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Sun Valley, Idaho in a box…- 12.26.11

idaho.jpg I’ve never been sent a mountain in a box before. And amazingly, the creative folks at Eleven Inc. have attempted to do just this. Sun Valley, Idaho ~ in a box! “Maybe not all of it, but damn close… The films are on a flash drive tucked into a piece of wood. Beyond that we threw in everything short of bullets and bourbon (and only left them out for legal reasons).” Fun, right? In the wooden box is a carabiner, fly, bowling scorecard, leather bound mini book, postcards, and “fire on demand” (aka matches)… all on top of the burlap sack lining. It’s adorable, and a fun selection of objects to get your wanderlust going, and popping the wooden usb key into the computer unleashes a bunch of films and stories of the world of Sun Valley. Take a peek on the next page to see the curated items in the box as well as some of the films!











“Bald Mountain’s conditions are legendary, with 600 acres of corduroy laid down every night covering 3,000 vertical feet. Go behind the scenes with Jack Seagraves as he drives “the Beast,” the most impressive snow groomer in North America.”

“Galena Lodge is a destination hub for Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, and hiking. Friends and families gather here to eat and drink, relax, and refuel by the fireplace or on the deck. And those who aren’t ready to leave can spend a starry night in a hilltop yurt.”

“Dave Stoecklein was a ski photographer until he fell in love with the heritage and people of the West. Today, some magazines call him the greatest living Western photographer. He calls himself a preservationist.”

See more films/stories of the world of Sun Valley, Idaho here!

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How does one acquire one of these great boxes?

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