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Spider- 04.26.13

spider1.jpg Today’s NOTlabs inspiration is coming from this furry little visitor that just showed up outside… a Jumping (thanks, commenters!) Spider! Couldn’t help taking a few portraits of his fuzzy little face and rusty colored patterned body before relocating him… take a peek on the next page!









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I agree. They are the cutest spider :)

----- Elaine 02.05.13 16:21

I thought that you would like to know that the spider depicted within these images is not an orb weaver, but rather a type of red-backed jumping spider. Jumping spiders are a wandering spider species that do not make webs to entrap their prey but instead use speed and agility to capture their victims.

Just like the orb weavers, the jumping spiders are harmless to humans. Jumping spiders tend to be very curious and can exhibit surprising signs of intelligence.

Many varieties can be quite beautiful with vibrant colours - perform a quick search on peacock jumping spiders for an example. :)

Hope this helps!

----- Brian 27.04.13 17:41

That’s a jumping spider, family Salticidae, not an orb-weaver. They are the cutest spider. It’s the eyes.

----- remtothemax 27.04.13 08:24

Not an orb weaver, but an adult jumping spider. Phidippus clarus, I think. What an adorable face! She is clearly looking at you with a few of her eight eyes.

----- Kathie 27.04.13 05:59

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