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Beautifully Wrapped Chocolate Bars- 08.04.12

chocmain.jpg Today’s obsessive research has been on chocolate ~ chocolate BARS to be precise… and the beautiful packaging delicious artisanal goodness comes in. Ready to see what i’ve found? To the next page! Know of any i’ve missed and should try? Leave a comment!

olivesinclair.jpg Olive & Sinclair out of Nashville, TN.

mastbros.jpg Mast Brothers out of Brooklyn, NY.

vosges.jpg Vosges Chocolate

moonstruck.jpg Moonstruck Chocolate out of Portland, OR.

taza.jpg TAZA Chocolate

sweetteeth.jpg Sweetteeth

duchoc.jpg Artisan du Chocolat

askinosie.jpg Askinosie Chocolate

marou.jpg Marou Chocolate - The first single-origin artisan chocolate maker from Vietnam!

sanchurro.jpg San Churro

bonnat.jpg Bonnat Choclatier

chuao.jpg Chuao Chocolate out of San Diego, CA.

komforte.jpg Komforte Bars

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4 Notes

Definitely missing TCHO! Amazingly beautiful stuff. And their chocolate is equally beautifully molded.


----- Daisy 06.08.12 14:31

Don’t forget the good peeps @ willie’s!


----- Nat 06.08.12 00:05

We’ve got new wrappers out and ready to rock!

----- Trustmore 05.08.12 22:34

I think you forgot one… not to be missed!!! http://www.roguechocolatier.com/

----- Megan W 05.08.12 12:02

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