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Voyage by Aether & Hemera- 12.27.12

newboats.jpg Here’s the latest from our resident zoologist and London based editor, Justine Aw.

We’ve been watching the installation in Canary Wharf’s Middle Dock coming together from their beginnings as just a single strand of floating paper boats to their current complete form. The installation is titled Voyage and is the work of Aether & Hemera. The boats house individually programmable RGB LEDs controlled by a system including an Arduino, a Rasperry Pi as DHCP and Web server, a wireless access point, bespoke DMX circuitry and and software that lets visitors change the patterns and colors of the lights by connecting to the specialized local wireless network and visiting voyage.co.uk (see videos later in the post!).

I love the way the boats play off the reflections in the water of themselves, the passing DLR and skyscrapers of Canary Wharf. They’re beautiful, making the most of the long winter nights. The installation will remain in the wharf until Friday, February 15, 2013.


A look at the boats by day.


They can be controlled by connected to the specialized Wi-Fi network via voyage.co.uk.


The boats really come into their own after dark.






Taking control via Wi-Fi.


A run through the different color/pattern modes.

Taking control of the boats via Wi-Fi.

You can also check out Aether & Hemera’s blog post on the development of the project to find out more about the project. Love the shot of the 300 boats folded and covering an entire level’s atrium entrance of One Canada Square!

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