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British Museum of Food: Bompas & Parr- 10.22.15


Here’s the latest from London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw as she shares more awesome happenings in London!

There’s no arguing the fact that Sam Bompas and Harry Parr are passionate about food… and architecture, technology, experiences, and where they all intersect! Their projects have dabbled in the cutting edge of food and food science as well as its history and role in our culture, and you can we’ve been covering their incredible adventures for the last 5 years. They are now embarking on a new adventure, the British Museum of Food with the tagline “from field to table, mouth…and beyond”. Get a first peek inside the opening in London’s Borough Market on the next page! You won’t believe the British menus, stunning buttferflies, massage chairs and more…



Last night saw the launch party of a proof of concept exhibition, housed outside London’s famous Borough Market. One Cathedral street was glowing pink as we approached and crowd gathered at the door, a sure sign we were in the right place!


The “Be the Bolus” exhibition takes visitors through the process of digestion, with a film following a bolus of food through the digestive track and massage chairs that simulate that peristalsis experience.



The Atelier of Flavour, showcasing food as art, using different materials to represent the English Breakfast.



My personal favorite exhibit, the British Menu Archive, including a wide range of menus, from takeaway fried chicken to a Christmas menu by POWs. A fascinating look into our traditions of feasting.




A tasting of chocolate with Choco-Phonica. How does sound influence our perception of taste? Visitors can contribute the data from their experiences to help researchers find out.


And of course as a zoologist, how could I not spend my time among the butterflies in a celebration of the role of pollinators. You can actually see them flitting by from outside the building if you take a careful look up from cathedral street. With the lighting inside, it definitely feels more surreal than your average butterfly garden!




We even managed to catch one emerging!




The exhibition opens to the public tomorrow, Friday, October 23rd and details can be found at the British Museum of Food website. The current exhibition is a proof of concept and we hope it will be a success and find itself a permanent home soon!

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