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Streettoolbox by Pierre Paslier- 06.17.14

streettoolbox1.jpg Here’s the latest from NOTCOT’s London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw as she visits the London graduate showcases. This post is from Show RCA 2014.

The very first exhibit that caught my eye at Show RCA 2014 was Streettoolbox from Pierre Paslier from the Innovation Design Engineering program. All about open-source “advanced activitsm”, Paslier’s projects empower activists to create interesting temporary street art displays. His toolbox includes a sticker-applying drone, a programmable car that can draw with salt, stamps for your bicycle tires and magic-pen style graffiti that is revealed by a portable projector. More on the next page and at the project wiki.


An assortment of tools for the advanced activist/street artist.


The 3D printed stamps attach to your bicycle tires with simple cable ties.


The rider can choose when to stamp by depressing the inkpad.


Revolution in action!


This programmable toy car, Open Square, can tip salt or other powders to draw in public square and other open spaces. It’s already been used to create pop-up football pitches for the World Cup. And yes, that is a spatula at the front!


The sticker-applying drone, for reaching all those tricky places, the Flying Flyer.


Invisible display projection allows otherwise invisible messages to be illuminated with a tiny portable projector.


The Open Square at work:


The small, lightweight projector that reveals otherwise hidden messages.


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