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The Mighty Pencil Vol. 2- 09.26.12

mainmight.jpg The latest from London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw.

We were excited to receive Volume 2 of The Mighty Pencil. Thanks Ben the Illustrator! It’s always a treat to see gorgeous illustration. Some of you may remember Vol. 1, and just like Vol. 1, the latest edition is full of charming illustrations in a variety of styles. See just a few of our favorite on the next page and pick up your own copy here!

mightpencilv2-7524.jpg Lovely maps from Abbi Daker.

mightpencilv2-7525.jpg Fun illustrations from Andrew Lyons.

mightpencilv2-7526.jpg I especially love this squirrel from Ben the Illustrator.

mightpencilv2-7527.jpg Playful pieces from Natsuki Otani.

mightpencilv2-7528.jpg Also adore the style of Will Scobie.

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