSICA 12.12.11 09:24

adore kozy n’ dan bunnies!!!! but maybe some Jenny Saville dishware her textures are so rich i feel i can already drink them up- so why not get a chance to drink from them?

----- Tonneli 12.12.11 09:23

I’d love to see banksy on my dinnerware.

----- Gino V 12.12.11 09:15

I would love to see swedish tattoo/artist “Bokkei” do dinnerware! She does awesome bugs, Yummy ^^

----- Johanna 12.12.11 09:09

Definitely van Gogh.

----- heather 12.12.11 09:07

I love the colors of Klimt. I think that would make interesting dinnerware.

----- Laura 12.12.11 09:06

Takashi Murakami would make for some fun and provocative dinnerware.

----- Kat 12.12.11 09:04

I’d love to see David Hochbaum’s work :)

----- Ange 12.12.11 09:04

Sanna Annuka

----- Kelly 12.12.11 08:51

I’d go with Klimt - I’ve always found his art breathtaking whether it would be in original or on coaster…

----- Ralitsa 12.12.11 08:41

Would like to see designs by Daniel Danger.

----- L Mc Farland 12.12.11 08:31

If the lines of Renzo Piano could be translated into dinnerware… It could be very beautiful.

----- sarah 12.12.11 08:24

Yoshi Ikeda - traditionally makes ceramic teapots. I would love to see what he would do with other dishware!

----- Abbie 12.12.11 08:06

Georgia O’Keeffe. Her work is so beautiful.

----- Joyce 12.12.11 08:04

I would love to see Bansky do something like this, but then it would be worth too much and I couldnt afford it, lol! xD

----- Chris Rands 12.12.11 07:25

It’s kind of cheesy, but I love my sister’s artwork, & I think it would be both sentimental & aesthetically pleasing to have it on a set of dinnerware that I use every day. Thanks for the contest!

----- Kimberly M 12.12.11 07:25

I wish Niviswinter would. I love her style!

----- Kaitlin 12.12.11 07:14

I would love to see some of the graphic and organic qualities of Anthony Lister on a tea set. (I’m picturing the Alligator texture and some of the over-spray/drip work)

----- Erin-Abby 12.12.11 07:13

Jeremy Geddes!

----- Jessi 12.12.11 07:09

James Jean would be awesome in china, I think.

----- OJ Desuasido 12.12.11 06:35

My choice would be Audrey Kawasaki

----- Geoff 12.12.11 06:22

Omg these are amazing. I’d love Alberto Cerriteno dinnerware actually, his designs can be absolutely adorable and the textures of them would be so awesome. Now I’m sad that there isn’t one!

----- Ayla 12.12.11 06:14

I’d be interested in seeing what Damien Hirst would do with dinnerware

----- chris wilkinson 12.12.11 05:56

Santiago Calatrava. Or a stained glass artist might be cool.

----- Ayumi 12.12.11 05:51

Not sure I would want Audrey Kawasaki dinnerware. Paintings yes! But I can’t imagine eating off the faces of those girls. Maybe Marcel Dzama?

----- John 12.12.11 05:36

Frank Kozik, I love his tea set.

----- Helen 12.12.11 05:11

Edward Gorey would be fun and macabre

----- Katherine 12.12.11 05:00

Jason Thielke. Those sharp lines would be perfect!

----- Monika 12.12.11 04:57

these are beautiful. i’m here to second audrey kawasaki.

----- sarah 12.12.11 04:30

Alex Lukas!!!

----- Levi Montez 12.12.11 02:20

oliver jeffers on cups and plates would be great!!

----- Michelle 12.12.11 01:24

I would love to see Carlos Amorales create some black and red dinnerware.

----- Jacquelynn 12.12.11 01:03

Takeshi Murakami, of course! :D

----- Monica 11.12.11 23:40

marc jones

----- martins 11.12.11 23:37

Some of Irina Vinnik’s floral drawings would be pretty wicked.

----- Jeff 11.12.11 23:13

I’d love to see some Brandon Bird dinnerware… mind you it’d probably be pretty bizarre to eat from…

----- Patrick 11.12.11 22:20

Audrey Kawasaki’s work goes well on walls, why not plates?

----- Arthur Kosasih 11.12.11 22:01

Warhol dinnerware will be rally edgy!!! imagine it on the table… deliciously artsy! ;)

----- Mellissa 11.12.11 22:00

frank gehry

----- brian 11.12.11 21:57

Sam Flores.

----- rich 11.12.11 21:42

Daniel Merriam is an incredible watercolor artist… his stuff is entirely fantastic and would be brilliant on anything!

----- Pam 11.12.11 21:39

Some Mucha dinnerware would be fabulous!

----- Wehaf 11.12.11 21:12

These are beautiful. Kozyndan have been a personal favorite of mine for a long time! It’s LOVE to see some Mike Perry dinnerware.

----- Nicole 11.12.11 21:12

I would be really into a set of Tara McPherson dinnerware. On another note, I adore Kozyndan and am glad I saw these on your blog - so awesome!

----- Ashley 11.12.11 20:56

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