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Inspiration: 14 Hours in Indianapolis- 08.16.13

indy0.jpg Phew! Reminder to self, no more red eye in, fly home in the evening trips… We just did a day trip to Indianapolis, getting in at 5:30am and flying home at 7:30pm… which means we were back in LA in under 24 hours. While we were there for a very specific purpose (hanging out with Butler Blue III, the bulldog mascot of Butler University, and checking out his Blue Mobile - more to come on that soooooon!) we also got to run around and see a bit of Indy! From watching the sunrise, to a delicious breakfast at Patachou, my first drive-in experience (Mug ‘n Bun!), my first architectural salvage (wow!), finding “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Space Rays” signage in a random yard, discovering locally made goods at Homespun and more… check it all out on the next page!

Landing at 5:30… first thing i notice is how stunning/new the airport in Indianapolis is… and how monstrously large their trash bins are… then curious whether the sculptures on the ceiling were jellyfish… and getting to the rental car area the quickly color changing lights and sounds felt like we were in an old school video game… over at the rental car station, this 2013 black honda accord sport had my name over it! indy1.jpg

I hadn’t realized we’d get in SO early the sun wouldn’t be up yet, so we ended up exploring through sunrise for a bit… indy2.jpg

Then, breakfast at the highly recommended, Patachou! indy3.jpg

The cinnamon toast option is ridiculous - in that amazing SUPER cinnamon/sugar/buttery way… and the Cuban Breakfast is also delicious! indy4.jpg

Most of our day was spent with bulldogs, Butler II and Butler III and their dad/handler, Michael - as we got the full tour of the town in the Blue Mobile! (Feature on this adventure to come…) As you can see, the older Blue II loves his green gator from Bucky! Michael has quite the bulldog collection in his office, and Blue III showed off his box destruction skills proudly when we visited the school bookstore! indy5b.jpg

Butler III also took us on a tour of the town… indy5a.jpg

We cruised around in the Ford Transit Blue Mobile, took him for a bath, did photoshoots, and more… indy5.jpg

His tongue is still quite mesmerizing to me… indy6.jpg

When we parted ways, exploring Indy lead us to the Mug ‘n Bun for my first drive-in experience! It’s apparently Indy’s “oldest & finest drive-in” and it’s been around nearly 50 years… indy7.jpg

We had to try the rootbeer, mug ‘n bun special burger, and mini corn dogs! Turns out the silver strips in the Accord center console are perfect for keeping the ketchup from slipping off… indy8.jpg

No trip to Indy would be complete without at least driving by the Speedway! indy9.jpg

Next stop… Doc’s Architectural Salvage, which was mind blowing…So. Much. Stuff! indy10.jpg

I love this toucan ride-on that was unfortunately sold to the guy who walked in just before us! indy11.jpg

There really was everything in here… indy12.jpg

Cruising around we spotted this sign in someone’s yard… indy14.jpg

More randomness… and we stopped off for coffee at Calvin Fletcher’s (which has the nicest barista i’ve encountered!) indy13.jpg

Staring at this map helped me make sense of where we were and where we’d been… indy16.jpg

… and i found it in Homespun! Lots of locally (Indy + indiana + nearby states) “modern handmade” goods… indy15.jpg

And before we knew it, it was time to head back to the airport and head back to LA already! indy18.jpg


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What a wonderful photo blog! As an Angeleno transplanted to Indy I really enjoyed your pov. And I really appreciated your reminding me of the beautiful and strange and quirky things about Indiana. I sometimes forget that it has it’s odd beauty, as well as it’s corn-fed homogenized sameness. Well, sometimes that sameness is the quirky oddness, too!

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