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Ben Long’s Scaffolding Sculptures- 08.20.12

deer.jpg It’s amazing what you can do with scaffolding! Ben Long creates amazing animal inspired Scaffolding Sculptures! They are “Inspired by his experiences working on building sites as a teenager, the project asserts the value of a disciplined working practice, the hard graft of manual employment and celebrates the role the construction industry plays in the advancement of urban development.” Take a peek at some of our favorites, including pieces from his Great Travelling Art Exhibition on the next page!







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Scaffolding at its finest, making something so creative from metal pipes. This guy is good,

----- Nathan 13.09.14 18:32

It is really a unique scaffolding out there. Thanks for posting it.

----- Louise - Scaffold perth 17.10.12 07:30

I really love the scaffolding in here. Thanks for the share ..

----- D ennise - Perth scaffolding 25.08.12 04:13

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