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Alite Mayfly Chair- 08.28.13

alite0.jpg On fun packages that just arrived… We’ve seen pictures online of the Alite ultra-lightweight chairs for some time now, but it wasn’t until trying them all in person at OR that we truly understood how awesome they are… and how incredible the tiny design details are! For starters, i thought my 13” macbook air was light (not even 3lbs)… their three chairs range from 1.1 to 1.6lbs! With their butterfly logo and the sling style of their chairs, it’s hard not to have the iconic butterfly chair come to mind. With a similar single piece fabric sling and a collapsible thin metal frame, merged with the materials/tech from outdoors goods like aluminum tent poles and ripstop nylon, the result is a collection of incredibly versatile, ultra-lightweight, sling chairs that are perfect to pop up just about anywhere! They have used them on kayaks and canoes, rocky waterfalls and paddleboats, and more! I felt like Goldilocks as i tried each model out, the Monarch, Mayfly, and Mantis, my favorite is definitely the MAYFLY! While the Monarch is lightest, you’re constantly on your feet and rocking… and the Mantis gives you the stability of a traditional chair with it’s 4 feet firmly planted on the ground, but no rocking… the Mayfly gives you the best of both! You’re stable on the ground, you can tilt back and rock, AND you can even remove the front leg for a rocking-only Monarch style seat! From most of the pictures i’ve seen online, it has been easy to overlook just how tiny and lightweight these things are since they support full grown folks (up to 250lbs) with full back support. So, take a peek at my unboxing of the Alite Mayfly on my DESK (alongside my 13” macbook air and bulleit water bottle) to see all the design details on the next page! (As well as their fun video! and a peek at the other models!)

p.s. These would be amazing at music festivals!!!

All bundled up… for scale, that’s a 750mL bourbon bottle, HTC One, and 13” Macbook Air. alite1.jpg



The basic instructions are printed right on the pouch… alite4.jpg

Nice printing on the bottom of the pouches to easily identify which model it is… especially useful if displayed on a shelf of many? alite5.jpg

Out of the pouch it looks like a mini tent! alite6.jpg

Love the quality of their details… alite7.jpg

Our favorite detail of all on the Mayfly is that the front foot is never backwards, because you can simply swivel the circular bits to slot on the main frame! alite7a.jpg

Frame is all set… alite8.jpg

… stretch the sling on! While at first i felt a bit scared to flex it too hard to pop the corners on, you quickly get used to how much it can give, and get faster and faster at assembly/disassembly in no time! alite9.jpg

Here are some close-ups of the details… alite10.jpg

Nice super reinforced, padded corners… alite11.jpg


Rock on these! alite13.jpg

Here’s their fun video of the Mayfly… see exactly how you put it together, etc!

For a quick overview of the differences between the Monarch, Mayfly, and Mantis. alite14.jpg

They also have such fun press photos! Here’s the Monarch in action - they are detail oriented enough to even show a picture of rocking on the bag while in sand to avoid sinking too quickly… alite15.jpg

Mantis movie screening in the woods! alite16.jpg

Cozying up to the fire with the Mayfly. alite17.jpg

How amazing would this have been when we were out in Tennessee at Bonnaroo? It would fit perfectly in my tiny hydration backpack and not add much weight at all! alite18.jpg

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