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Inspiration: Nashville + Project House (III)- 07.30.16


It’s been a truly eye opening adventure the last few MONTHS (?!?!?!) here in Nashville. Unfortunately we’ve been taking the time to tackle a less visually inspiring process for the recent leg of the NOTCOT Nashville Project House - so the posts have been extra sparse as we slog through it to lay the foundation for SO MUCH CREATIVE POTENTIAL! I’m pretty giddy about the possibilities brewing, but first things first. Got to get the house cleaned up and the basics covered… including diving into adventures with the metro government, planning commissions, and the bureaucratic world we’re catching up fast on (sink or swim, right?) Also, the more time spent in a city of this scale, the longer we’re here, the faster we blast through the exciting new inspiration to share, and currently my real world inspiration seems to be lots of details in nature and street art (as you can see via @NOTlabs Instagram) While some might see this hands-on-creative-inspiration drought as a travesty, i’ve been surprised and delighted that it has sparked even MORE ideas, MORE drive, and MORE clarity regarding what we’re itching to design and create - SOON! So don’t worry, more crazy fun and back to normal after this summer vacation house adventure!

It’s also been a weird few weeks in the real world. Pokemon. RNC. DNC. Prisma. And so many heartbreaking attacks around the world. Weird times for sure. So if you’re ready - dive in on the next page to see what’s been keeping me busy and inspired IRL.

The sunsets are still awe inspiring. 3nash1.jpg

Here’s Bucky taking over my job site “office” - gotta love those Home Depot “Let’s Do This” buckets! 3nash2.jpg

The surveyors came out to start figuring out all our property lines! 3nash3.jpg

Interior is making progress - fresh paint, new windows (not all of them yet in these pics), and the kitchen is definitely transforming! 3nash5.jpg

Here’s the “before” state of how it started when we closed. 3nash4.jpg

There’s been a lot of paperwork, a lot of time pouring over codes and regulations, and a lot of time hanging out at the Planning Department. Luckily while it’s a slow process - they’ve been really nice and helpful!

The wall at the back of Bastion Nashville! 3nash7.jpg

Pokemon has been inescapable - so i had to try it. Shawn (and bucky) have been pretty patient about my experiment. 3nash8.jpg

Giant Connect 4!!! Kind of need this in our backyard in LA. 3nash9.jpg




Prisma probably took over (or is still taking over?) your feeds! Here’s how the house started… 3nash22.jpg

Trying out our countertop (that is actually a Husky workbench top!) before it gets cut down. Testing out exterior house colors and before/after simplifications of the house. Appliances arrived! Dumpster finally gone and out of the driveway (can you believe our tiny 630 sqft house had that much to dump?) 3nash12a.jpg

KidOak! Been spotting these all over East Nashville! 3nash13.jpg

On random inspiration - we’re trying out the Casper Matress and Pillows (so far, my favorite part is their packaging and unboxing experience! It’s pretty comfy too) - the Comcast Xfinity remote is “Designed with <3 in Philadelphia”! also the voice feature, on screen UI, and the feel of the remote have been far better than expected. Had to get Bucky some angler fish toys and an emoji poop! Random vintage plate illustration i liked from Sunday brunch. 3nash14.jpg

When in Nashville, had to have some hot chicken. 3nash15.jpg


This not so little bird flew SO hard into one of our windows, so we nursed him back to health before helping hop and then fly back home. 3nash17.jpg

Yes, MORE vintage glass bottles. They washed out from between these limestone shelves in the backyard! 3nash18.jpg


Paint is all done! Carport is REALLY cleaned up and fixed up! Tub is refinished (now on to the rest of the bathroom) 3nash19a.jpg

Pokemon madness everywhere! 3nash20.jpg

…especially insane in Centennial Park. I still can’t believe that a guy with headphones in and playing pokemon nearly walked right into our moving car… and he still probably doesn’t even know it nearly happened. 3nash21.jpg

This is SO fun (and SO much less energy than a scraper) - Scraper attachment for the little Milwaukee Hackzall! There’s even an attachment for GROUT!

Bucky is so good about my random photos… 3nash24.jpg

Prisma experiments on bucky… 3nash23.jpg

THIS is VINYL FLOORING! I can’t believe it. There is actually cute vinyl? Coming soon for the kitchen. 3nash25.jpg


The yard is growing back crazy fast. Thunderstorms and tons of sun will do that - but i’m still amazed how fast and how tall things pop up. There’s bucky looking tiny. 3nash26.jpg

So many creatures and natural inspiration all around… huge click beetle, cicada shed, emperor caterpillar, and crazy fungus looking like a claw climbing out of the tree… 3nash27.jpg

Moss on the base of the maple tree looking like a mini landscape. 3nash28.jpg

Bucky and Caleb on the way home from the dog park - they basically sum up how we’ve been feeling the last week or two…

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