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Wonderboo: Luxury Dog Food- 02.25.16


How adorable is this luxurious Wonderboo Premium Dog Food Truck? It’s like a Louis Vuitton inspired Piaggio Ape… and it might be cruising around London now handing out samples!

While the Ape is definitely what pulled me in first - and i can’t seem to decide how i feel about the branding… there’s a very Rodeo Drive, luxe lingerie/jewelry, purse dog vibe going on… it is very consistent and eye catching! From product to logo to concept store to… mini truck and Land Rover Defender! This Swedish luxury dog food brand launched last year and is currently available in Sweden and the UK. (So no luxury taste testing for Bucky quite yet.) They offer Swedish Ox and Swedish Cod flavors, and have recently added food for big dogs and puppies too. Of course they also have Wonderboo Accessories including luxury jewelry (for humans) and leather leashes and collars (for dogs). Take a look at the details on the next page!

All pictures are from the Wonderboo site and their Instagram.

First a look at their concept store in Stockholm. wonderboo1.jpg



A peek at their product line… wonderboo2a.jpg


From their instagram you can see a bit more about how it’s packaged. wonderboo3a.jpg

They also have a Wonderboo Wonderpod - “practical rubber case with a silicone tray that also works as a serving bowl.” booPod_gif.gif

Here’s the adorable Piaggio Ape! wonderboo4.jpg



… and their chocolatey Defender! wonderboo6.jpg

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