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7 days in 50 Instagrams: Guatemala!- 03.19.15

gua0.jpg WOW. What an adventure our week in Guatemala has been! Headed down to Antigua for our Tasteologie editor’s wedding, so of course we had to explore a bit while there, but the amount of different experiences we’ve had still blows my mind. From landing in darkness at GUA and watching the sunrise (and volcano erupt a little) on our drive to Antigua, to exploring (and tasting) Antigua, to the beautiful wedding and before/after events… to heading out to Lake Atitlan and the stunning waterfront, super-eco, all vegetarian Laguna Lodge on 100 acres of nature reserve… to a pit stop at Iximche ruins… back in to Guatemala City, where we end up getting an amazing look at the city thanks to one of our long time readers (and old friend’s of the bride!)… from a peek at the older city center, to the newest city within a city, Paseo Cayala… tasting award winning Guatemalan coffee and even more fantastic food at Flor de Lis… before heading back to LA.

OH! And there are penguins! You know our Puma Penguins (from 2009) - they inspired Pingüi, the mascot of Flor de Lis! Which is even tattooed on the chef’s forearm! But more on that later…

So first things first - here’s a look at our quick, epic Guatemalan adventures in 50 @NOTlabs and @RShawnSims Instagrams as it all happened in real time. My head is still spinning from how many different things we’ve seen and experienced - and HUGE congrats to Jackson + Tish on their special super-pi-day wedding! Yay for 3.14 15!

1 - Sunrise in Guatemala - roadtripping to Antigua and the volcano is doing its thing… gua1.jpg

2 - Ahhhhh casa de los sueños… gua2.jpg

3 - [Shawn says] Took the red eye to Guatemala City, then a shuttle to Antigua, and checked in to this little 8 room B&B. gua2a.jpg

4 - 7am Breakfast time before some napping… gua3.jpg

5 - Guatemalan deliciousness! gua4.jpg La Fonda - Comal de Recados. Kak’ik, a spiced tukey stew, Pepian, chicken slow-cooked in a peppery tomato sauce and a traditional savory pork head and liver stew.

6 - When in Guatemala gotta try the Gallo gua5.jpg

7 - The most epic multi-tiered way to serve a meat skewer platter… Also delicious - esp with their fresh chili sauce! #BigSwingingMeatStick gua6.jpg Pincho Gigante at La Antorchas

8 - gua7.jpg

9 - gua7a.jpg

10 - gua7b.jpg

11 - Macaws! gua8.jpg … at Hotel Santo Domingo

12 - Stunning views gua9.jpg … over the ruins at Hotel Santo Domingo

13 - Volcano street art etched on a window? gua10.jpg

14 - This kid was beating up the trash can with maracas gua11.jpg

15 - [Shawn says] Antigua patina gua11a.jpg

16 - Lovely painting! gua12.jpg

17 - Guatemalan treats!!!!! gua13.jpg

18 - Delicious sweets! Had the lady pick her favorite Guatemalan treats for us to try! #SugarBomb gua14.jpg

19 - Drink up and be awesome. Groomladies rock the mustache flasks! #t&jrock gua15.jpg

20 - Malt whiskey - Disney style in Antigua gua16.jpg

21 - Groomslady caballero-ing! Congrats to Jackson + Tish! gua17.jpg

22 - Lake Atitlan! gua18.jpg

23 - Salut! We made it to the Laguna Lodge to relax at lake atitlan! gua19.jpg

24 - The real question is where to go… Though with this balcony view, I might just lay here a while… gua20.jpg

25 - First hotel I’ve been in that will relocate bugs for you… And yay! No mosquitos! #lagunalodge gua21.jpg

26 - Only accessible by boat + 100 acres of nature reserve right behind laguna lodge… So we had to wander up and see! gua22.jpg

27 - We are here! Laguna Lodge. gua23.jpg

28 - :) gua24.jpg

29 - Just found this guy on the way to my room… gua25.jpg

30 - gua26.jpg

31 - Breakfast with the volcanoes… The all veg kitchen at #LagunaLodge #lakeatitlan is delicious! gua27.jpg

32 - Rawr! Mayan jade chess! #LagunaLodge gua28.jpg

33 - Shhhh… Do not disturb mask on our Quetzal suite door! #LagunaLodge gua29.jpg

34 - See #LagunaLodge on the bottom left? Currently hammocking there! gua30.jpg

35 - The painting in our room would be a great puzzle! gua31.jpg

36 - Probably as close as I’ll get to seeing it erupt… #lakeatitlan gua32.jpg

37 - The purple! gua33.jpg

38 - Fascinated by all the huge DIY welded Toyota logos on roof racks and trucks in Guatemala gua34.jpg

39 - Inspirational graphics at iximche gua35.jpg

40 - Because that closeup a few pics back looks like a render… Here’s a peek at where it came from at iximche - it’s double sided! gua36.jpg

41 - Mayan altar in the tree roots at iximche gua37.jpg

42 - Wow. It’s no surprise that @elinjertocoffee has been winning best coffee awards for over a decade. So good! gua38.jpg

43 - Excited to bring back a bag of the super special @elinjertocoffee geisha back with us! gua39.jpg

44 - [Shawn says] Guatemala City 6pm

A video posted by Shawn Sims (@rshawnsims) on

45 - Can you believe the penguin @flordelisrestaurante is inspired by our @puma penguin army?!?!?!? Also the world class food will blow your mind (+ tastebuds!) gua40.jpg

46 - Pingüi!!! The tattoo! Mascot of @flordelisrestaurante inspired by our @puma penguins! On the arm of chef @dtskull - AMAZING! gua41.jpg

47 - The plating @flordelisrestaurante is beautiful… (it wouldn’t be fair to show you Pingüi without at least one dish before sleep… More to come!) gua42.jpg

48 - Fun bathroom design @flordelisrestaurante gua43.jpg

49 - Adios, Guatemala! gua44.jpg

50 - Home! With Guatemalan treats! Coffee, amazing black salt, and an owl from the wedding! gua45.jpg

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