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Unboxing: Nextbit Black Sheep Toy- 01.06.16


Surprise from Nextbit just arrived! An adorable BLACK SHEEP! When you hear Nextbit, you probably think of the Nextbit Robin - that rockstar kickstarter of a phone that’s all about smart, magically efficient use of the cloud - and it’s coming really really soon to all the backers and buyers! While i could easily delve into all the fun details of the phone… that’s not what we’re here about. In addition to the Robin, Nextbit also turned its cloud logo into an ADORABLE SHEEP MASCOT… then had our friend, Andrew Bell turn him into a vinyl toy! In fact, if you couldn’t afford or didn’t want the phone, but wanted a sheep toy - that was even an option on their kickstarter. Take a peek at some of the fun, playful branding and an unboxing of this adorable sheep on the next page.

Firstly - here’s a reminder of the Nextbit Robinnextbit2.jpg

See how their cute cloud easily turns into a sheep body? nextbit1.jpg

Here’s where the sheep first appeared on the Nextbit Robin kickstarter! nextbit0.jpg

See how much fun they’ve been having with their silly graphics? Found these on Nextbit twitternextbit3.jpg


… also from their twitter… once the toy sheep arrived - they have been living quite the life on their social media! nextbit5.jpg


Now… on to the packaging and unboxing of an actual sheep!






The feet are friction fit! nextbitsheep6.jpg

You can wiggle the head and rotate the ears! nextbitsheep7.jpg

Thanks, Nextbit!

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