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Hotel Hibernation Days- 11.14.13

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After a work trip, be it a long arduous one or a quick overbooked one, I don’t know how other people feel, but i’m exhausted! And to be honest, coming home isn’t always the most relaxing thing. As soon as you get back, there is the whole process of unpacking, catching up, and the reality of laundry, cooking, dishes and more might kick right back in. My solution? Hotel Hibernation Days! That extra buffer day that helps you transition back to reality without being terribly behind and desperately in need of rest! More about my perfect plan to stay sane with a crazy schedule on the next page.

My usual ratio is for every 3 days ON, one day OFF. So if I have a string of crazy travel days, regardless of whether it is one trip, or multiple that merged together, that 4th day needs to feel like a true break. And a break seldom means the type of vacation day where you wake up at the crack of dawn, run around the whole city, and see everything you can possibly pack in. A true break is letting your mind and body rest, catch up at your own pace, and not let a thing stress you out… over the years, this has become my Hotel Hibernation Day!

I add on an extra day before rushing to a flight or driving home to truly hibernate and relax, hotel style! First step? Order delicious room service. Put up the Do Not Disturb sign. Make sure there are no cracks in those blackout curtains. And get some REST! The deep sleep that leaves you waking up like a new person! Even if that waking up is at 3 in the afternoon. These are the perfect days for long bubble baths… booking a few hours at the spa… watching mindless television… browsing silliness on the internet… more room service… and slowly easing back into checking email, perhaps responding to a few only after you feel mentally and physically rested and ready to get back into it.

Depending how you’re feeling, i usually make it a proper bear like hibernation. Sometimes your body wants 15 hours of sleep! The only people i interact with are the room service delivery folks. And barely! Perhaps a masseuse… but there’s something freeing about forcing yourself to take a day to yourself, and truly let your body rest and relax as your mind does the same. I guarantee by the time you fly home from a trip with a Hotel Hibernation Day everything just goes more smoothly ~ you’re calmer, happier, and far more tolerant with any madness that may come your way.

As a side note, I suppose Hotel Hibernation Days aren’t necessarily great just for travel add ons, for a while there i was just traveling so much, that’s how it emerged. If you’re workaholicing at home, no reason why you can adapt the same plan when feeling the slightest tinge of an oncoming burnout, and check yourself in for a luxurious hibernation reset to center yourself. And taking a Hotel Hibernation Day isn’t an insult to the comforts (or people!) at home, so much as it is a way to force yourself to focus on YOU!


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