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MonoFrame Glasses by Parsha Gerayesh- 06.24.15

glasses4.jpg Here’s the latest from London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw!

MonoFrame Glasses by Parsha Gerayesh of RCA’s Design Products are glasses whose frame is formed from a single material. Borrowing techniques from spring manufacturing, the glasses are made from wire fed through a series of coils and bends. See more pictures + video on the next page…


The fabrication of the frames takes advantage of existing processes and technology, cnc wire bending technology, which you can see in action below.



The process was refined with lots of trial and error, the wall is filled with partial frames. The final product is created with a bit of welding (note no additional materials, heat alone can meld the wire). Parsha found that due to the size and shape of the frames, forming the whole frame as a single bending instruction led to them twirling around and knocking other parts of the machinery!


It looks like the designer’s website isn’t up and running quite yet, but check back at http://www.parshagerayesh.com/ soon.

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