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Rapha Citroen H Van Toy- 05.10.16


Far too excited about my new toy… Citroen HY Van! These amazingly iconic (and super utilitarian) vans have been a fixation of ours for years now… and when Shawn and i were grabbing lunch and wandering Abbot Kinney, we checked out the Rapha Pop Up, and while their full sized H Van wasn’t there, this amazing little 1:24 scale toy one was! So I had to get it. In a fantastic matte grey - complete with sliding panel door and a back that pops open - it’s going to be tough to stare at the scale model without wanting a full sized one even more! Take a peek at the awesome details on the next page.

p.s. We’ve also done lots of research and have SO many ideas on importing one to the states, doing an engine conversion, and making it into a really fun shop, adventure mobile, experience on wheels and more… Interested? Want to make our dream come true? Let’s chat!

I’ve been fascinated by Citroen HY Vans especially since finding this one at a flea market in the south of france… (Instagram says this was 164 weeks ago!) hyvan1.jpg

So when we walked into the Rapha Pop Up on Abbot Kinney today - first thing that grabbed me was… raphavan1.jpg

… the little 1:24 scale Welly Die Cast Citroen HY VAN!!! raphavan2.jpg

So i had to get one. raphavan3.jpg


It has such adorably bold lines to it! raphavan5.jpg



The door slides open! raphavan7.jpg


And you can pop the back! raphavan9.jpg






If you want your own - the Rapha H Van Miniature is available online and in their stores. raphavan13.jpg

… and if you want to figure out an amazing HY Van build together - hit us up!

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I saw this today on reddit and thought you would like to see your van in the wild!


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