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Easter Eggs Live- 03.27.13

eggamain.jpg Here’s the latest from London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw!

Over the past few days, I have had been helping out on the live set behind Channel 4’s Easter Eggs Live, an exciting program that features eggs of all sorts hatching and developing live on air! With so many species about to hatch, there is nonstop action on the live streams which will continue until Monday. The newly hatched babies are pretty adorable too and you can watch them live as well on the live Baby Cams.

It’s been a busy day in the studio, with lots of animals to look after, and nonstop spawning and hatching activity. Check out more photos of the studio behind the scenes and of the incredible eggs, their layers and babies on the next page!


The fish division, where I have been helping James Robson from the Horniman Museum and Gardens.



Dogfish egg cases with prominent yolks and developing embryos.



Cameras at the ready as splashing tetras launch themselves from the water to lay eggs and sperm on the overhanging leaves. Laying eggs outside of the water increase the oxygen available to the developing young, but takes considerable coordination from the parents!


Setting up the live streaming feed of the bamboo shark egg case.


The bird zone, marked by the cheeping of newly hatched quail and soon to be followed by goslings and even baby emus!



Live and timelapse cams watch over the goose eggs as the goslings inside begin to hatch.



Adorable, tiny baby quail, streaming live here.


Tiny spiderlings surround their egg cases. They are one of many new hatchlings in the invertebrate section (with many more to come!).



Stick insect eggs and tiny newly emerged insects!



See the young mantids on the move here and watch them live here.



You can watch the common frog tadpoles live here


These red-eyed treefrog eggs will hatch into tadpoles over the next few days. As soon as the little tadpoles hatch, they will drop down into the water below.



Within the reptile section is a nursery for the baby bearded dragons. You can see them hatching here.


Leopard gecko hatchlings relaxing after a busy few days of activity.

There are many more arrivals expected in the days to come, including emus, Siamese fighting fish, cockroaches and more! The streams will continue until Monday and those in the UK can catch Easter Eggs Live on Channel 4 this weekend on the 31 March and 1 April at 8pm.

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hi my name is chelsea im 11 and i am amazed at the work you have put into this tv programme so i congradulate you with the succses

this is helping me alot because when i grow up i want to be a zoo keeper and help endangered animals and breed different speshies and please look after the animals
from chelsea briddick

----- chelsea briddick 31.03.13 13:12

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