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Inspiration: Nashville + Project House (II)- 07.10.16


Yes, believe it or not, we’re STILL in Nashville - and still happy, exhausted, and working our butts off on the NOTCOT Nashville Project House! It’s been such a fun adventure - like construction summer camp? Or like a contractor apprenticeship? It’s been a such a fun way to get out of our heads, escape our stresses, and just dive in head first on a new project that is so physically and mentally challenging… all while exploring and distracting myself with all the newness to discover and get inspired by in a new city. Even though Shawn grew up here - this city is changing SO fast, there’s lots i’m dragging him around to discover too! So between the posts i’ve shared so far, here’s a look at some of the smaller inspirations and discoveries since the last @NOTlabs Instagram Nashville Inspiration post… see the adventures on the next page!

To balance out some of the delicious (but oh so heavy) uniquely Nashville yummies… Urban Juicer (and their adorable ginger baby and green juices) have become my go to spot! nashupdate1.jpg

The sunsets and thunderstorms are surreal and stunning! nashupdate2.jpg

The I JUST WANNA… wall in east nashville. nashupdate3.jpg

So we FINALLY got someone to come clear out the near half acre of overgrown madness. Well actually, it took about 6 guys 3-4 days! And it turns out that many of the “trees” were actually weeds that went untamed for YEARS! While clearing it out we started finding all kinds of treasures… from this adorable box turtle, to a black walnut tree (and TONS of walnut shells), as well as vintage glass bottles and a tiled fireplace? grill? (Actual use not yet determined.) nashupdate4.jpg

Even found a Test Mission Hot Wheels out there! nashupdate5.jpg

My favorite vintage glass bottle find - “Federal law prohibits sale or reuse of this bottle” Half Pint!!! nashupdate6.jpg

We also found this little Odo-Ro-No bottle which was some old school ladies deodorant. nashupdate7.jpg

Stop it hurts! Also after the instagram comments - i hear the Electric Avenue song every time we drive by the street! nashupdate8.jpg

The more they clear and the more i wander the property - the more bottles i find! One is even still enclosed… complete with rusted on top. Also lots of medicine bottles and more. nashupdate9.jpg

So far we’ve found fireflies, bats, may beetles, turtles, hawks, turkey buzzards and now… even bunnies across the way! nashupdate10.jpg

This tiny guy was too cute! nashupdate11.jpg

Bucky and Caleb are still as inseparable as ever - wrestling and napping and tug (or hug) or war-ing throughout the house. nashupdate12.jpg

They are adorably ridiculous and so full of character!!! nashupdate13.jpg

Took a Germantown field trip… popipng into a few cute shops like Wilder… nashupdate14.jpg

… and Cochon Butcher! nashupdate15.jpg

The pups need power tools too! nashupdate16.jpg

Groovy! nashupdate17.jpg

Cute little elephant in east nashville. nashupdate18.jpg

Mornings with the pups! nashupdate19.jpg

Morning inspiration at the Frothy Monkey Bakery! nashupdate20.jpg

Big news in Nashville - you can buy wine at the supermarket now. nashupdate21.jpg

Bagel Face! nashupdate22.jpg

So curious what this means or is for… nashupdate23.jpg

Mmmmm Yeast Nashville has amazing fruit kolaches (have them warm!) also the jalape�o sausage cheddar is pretty phenomenal as well. nashupdate24.jpg

Loving these innovative 3M sanding pads! Such a fun(ctional) design. nashupdate25.jpg

A peek at the kitchen progress - ceiling/drywall all fixed up, demo’d the wall and build a more solid short wall that’s ready for a bar top, hid the water heater in a secret panel, whited out the woody cabinets and more! nashupdate26.jpg

While it’s unlikely Nashville will become a ramen destination - Otaku Ramen gives things a Tennessee twist with Hot Chicken Buns and Tennessee Tonkotsu (mmm pork confit!) nashupdate27.jpg

Sunflower season! nashupdate28.jpg

I know we shouldn’t, but we got so curious… on more weird food mashups - Burger King Mac n’ Cheetos. nashupdate29.jpg

We’re getting there with the house… more to come soon! Blows my mind to see how far we’ve come in a month!

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