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Barista Parlor Coffee Box Packaging- 07.01.16


Coffee packaging just keeps escalating to more and more beautiful, fun designs! Look at these! How could we resist picking up one (and almost the whole collection) of the letterpressed boxes of coffee beans from Barista Parlor x Isle of Printing?!?!? It’s stunning! And even more amazing, there’s a beautiful secret sealed up inside! Each and every box really is a work of art that is “engineered from the ground up and letterpressed at our shop on the trusty automated Kluge (circa 1940’s)” says Isle of Printing’s Instagram. From the graphics, to the cap, to the sticker seal, to the bag within… the details are fantastic.

Check out all the details on the next page - and see what i found when i cut open the box so that you don’t have to.

Yesterday we popped by the original Barista Parlor near the Nashville Project House for a quick coffee and a Five Daughters Bakery 100-layer donut (aka cronut)… and i was mesmerized by the coffee boxes! Barista-1.jpg

… also their lovely graphics - everywhere! Barista-2.jpg

I’d seen the new boxes on instagram - but they really are even MORE enticing in person. barista1.jpg

Close up with our box of the Sunyirga that Shawn is loving. barista-box1.jpg

Look at these fonts! and patterns! barista-box2.jpg

The seal on the base! barista-box3.jpg

My favorite detail… Another great idea from Nashville, Tenn! barista-box4.jpg

And a tiny circle from Isle of Printing! barista-box5.jpg

Now to get to the beans! Break the seal, pop the plastic tab, beans! barista-box6.jpg

Shawn was so nice and patient to let me take pics before he got to start making our morning coffee… barista-box7.jpg

SO awesome!!! I do kind of want them all… barista-box9.jpg

So what’s that plastic cap lead to? Looks like a bag? barista-box8.jpg

I lasted about the time it took me to edit the previous photos before i just HAD to know what was inside. It was heart breaking to bust inside, but we had to know. So i tried to open the bottom first… and found MORE PATTERNS! But it wouldn’t slide out. So… had to cut the top flap… barista-box10.jpg

What a surprise! Can you believe they’ve hidden this gorgeously detailed bag INSIDE the letterpressed box? barista-box11.jpg

Taking a peek at the Barista Parlor Instagram you can see boxes getting ready… barista-box12.jpg

Here’s a look at all the box designs - order your own box here!








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