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Gourmet Getaway Goodies- 05.09.12

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Renting a vacation home versus going to a hotel often means foregoing the convenience of room service… and if you were to pick a gorgeous remote spot, you may not be able to find all your gourmet favorites either! But this doesn’t necessarily mean giving them up, instead, when we day dream a NOTCOT team getaway somewhere like Big Sur, we think it would be the perfect excuse to try all kinds of packable gourmet treats and condiments and other experiments on vacation! See some of the fun we’d love to play with on the next page!

Kick the morning off with fun breakfast mixes! pancakes.jpg Just add water pancake mix in adorable packaging or Bouchon cinnamon pecan waffle mix

Only have a vertical toaster in the rental? Well instant grilled cheese-esque sandwiches are easy with these: toast.jpg Toasta Bags!

On spicing things up: spices.jpg The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit has all your spice needs in a convenient interlocking travel tower… and these Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mini Tubes By Chateau D’Estoublon are perfect for a few dashes of EVOO!

Delectable mini condiments! minis.jpg From Ricks Pick’s Pickle Sampler to our favorite Sir Kensington’s Mini Gourmet Scooping Ketchups to Empire Mayonaise Co’s sampler of mayos to Schoolhouse KItchen’s mini Mustard 2x2!

Momofuku goodness! Whether you bake it yourself… or get it delivered! momofuku.jpg To get it delivered or to semi-DIY it, best back up plan might be to do both!

To keep everyone powered and energized or relaxing (depending on whether coffee or chocolateyness is your thing): drinking.jpg Grady’s Cold Brew is addictively delicious - there is also Chameleon Cold Brew - and for delicious chocolate options, you can’t go wrong with Vosges Chocolate Cocoa Sampler too!

And for the REAL drinks… drinky.jpg Sangria made easy! - Belvoir Fruit Farms Cordials (use them as intended, or spike it!) - and for those old style cocktails, Bitter Truth’s Bitters Travel Pack!

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This is a great post - I just returned from Italy (my husband is Italian) and we rent an apartment every time. It’s really nice to go out and experience real life in another country; going to the markets and buying real fresh food.
But this time I did bring in my fav popcorn and whole oat cereal!

----- Ernesto 09.05.12 14:17

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