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Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Chocolates- 01.23.16


Mmmmm chocolate. It should come as no surprise that i love a good piece of chocolate… especially a beautifully wrapped or designed piece of deliciousness. A quick search for chocolate on NOTCOT.org brings up quite a bit - as does looking for chocolate on NOTCOT.com! Over the last 10 years, that’s a lot of chocolate.

Well Valentine’s Day is around the corner (or so marketers want us to think, since Christmas is over) - and since historically, chocolate and V-day go hand in hand - being one of the biggest chocolate selling holidays, that means loads of special packaging and chocolate offerings coming up every February. And it has already begun! I found so many Valentine’s 2016 chocolate specials, and have rounded up the most interesting (and delectable) ones in this roundup. From incredible box graphics, to chocolate frogs, lovebugs, oysters, champagne corks, cigars and more…

So whether you need to get started on ideas and planning early, or are just curious to see what i found researching chocolate tonight… see it all on the next page!

Compartes Valentine’s Love Truffles Heart - Flavors may include raspberry rose, pink crystal salt, red velvet, strawberry champagne, meyer lemon lavender, honey vanilla and many more. compartes.jpg

Also stunning from Compartes - Valentine’s Kiss Heart Champagne Truffles compartes1.jpg

Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Peacock Heart - Delectable pink truffles with a milk chocolate and Marc de Champagne centre, this heart shaped box is decorated with a peacock resplendent with crown, an exclusive illustration by Queen’s scholar Kerry Lemon. peacock.jpg

Getting edgy with rose gold spikes for the Renegade Collection at Vosges - Dark Chocolate Renegade Truffle Collection, Exotic Truffle Renegade Heart, Renegade Ensemble Heart vosges.jpg

Valerie Confections Valentine’s Box - A classic assortment of molded chocolate hearts; Red Hearts made of bittersweet chocolate with almond toffee pieces wrapped in red foil, Golden Hearts filled with bittersweet ganache and detailed with edible 23k gold, and our new Caramelia Hearts filled with a creamy milk chocolate ganache with notes of rich caramel. valerie.jpg

Pierre Marcolini 25 Hearts Collection - irresistible collection of milk, white and dark chocolate hearts falling.jpg

Hotel Chocolat’s Oysters & Champagne - stylish milk chocolate oysters filled with smooth praline, served with milk chocolate pearls of champagne ganache. oysters.jpg

A little different (and less heart packaging), but sure to draw attention - Dude Sweet Chocolate has One Night Stand Potion - made with agave nectar, 100 Anos Tequila, and 72% dark chocolate. There are also there Salamis - the FDA made with meedjoul dates, figs, cocoa nibs, and marzipan and PDA made with meedjoul dates, prunes, armagnac, walnuts, and marzipan. dudesweet.jpg

Jacques Torres Champagne Truffles - that look like champagne corks - a combination of milk chocolate, fresh cream and Taittinger Brut La Fran�aise Champagne. torres.jpg

John & Kira’s Red Ganache Lovebug Chocolates - To make them, they hand-paint 62% dark chocolate shells with colored cocoa butter, each one unique, and fill them with a delectable dark Valrhona 64% chocolate ganache and a hint of Singing Dog vanilla sourced from Indonesian farmers. johnkira.jpg

See’s Marshmallow Hearts and See’s Scotchmallow Hearts sees.jpg

Fika Chocolate Cigar - delicious fig marzipan treat covered in rich dark chocolate and dusted with cacao powder. Also Fika Chocolate Pills - roasted and caramelized hazelnuts and almonds coated in 70% dark chocolate and cocoa powder. fika.jpg

Black Dinah Chocolatiers Kiss A Frog - 6 Peanut Butter Filled Dark Chocolate Peepers and 24 Dark Chocolate Frogletiers to a box. frog.jpg

By far still one of my favorite chocolates around the world - Diane Kr�n Chocolates - Scotch and Vodka Balls are delicious (liquid center, sugar shell, dark chocolate!) and the K Bears (milk, dark, and white chocolate covered crunchiness) are just incredible. kron.jpg

TCHO Chocolate Valentine’s Day Gifts TCHO.jpg

And while they aren’t chocolate… they were too cute to leave out… and you could probably do some chocolate fondue or souffl�s or brownies in these!

Le Creuset Heart Cocotte 2qt - also at Wililams Sonoma lecreuset.jpg

Staub Heart Cocotte (1 3/4qt) and Staub Mini Heart Cocottes (4”) staub.jpg

Ooh and one more - where your drink vices can turn into sugary treats at Sugarfina! sugarfina.jpg

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