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Hotel de Paris, St. Tropez + CLA- 03.18.13

deparis0.jpg This weekend’s adventures lead me from LA to St. Tropez by way of Paris and Marseille to try out the new Mercedes-Benz CLA. While there, Mercedes-Benz took over newly redone, iconic Hotel de Paris St. Tropez, which barely reopened the doors before Mercedes moved in for this round of drives. Mixed into the sculptures throughout the lobby, we were greeted with displays of the new CLA Dashboard, Direct Steer System, various engines and more… which fit right in! In the main courtyard, the new CLA and it’s larger influence, the CLS were on show. Apparently the Hotel de Paris was one of THE first hotels in St Tropez back in the 1930s, and was THE spot to be seen in the 60s and 70s (think artists, starlets, and more). Freshly redone by interior designer, Sybille de Margerie, it is quite a mix of design styles, and the hardest things to miss are the stunning spherical chandelier of metal petals of sorts in the lobby… and the nearly ready glass bottom pool that is suspended over the lobby which is viewable from all floors! Take a peek at the details of the Hotel de Paris St. Tropez with its Mercedes-Benz CLA flourishes on the next page!


When you enter the lobby… first thing you see is the CLA dash nestled amongst sculptures… deparis2.jpg

The reception is a playful counter filled with drawers… deparis3.jpg

Bar is to the left… deparis4.jpg

A look inside the direct steering system of the CLA… deparis5.jpg

Inside the engines! deparis5a.jpg

I couldn’t take my eyes off of this incredible, larger than life, planetary chandelier… deparis6.jpg



View from the elevator heading up to my room… deparis9.jpg

Even in the hallways, Mercedes had mini CLAs on display… deparis10.jpg


Into my room… deparis12.jpg



The view of St Tropez, leaning out of my window… deparis15.jpg

Peeking from the 3rd floor down to the lobby… deparis16.jpg

On the 4th floor you can take breakfast and also go for a swim (someday!) while taking in the stunning views… deparis17.jpg

… you can see the sides of the pool peeking through the sides and bottom here from the 3rd floor! deparis18.jpg

… peeking down at the lobby! deparis19.jpg

Cute restroom signage… deparis20.jpg

The CLS and CLA in the courtyard… deparis21.jpg



View from the hanging nest like chairs i just had to try… deparis24.jpg

Comfier than you’d expect with the double layered seat… deparis25.jpg

… looking up you see how you’re suspended… deparis26.jpg

So cute! deparis27.jpg

… couldn’t resist one more close up of these petals… deparis30.jpg

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2 Notes

Fantasctic interiors, but planetary chandelier - amazing ? Who made it?

----- Roman 12.06.14 07:54

Thanks for your comments on the chandelier. We created it with Sybille de Margerie. We are a small family business specialized in custom made lighting fixtures and always appreciate when our work brings a bit of joy to people.

----- Alexandre Chary 24.03.13 22:30

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