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Mulberry Wild Things- 08.14.12

monster0.jpg Mulberry - wha??? I just flipped through all 900+ pages of adverts in the latest (largest EVER) issue of Vogue… (hard to believe its sept issue time already!) and the one thing i could not forget after closing it… the YETI/WILD THINGS of Mulberry. WHAT is going on in these ads? How creepy is the giant eye peeking at her? And what is that green thing behind them?

Naturally, all of this lead to some quick photos to share with you… and taking my questions to the internet! The Monsters were introduced in February - “Our Autumn Winter 2012 collection was inspired by Maurice Sendak’s book Where The Wild Things Are, as well as textural furry fabrics and mysterious prints. Our own monster was created exclusively for us, based on a commissioned illustration by Emma Houlston and was made into giant set pieces for our catwalk. He also popped up on drinks, cushions and the London Fashion Week tote.” Mulberry shares more about Emma’s inspiration on their blog… she even sent them amazing monster cupcakes! See it all on the next page, including the coachella poolside party monsters, catwalk monsters, and more!







monster8.jpg Emma’s inspiration for the illustrated monster on the Mulberry blog

monster9.jpg Varoom had fashion week pics of the monster decor and on the catwalk!

monster10.jpg … amazing monster cupcakes from Emma!

Pictures of the Coachella poolside monsters from Vogue and The Vinemonster11.jpg



More peeks at the rest of the print campaign! monster14.jpg



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I think these are a great play on beauty and the beast.

----- Corey 15.08.12 10:59

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