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MetroDeck - MTA Upcycled Playing Cards- 08.24.12

mtacard0.jpg Been smitten by these MetroDeck upcycled NYC MTA Subway cards into playing cards ever since seeing them on Collacubed. They are so beautiful and detailed! They are hand silk screened with enamel ink - “Printed on found and repurposed New York City subway fare cards, Metro Deck attempts to visually capture the common thread between commuters, public transportation, and chance. Every card has been gathered at random, after having been purchased, used, and discarded by either a visitor or resident of New York City. Some have been signed or otherwise marked, making each card unique with its own narrative potential. Appropriating the language of playing cards, the work asks us to consider our intimate connection with the subway and the city. The face cards are inspired by landmarks across the five Boroughs, referencing the tremendous reach of the subway system.” I love the Ace of Spades man hole cover… and the city inspired details of the face cards so lovely! WOW - “Designing, collecting, and printing the cards has been my official after-hours pastime for almost two years. Each face card needed four colors to print—approximately 8 hours work.” Additionally, “The deck comes packaged in a custom 2-color, die-cut and letterpressed tuck box printed by Mama’s Sauce Print shop.” WOW - “A total 2,268 cards were printed, wih over 4,000 pulls.” That’s 43 decks?

Each deck will run you 750$, but you can also order just the 4 kings, etc.. It’s too bad that “Given the nature of the materials, these cards are not intended for play.” See the making of and full set of beautiful cards on the next page!












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Here’s a link for purchase. I got excited about this awesomely original idea until I saw they were $550 USD.

----- Mr. Smith 30.04.14 15:49

I wish these weren’t so expensive. I don’t think I’ll ever have the spare money to afford one of these decks. It would make a great addition to my collection.

----- PollyB 12.08.13 00:25

Where can I buy these? Totally awesome!

----- Dani 26.11.12 13:34

I love this, how and where can I buy it?

----- Wei Yang 10.09.12 07:38

How do I putchase these awesome Playing Cards?

----- Callum Sethi 10.09.12 00:29

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