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Bulls Bay Saltworks- 08.19.15


UPDATE: The great branding was designed by Fuzzco!

I just discovered Bulls Bay Saltworks while meandering about online and these amazing line art logos of sea creatures taking on lighthouses pulled me right in. Aren’t they adorably incredible? As i started to get past that… the SALT! From how it looks, to how it’s made, to the story and incredible couple, Rustin and Teresa Gooden, behind it all… i’m late night smitten and wanting to go to South Carolina.

Here’s how they explain the salt making process, “On our home property, we evaporate water in a big greenhouse that we call the solar tunnel. Our salt is crystalized using solar and wind evaporation, harvested by hand and set aside to complete the drying stage.” As for why their saltwater is extra special, “Bulls Bay is located in Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, which contains a Class One Wilderness Area and is home to one of the healthiest saltwater ecosystems and known for its acclaimed oyster clusters, clams and other seafood.” For even more details, go read up on the Bulls Bay Saltworks FAQ. For now - go lust after the lovely packaging of their products with me on the next page!

The GRINDERS! Charleston Sea Salt and Smoked Sea Salt salt1.jpg

The Carolina Flake! salt2.jpg

The Bourbon Barrel Smoked Flake! salt3.jpg

You can get their flakes in cute .5 oz sampler/travel packs in addition to jars and bulk packs. salt4.jpg

The Carolina Margarita Salt! salt5.jpg

And their unfortunately sold out a target=”blank” href=”http://bullsbaysaltworks.com/products/bbsw-t-shirt”>Bulls Bay Logo/Monster T-shirt! salt6.jpg

There’s even this fun picture of their labels from their facebook page. salt7.jpg

And while their monsters are fantastic… i’m just mesmerized with their process! salt8.jpg

… now i’ve stared at them so long, definitely off to order some salt from Bulls Bay Saltworks to try out! Will update more then…

UPDATE, 8.21.15: IT’S HERE! So so so fast - and so delicious! Even cuter packaging in person.




A few monsters up close from Fuzzco: bb1.jpg




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