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Leatherman Tread - Wearable Multitool- 08.17.15


The Leatherman Tread in real life! I’ve been far too curious and excited to check out this “wearable multitool” in person since it was announced - and it’s here! Leatherman just sent this over, and we’ve been test driving it the last few days. First impression? It feels great, and definitely attracts a lot of attention. As a hefty (somewhat heavy) stainless steel linked bracelet with up to 29 tools that you can get through airport security (or into Disneyland with - which inspired the Tread!) the more you wear it, the more useful you find it. So far i’ve opened many a bottle at the 72U Pop Up Park launch party, tightened a few hex screws (IKEA sizes on your wrist!), popped the sim card out of my iPhone, cut paracord with ease, and popped sockets onto it. While i have been using my Original Leatherman Wave since the late 90’s and added the matte black New Wave with Bit Kit to my purse a few years back - the Tread complements them nicely.

Bottom line - it’s basically the ultimate functional charm bracelet. You can remove and rearrange links as needed. I had to give up 2 links/6 tools to get the fit right! People who noticed and asked about it either wanted to have it, or buy it for their significant others. Those who didn’t notice, probably only saw a chunky metal bracelet.

Take a look at the full unboxing and detail shots of the Leatherman Tread in action on the next page.

The acrylic Leatherman Tread Press Kit!



Slide it apart to expose the TREAD - complete with tiny icons.






After poking at all of the tools, first step was the painstaking decision of which 2 links to remove to get a better fit.


What i didn’t notice in all the pictures that had been floating around the internet is the curvature of the tools on each link. Subtle, but makes a world of difference.


Trying it on!


On surprising tools - here’s the sim card tool/pick, bottle opener, carbide glass breaker, and cutting hook. The cutting hook can cut cleanly through paracord (when not trying to cut it slowly for the sake of a picture!)


The 1/4” socket driver is a nice touch built right into the clasp! Now you just need a second bracelet or necklace of your frequently used sockets…


The instructions/tips in the TREAD user guide are great. I’d never have thought to use a penny for the screws.


All the tools/links have engravings on the back labeling each function.



The Tread comes in both stainless steel and matte black - but like the other multitools in black, i’ve found that using the tools, it’s impossible not to have the silver of the stainless steel show. There have been quite a few reviews online mentioning the black coating scratching off somewhat easily, so while it’s great for photos and if you never use it… the stainless steel has my vote for functionality!


We’ve been teased with an upcoming watch version. For guys, it definitely seems more subtle - from afar it’s simply another hefty metal watch. The biggest trade off of course is tools - it looks like you can only fit a few 4 links besides the clasp. And with the full bracelet i’ve already had to remove 2 links to have it fit loosely without falling off, and could probably sacrifice another if needed. Oooh and guys - FYI if you have a bit of arm hair, it seems to catch them a bit!


While playing with it - couldn’t help but see how it looked on Bucky. Combine a few together (or maybe someday there will be other links to add) and you could have quite the multitool dog collar!


So there it is - the Leatherman Tread! It’s a fun tool that will definitely come in handy in ways you’d never expect. Don’t be deceived, it fits as well on ladies as it does men (and with the arm hair issue, might even be more comfortable!)

It definitely feels like the first iteration, and it’s easy to dream up what options may come… dog collar? individual links? customizable treads? a cleaner, more fashion-friendly look? … but the current Leatherman Tread is definitely better than the 3D printable copy! I can’t wait to see what’s next for the Leatherman Tread!

Ooh and for my favorite tiniest detail - the bottle opener icon! bottle.jpg

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What did you do with the spare links???

I’m interested in buying up what is left over.

did you try to add a watch to your yet???
leaves 3-4 links to spare or waste away in the junk drawer

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