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Leanlix & Lickety Stiks & Treat Toobs- 12.14.12

leanlix0.jpg There seems to be a trend in iconic packaging being creatively repurposed for treats in the canine space… Thanks to Bucky, the NOTpuppy, we’ve been getting caught up fast in the space, and have come across some strange products… Firstly, picture perfume/lipgloss rollers… and deodorant roller balls? Well imagine that - only it’s a low cal liquid treat that your dog (or cat) can lick, and only 1 calorie in every 10 licks! That is PetSafe’s Lickety Stik! Now imagine those large gluesticks or sunblock sticks… some even have a string attached to go around your neck? Only instead of smearing it on… you let your dog lick it? That is Leanlix! The big form anyhow… the mini Littlelix - look just like Lip Smackers in their multi-flavored packs… the same packaging as the usual lip balms. These say 3 licks are 0 calories! And then there’s also the HumanGear GoToob (my favorite travel toiletry container) which doubles as a Paww Treat Toob

Strange as they are, we were far too curious… so take a peek for more packaging details on the next page, as well as Bucky’s responses!

We first gave in to samples of the PetSafe’s Lickety Stiks… and Bucky goes crazy for them, so we gave in and tried the three pack to test out the various flavors… honestly they are all rather pungent… and it seems like rather saturated doggie flavors minus the solid base of most of his treats… leaving him rather thirsty afterwards…



lickety3.jpg He adores these - and will sit pretty to lick them as long as you’ll let him.

Next - Bucky was gifted a pack of the Leanlix Littlelix - and looking at the overly cutesy packaging and naming, i’d definitely keep these away from little girls who might try to use them as lip gloss! (And after using these regularly, you’d probably want to keep your dog from little girls’ lip glosses!)







leanlix7.jpg As you can see, he definitely tries to bite them quite a bit - granted, even as a pup, his tongue might be ready for the full sized Leanlix, this is an easier way to test the flavors… and i’m sure he’d try to bite the big ones too!

Here’s a video with the founder -

Screenshots showing the display case and scale of the larger one…



And while we’re looking at repurposed packaging creativity in the canine treat space… had to add the HumanGear GoToob (my favorite travel shampoo/etc container) that is rebranded as a Paww Treat Toob - for filling with peanut butter, liverwurst, purees, etc, where you can squeeze a little and let your dog lick it off - no mess!


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Out of the three you reviewed we have only tried Leanlix so far and they worked well for our crew. They are a huge help if you want to work on loose leash walking!

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