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Assemble & Join Micro-factory in London- 11.07.12

assemble.jpg Here’s the latest from our London based editor, Justine Aw.

Today I popped by the launch event of an exciting new project, Assemble and Join a community micro-manufacturing workshop on Lower Marsh in the heart of London. I heard about the project from Chris Jarratt (who you may remember from his amazing slingshots), one of the founders of the project alongside Tom Tobia and GD/hta who are working in collaboration with Lambeth Council.

I love the idea of community design and manufacturing and bringing making to the people! Housed in a former cafe, A&J is a manufacturing centre community hub, a place for everyone from schoolchildren to market traders to research, design and build together and create structures to make this gem of an independent high street even more unique. Take a look inside on the next page…



The pop-up workshop is along the independent high street of Lower Marsh, just a block from Waterloo station.



The CNC workshop room, used to create objects that are held together by friction alone and mean than anyone can make and assemble objects without requiring the use of hammers, drills, saws or any other tools aside from maybe a mallet to ensure a good fit!


The wall of mallets at the ready.


The idea pad (already brimming with ideas for making!).


Although only a new project, the space is already filled with Assemble & Join made and designed pieces like these adorable stools!



Love their website too!


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