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Unboxing: Teenage Engineering PO-12- 10.19.15


So far we’ve loved everything Teenage Engineering for years… from afar… or through the internet. The design, photography, and ideas are always incredible! But between getting in to SF and meeting friends for dinner, we managed to squeeze in a few stores in the Mission, one of them being the unmissable Dijitalfix. Drawn in by the Freitag pop up in front, and sucked further in by so many design brands we adore… before i knew it, i lost Shawn. Turns out he ended up in the backroom completely engrossed by all the Teenage Engineering toys. And while he was busy pushing buttons and learning how they all worked, i couldn’t stop staring at the products themselves… and the packaging… and the displays! So that was settled… we had to buy one! While it was tough decide, we’re starting with the PO-12 rhythm

And of course, in the small amount of time between procuring the PO-12 and meeting for dinner… we couldn’t resist buying batteries, parking, and unboxing it in the car so we could play with it! So here’s a first for me… an iphone camera unboxing in our car parked on the street at night. Ready to see how awesome it is? See the pics on the next page!

Dijitalfix!!! dijitalfix1.jpg




Here’s how i found Shawn! dijitalfix5.jpg


The Octopus button on this case is my favorite! dijitalfix7.jpg

… on to the parked car in the dark unboxing!!! dijitalfix8.jpg

Love the way it peels open and unfolds. dijitalfix9.jpg


Every surface of the cardboard packaging is filled with useful info. dijitalfix11.jpg

The cover! Only trade off is that you have to snap off the circuit board hanger, but it feels incredible. dijitalfix12.jpg

Playing around with it before dinner! dijitalfix13.jpg

Here’s how it works:

And for gorgeous press photos… dijitalfix14.jpg




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