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Unboxing Exploding Kittens- 07.31.15


It’s here! Exploding Kittens! The wildly (8.8 million dollar) popular Kickstarted card game by Elan Lee, The Oatmeal, and Shane Small. Filled with ridiculous illustrations and promises to take a mere 2 minutes to learn and 15 minutes to play a round + it even has a NSFW add on that is for “Ages 30 and up?” Take a peek inside on the next page - the packaging “surprise thingie” is too fun.

It all started on Kickstarterkittens1.jpg

Here’s what the game is in 140 seconds:

And as promised I got a message (with this amazing illustration!) from Blackbox (which is actually by the guys behind Cards Agains Humanity?!?!) yesterday that Exploding Kittens were on their way!


… and sure enough TODAY they arrived! (Damn they are fast?)


Complete with cute personalized comic note using my name/address info…


… and nice backer note!


So here it is - Exploding Kittens, the regular and NSFW add on set! kittens6.jpg

The “SURPRISE THINGIE” is awesome! See the circuits in tacocat’s eyes? And of course the NSFW deck fits perfectly on that empty kitty litter side of the box. kittens7.jpg

… and Bucky comes over every time i open the box. (Turn on sound!)


Instead of reading the rules - see the video instructions:


The example round:

Here’s a look at the normal deck: kittens10.jpg

And now into the NSFW deck! Into the box… kittens11.jpg

… and a look at the cards! kittens12.jpg

Back of the box… kittens13.jpg

… ok off to convince Shawn to try it out with me now! And if you missed out on the Kickstarter, you can now pre-order on the Exploding Kittens site!

oooh… and if you were curious about how the packaging meows… noise.jpg

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4 Notes

The card game is one of the worst board/card games I’ve played. I also hate it for being the sort of thing that could be many people’s first (and due to its crapness last) experiences of the world beyond Monopoly. And yet…somehow the quick-fire nature combined with online multiplayer makes me tempted to buy this. There must be something wrong with me.

John Augustine

----- Grabbit Media 17.11.16 00:04

Thanks for this unboxing! I was a little confused to see a space for another deck in the base box. Wanted to make sure what I got was right.

----- LML013 19.09.15 13:33

For information. The meows circuit is light sensitive.
My Exploding Kittens box did not meow because the circuit was a little unaligned with the hole. After moving it a little it started to meow again. :)

----- Oddbjørn 05.08.15 12:59

I just received mine today but my surprise thingie doesn’t work? Did you have to do anything special?

----- Kate GS 04.08.15 17:11

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