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Inspiration: Nashville/Memphis- 06.20.13

roo0.jpg Just back in LA from Tennessee adventures the last week. LAX-MEM, taxi to Lakeland, RV to Nashville to Manchester, madness at Bonnaroo, RV back to Memphis, rental car to Nashville, hang out in Nashville and then BNA-LAX! Along the way there were s’more mallows, pressurized ketchup, trained hotel ducks, seas of bodies, magic mushroom fountain, a giant inflatable meatwad, delicious bbq, vintage fire trucks (in a fire truck mechanic’s shop), guitar fly swatters, jar of fireflies, and so much more… take a peek at the instagram and cell phone inspiration from the trip!

Here’s a peek at where the adventures took us… flew in to Memphis, RV’d to Nashville then to Manchester, back to Nashville, back to Memphis… rental car’d back to Nashville, flew back to LA! Phew! roo1aa.jpg

Starting at Memphis, it was fascinating watching the bags pop out from the hole in the baggage claim… roo1.jpg

This 2013 RV was waiting for us in Lakeland… roo1a.jpg

The views cruising up to Nashville were stunning! So lusciously green! (And apparently there are river pearls in there…) roo2.jpg

Along the way, also discovered pressurized ketchup kegs… and new “limited edition” S’more Mallows! Bigger, flatter, and pretty much graham cracker sized super marshmallows… roo3.jpg

We set up camp right next to this sweet old bus that had been fully decked out inside, and popped up a pool noodle flower of sorts on a golf ball retriever to find our way back… roo4.jpg

Then it was in to Bonnaroo! My second time ~ Shawn’s 5th? 6th? it’s been too many to keep count, but always a fun way to see all his old friends… roo5.jpg

The sunsets are just magical ~ so different from our socal ones… roo6.jpg

Which stage… roo7.jpg

Sunset and bjork reflected in Shawn’s glasses… roo8.jpg

The magical mushroom fountain… roo9.jpg

Got bucky a glow in the dark ‘roo frisbee… and yes that’s a giant inflatable meatwad in the back… roo10.jpg

Love watching these lanterns take flight… roo11.jpg

Amazing to see how quickly they float away in the quickly moving winds… below is Jack Johnson covering for Mumford & Sons… roo12.jpg

Every day was stunning and filled with people everywhere… roo13.jpg

… just an endless sea of bodies… roo14.jpg

… also art along the walls surrounding the shows! roo15.jpg

Sunset over the RVs and Tents… roo16.jpg

And as quickly as it began, it was over… and we RV’d our way back to Nashville then Memphis, with a pit stop at Pond Bottom Ln… roo17.jpg

And discovering cute snacks along the way… as well as fun curtains in our monstrous suite at the Madison Hotel in Memphis (would definitely recommend it!) which was perfect for some post Bonnaroo hibernation. roo18.jpg

A stop in Memphis wouldn’t be complete without some proper BBQ ~ so we went by Central BBQ… delicious. the mac & cheese was sooooo good. roo19.jpg

Cruising around Memphis (and popping across to arkansas) ~ we discovered some fascinating dilapidated buildings… including this massive factory. roo20.jpg

Also couldn’t help taking pics at the Fire Station Mechanic’s Shop that was filled with vintage fire trucks! roo21.jpg

Hearing stories about the traditions at the Peabody Hotel and their DUCKS! Which for the last 80 years have lived on the roof, and at 11am and 5pm every day, follow the duck master to the elevator, down the red carpet, up the steps, and in to the lobby fountain for a swim… roo22.jpg

Heading back in to Nashville, we had to grab a bite at the infamous Loveless… roo23.jpg

… which even had guitar shaped fly swatters! roo24.jpg

And fulfilling a childhood dream ~ finally caught a jar full of fireflies in the back yard, and even fell asleep while watching them glow… roo25.jpg

Just before going by the airport in Nashville, finally got to check out the awesome Imogene + Willie store! Lots more pics on the postimogene0.jpg

PHEW! Good to be back in LA… Thanks, Tennessee, for a fun and inspiring adventure!

Oh… and as for the lineup… lineup.jpg

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