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Nicoletto’s Pasta Co & Italian Kitchen- 06.30.16


Nicoletto’s Pasta Co. is my latest Nashville discovery/obsession/craving. Another reason to add to the list of reasons we love East Nashville and started the NOTCOT Project House! I’m not even sure where to start - the fact that I kept being drawn to the black and white adorableness on our multitude of Home Depot trips… the fresh pasta… the fun packaging… or the MACARONS!

OMG. The macarons. Let’s start there - it is the most delicious/amazing dessert mashup i’ve tried in some time. They are like the jelly donuts of macarons. And the flavors change every few weeks! And Nicoletto’s Italian Kitchen is the only spot you can find them! Yes, it’s a pasta company, and yes the pasta is quite delicious, BUT it’s totally worth going by just to get a macaron. The one we had (and then went back the next day for another, but more on that later) - was filled with white chocolate ginger cream around an apricot jam center… and the shells are painted beautifully. Head to the next page for all the macaron/pasta adventures and details.

So it all started with the many Home Depot trips that had us cruising way up Gallatin… and we’d pass this adorable little building with the black and white facade of Nicoletto’s Italian Kitchen next to Mickey’s Tavern… and The Hop Stop in the next little building. So after a day of manual laboring on the house - we decided to grab a beer and some food at The Hop Stop (also super cute!) and then wandered over to see the menu at Nicoletto’s. It smelled delicious but we were so full… but i couldn’t resist bringing back two of the huge macarons!

… and the macaron was AMAZING! nicolettos1.jpg

So i ended up exploring the Nicoletto’s Pasta Co.website… nicolettos1b.jpg

… and seeing their packaged pastas, and learning about their farmer’s market pop ups and more. nicolettos1c.jpg

Then checking out the Nicoletto’s Instagram to see more of their goods… including more macaron variants! nicolettos1aa.jpg

… which then lead me to the @alanismorrischestnut Instagram… with LOTS of the macarons she makes! Including the delicious one we just had! nicolettos1a.jpg

So thanks to the power of the internets - she comments and i learn more about the macarons! Including a new flavor coming Friday! nicolettos1ab.jpg

So we first tried the macaron last night (weds) and a new macaron flavor was coming Friday… so clearly we had to go back TODAY (thurs) for lunch and to pick up another one of the white chocolate ginger apricot macarons as a gift… and try the pasta.

Love their neon… neon.jpg

How cute is their welcome mat? nicolettos2.jpg

When you walk in, to the left you see a wall of pasta, tomatoes, lurisa and more… Also how perfectly colorful are these four fellows? nicolettos2a.jpg

Straight ahead, is a case of fresh pasta! (Also macarons!) nicolettos3.jpg

As you look up - you can craft your pasta bowl. Pick a pasta, a sauce, and meat/veggies. nicolettos4.jpg

Then they boil your pasta, get your sauce ready in a big metal bowl, toss them together then top it with your meat, parmesan, etc… nicolettos5.jpg

On thursday-saturday from 9pm to 2am, they stop serving pasta (*Unless you are Bill Murray, Daniel Day Lewis, Steve Perry, Norm McDonald, Huey Lewis, Iron Maiden, or Blake Schwartzenbach) and exclusively serve their late night menu. nicolettos6.jpg

Please excuse the blurriness of this shot - i was admittedly quite hangry, and now the pasta is all gone… but we did get a delicious bowl of fusilli with pesto and italian sausage and rigatoni with alfredo sauce and chicken… with more macarons naturally. nicolettos7.jpg

As for that flavor that’s coming tomorrow… doesn’t it sound like we may need to stop by for a treat when we take a break from the house tomorrow? nicolettos8.jpg

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