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NHM 100: Otis Booth Pavilion Unveiling- 06.12.13

unveil0.jpg The Los Angeles Natural History 100th Birthday Bash was incredible ~ inspiring, innovative, playful, and filled with incredible energy! From the updates to the displays in their historic building to the launch of their impressive Nature Gardens surrounding the museum and Nature Lab showcasing some of the wildlife that surrounds us all… to the unveiling of the stunning new Otis Booth Pavilion! It resembles an apple store like monstrous two story glass cube with a whale skeleton suspended within, and between performances by GZA/the Genius and DEVO, they had a super heartfelt look back through the history and adventures of the NHM and a look at how LA has evolved over the last century, then the digital whales burst on to the projection… even breaching at the top! and then pretending to break through the glass, dropping the curtains and showing off the new pavilion. So many random pictures from that evening, but first, take a peek at the whale filled unveiling moments in pics and video on the next page!

From this… where they are swimming around… unveil1.jpg

to… unveil4.jpg

Here’s my view from the bridge…

Here’s the official NHM video from further back…

From inside the pavilion looking down at DEVO unveil2.jpg

My favorite detail is how they have mixed clean metal details with the bones to accentuate the animal forms… unveil3.jpg

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This is an awesome idea. The display looks so real that visitors could really enjoy. it looks like a giant aquarium and I love the part when they reveal a giant skeleton. It so magnificent. This is a great job!

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