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Inspiration: Nashville + Project House- 06.26.16


This post is long overdue! But WOW. (As you can see on @NOTlabs Instagram…) Real life got a bit crazy the last two weeks - Bucky, Shawn and I hopped in the car and drove from LA to Nashville… for a whole new adventure!!! Since we’ve arrived, we’ve been getting our hands dirty on the new NOTCOT Nashvillle Project House! An cute little post WWII bungalow on a half acre of overgrown jungle in adorable East Nashville - with some of our favorite spots minutes away, and the huge park and river SO close! And of course, we’re also exploring and finding new inspiration all over the city - as often as we come back, there’s always more to discover and so much that has changed (even since December!) For those who keep asking - are we moving to Nashville? Probably not. Will we be back and forth between LA and Nashville more? Possibly…

Anyhow - if you’re ready to see the fun, madness, and laborious adventures - to the next page!

Bringing Bucky out to be reunited with Caleb who was a mere 12lbs when we were last here in Dec. He’s now caught up quickly, and the two frolic and nap together like long lost brothers. nashtrip1.jpg

Checking out the new Bajo Sexto Taco Lounge - fun to see the ratchet strapped, powder coated table legs in person. nashtrip2.jpg

… and they have a pretty epic guitar mural on the ceiling! So look UP if you go! It even has real strings! nashtrip3.jpg

One of the most amazing spaces i’ve ever seen - the new cocktail bar/hang out Old Glory has taken over the boiler room of an old industrial laundry space with 60+ft ceilings, and it’s beautiful! nashtrip4.jpg

Look at their tiles! nashtrip5.jpg

Cute little balcony overlooking the bar - with elephant foot palm. nashtrip6.jpg

Beautiful golden railings and horse head up top… nashtrip7.jpg

Popped into The Hook - love their angler fish logo/mural, and their wall of white painted instruments. nashtrip7a.jpg

Lessons in sharing #BuckyTheNotPuppy #CalebTheDudley

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To celebrate our 5 years together and the new house project - we grabbed a drink at the Patterson Housenashtrip8.jpg

… then headed up to The Catbird Seat! nashtrip9.jpg

Funky house numbers! nashtrip10.jpg

Bucky and Caleb are inseparable! nashtrip11.jpg

Getting into the house! Measuring for new windows, ripping out cabinets, knocking down walls (my first time demo-ing!), and more!!! nashtrip12.jpg

Peeking into the jungle of a backyard… dog house and all! nashtrip13.jpg

There are some amazing limestone shelves climbing up the yard! nashtrip14.jpg

Dumpster’s here! Please don’t sleep in or balance on or tip it? nashtrip15.jpg

It's like a clarisonic drill attachment… For your tile! Amazing!

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Mmmmm delicious NY style pizza at Five Points Pizza - and a fun use of light up letters as ceiling lights. nashtrip16.jpg

Wall’s down, new drywall is up, discovering layers and layers of linoleum and paint and wallpaper! Bucky can’t get enough of staring out the storm door at the world passing by… nashtrip17.jpg

Fun lettering for Bradley’s Creamery! nashtrip18.jpg

Adorable little green roof on this free lending library! nashtrip19.jpg

My favorite sculpture i’ve found is right in Shelby Park - “Reflection” by Lawrence Argent - a stunning reflective mockingbird! nashtrip20.jpg


Having fun pressure washing off decades of dirt. nashtrip22.jpg

Elliston Place Soda Shop - a Nashville fixture since 1939! nashtrip24.jpg

Sadly these tableside juke boxes don’t work, but how lovely are the speaker designs? They are hoping to fix them up! nashtrip23.jpg

Found this stunning piece of bird street art! nashtrip25.jpg

Restoring the vintage Nutone Door Chime on the Project House! Pull and Release for a fun springy DING! nashtrip26.jpg

Love the octopus graphic on this Tauk poster that i found in Urban Juicer. nashtrip27.jpg

Bobcat vs doghouse… Clearing out the yard!

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Bobcat wins!!!

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Welcome to (east) Nashville…I’ve followed your blog for 5+ years and somehow missed this exciting new adventure. Sounds exciting…what’s not to love about Nashville (My daughter and I love the Mockingbird at Shelby too :)…

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