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5 Different Perspectives to find while Traveling- 11.07.13

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One of my favorite things to do when traveling and exploring new cities is to find new perspectives of that city. Often (especially if traveling for business or a convention) it is far too easy to get stuck in a giant building with nearly no windows or bouncing merely between the hotel and talks. If you don’t have time to get out and explore, at least try to see the city/town in at least ONE new way! On the next page, check out 5 of my favorite options…

1 - Top of the Tallest Building/Structure Some of my closest friends started this “challenge” of sorts while traveling around europe when we were in college and have continued it. Wherever they end up, they will find the highest building to get to the top off for a full view of the city! Examples would be going up to the very top of the Duomo in Milan, up the leaning tower of Pisa, up the Empire State Building in New York… the view is always fascinating! And gives you a quick perspective on where things are and where you’ve been. And if you can’t get to the TALLEST, getting to the highest hotels rooftop bar sometimes works well too!

sher2.jpg 2 - Helicopter/Airplane Ride Short on time, getting a helicopter or small airplane ride around the city and it’s best/most famous sites is a great way to see it all! I will never forget my views of Rio and finally understanding where things were and the scale of things! Also, depending on your flights in and out of the city and the routes they take, grabbing a window seat can give you a peek as well, though probably at a different height/speed.

sher3.jpg 3 - Boat/Cruise/Ferry Get out on the water! Be it ocean or lakes get out there! Here’s a peek at our adventures in Sitka, Alaska. Wherever you are, if there’s a large body of water near by, you can guarantee there will be some stunning views, and with the calming nature of water, you’re sure to have a relaxing break from the usual.

sher4.jpg 4 - Drive to stunning viewpoints In a hillier region? Have a rental car? Take a joy ride! Here’s one of my favorite spots up in Malibu ~ up into the canyons to Saddle Peak Rd, where you can peek out at Santa Monica Bay on one side, and into the valley on the other side. If you need help figuring out where to go, just ask your concierge, or message out on your social media streams, surely someone will have some fun, “off the beaten path” spots to check out.

5 - Horseback riding? Hop on a Bicycle? Go Skydiving? While the previous 4 are just starting points, every city has it’s own special things going on. So i suppose #5 is really the surprises you never expected to find! So for this one i highly advise that you ask your concierge, who should have some suggestions, maps, etc., as well as ways to make it all possible! Additionally, don’t forget to ask your online friends for suggestions ~ or even if they want to join or show you around their city!


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