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Valet: Travel. Curated. - 09.28.12

valet0a.jpg The last few months have been a non-stop burst of trips trailing from Los Angeles to Nashville and Cincinnati (and the roads between) to Istanbul, San Diego, Linz, Venice, London, Florence and more… The biggest difference this summer? More personal trips than work trips! (Though many overlap!) Ultimately it made me realize how insanely picky i’ve become when picking my own hotels… and finding the awesome, not so touristy, fun spots to check out!

So, on new online experiences to help with such dilemmas, enter - Valet! Launched by our friend and jetsetter, Josh Spear with Aaron Rutledge, Valet is an exclusive new travel company filled with a carefully curated collection of hotels and travel guides with favorites from folks like Josh Rubin of CoolHunting, Jeff Staple, Ben Clymer of Hodinkee, and you can even find some of my favorites showing up on the site bit by bit. As they say, “Our curators are some of the most interesting and influential people in the world. For many of them, Valet was a safe place to finally share their city secrets.”

While this is just the beginning, there are nearly 100 hotels in over 50 cities around the globe in the system already ~ and in addition to the New York City guide, Shanghai is right around the corner! Being an exclusive, curated membership site they are looking to build a community for “creative professionals, tastemakers and frequent travelers who appreciate curation, design, and great value over bargain-basement price shopping and recommendations amassed from dozens of anonymous reviews.” And one of my favorite details of their system? On top of special benefits and pricing at some of my usual hotels… no physical card to add to my ever growing wallet! They’ve made their membership cards digital, so you can easily pull them up on your phone/laptop/Apple Passbook. Also keep an eye out for their upcoming iPhone and iPad apps.

You can apply here and use the code: NOTCOT to get in early and lock in the launch membership rate of $199/year. Ready to take a peek at what you can find inside Valet? See screenshots for a sneak peek inside Valet on the next page!






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Valet has simplified my life. Must say travelling is not the same.

----- Raja Ahmad 05.01.14 19:47

Looks like a great tool! Will definitely have to give it a go! :)

Natalya, Ruff House Art

----- Natalya 01.10.12 09:58

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