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Seersucker Candy Co for Bourbon Lovers- 06.19.16


Mmmmmmm… good scotch and dark chocolate are a favorite pairing of mine. Bourbon and caramel is another delicious one. Now mix up a delicious soft bourbon caramel in a divine dark chocolate shell… shape it with facets and colorful splashes and gold? WOW. Especially good when it isn’t just any bourbon but - Belle Meade Sherry Cask Bourbon, Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, Weller Antique 107 Proof, and Bulleit Rye Whiskey. Seersucker Candy Co. and Olive & Sinclair have outdone themselves. Their new limited edition Bourbon Lover’s Collection is a terrible thing, simply because they are only making 100 factory exclusive boxes that you can’t order online! I wish i could send you all a box! It’s THAT good.

When i first noticed it on their instagram, it was so pretty and sounded so good i shared it on NOTCOT.org immediately. Then as we kept working on the Nashville house, being only a few blocks away from the Olive & Sinclair factory/store, I convinced Shawn to take a break with me to go get some! We joke that we picked the new house project in part because of its proximity to delicious chocolates and our favorite breakfast sandwich, but having tasted these new chocolate caramels, maybe it’s not really a joke? Take a peek at more details on the next page - and if you’re in Nashville, go get some!

In the store in the case! bourbons1a.jpg

Gift boxes for sale and the chocolate being ground behind them! bourbons2.jpg

Taking them home and checking out the Legend before diving in! bourbons3.jpg

Plastic domes keep them all protected. bourbons4.jpg

Lovely facets! and colors! bourbons5.jpg


The liquidy bourbony caramelly goodness inside! bourbons7.jpg

The delicious bourbons inside… bourbons10.jpg

From their site… bourbons8.jpg


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