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Container Gardening Brainstorming- 06.25.12

container0.jpg This post is sponsored by Bing. Only Bing brings the best search and the best people from your favorite social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, together to help you spend less time searching and more time doing.  It’s amazing what you can do when your friends are part of your search.

Perhaps one of the fun parts about plants is you can grow them just about anywhere (given a reasonable amount of space/etc) ~ whether you toss seeds into the ground (or seed bomb!) or your growing things on your balcony, in your apartment, or landscaping your estate… just about anything is possible if you get creative! Lately i’ve been debating doing a larger container garden, perhaps a raised bed even… thinking vegetables and berries might be fun. There are tons of options, and i just got lost wandering the images Bing found me - how awesome are these strawberries in the half wine barrel?!?! Well from various raised beds, wooden structures, huge sacks and felt bags, wooden wine boxes, balcony options, upside down planters and more… see some of our favorites on the next page!

container2.jpg Here’s a Pyramid Planter that is ideal for flowers, herbs, greens, strawberries and more!

container5.jpg The BACSAC! It’s almost exactly as it sounds ~ a giant sac that comes in various shapes and sizes, just fill with dirt… and it can be pretty mobile!

container9.jpg The Woolly Pocket Meadow is another option like the BacSac ~ only felty!

container6.jpg When height is an issue ~ whether for your back or for the aesthetic of your yard… Square Cedar Container Garden Planter Box!

container7.jpg And for a simple way to make a clean pretty planter… you can try this Scout Regalia Garden Kit - It comes with the nice green brackets, you decide on the size and get the wood and put it together!

container8.jpg Wine bottles often come in the prettiest wooden boxes that are just a waste to toss! I’ve seen these come up as planters a few times, and they are the perfect size to have presence and also be easily moved! For some reason they are my favorite when filled with leafy greens ~ here’s a peek at the ones from LLH Designs!

Another old favorite of mine was spotted at the Levi’s Haus - levis11.jpg This is the Mobile Bike Farm that was once at MOCA and designed by the FutureFarmers.

container4.jpg On beautiful gift ideas ~ Joel Derksen has a Container Gardening Kit complete with seeds and an APP! Beautiful concept!


container3.jpg Greenbo’s Railing/Balcony Planter is perfect for helping your existing flower pots hop up on your balcony! Like a gateway to having window boxes!

container10.jpg To really turn things upside down ~ literally ~ Boskke Sky Planters are prefect for growing things upside down. Plants that work great (and are fun to eat?) Tomatoes and Strawberries and Mint!

container1.jpg For a container free idea ~ love what they did at Design*Sponge: kokedama arrangements by Mary Kathryn Paynter

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