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Inspiration: Nashville + Project House (IV)- 08.08.16


Yes - here’s yet ANOTHER one of our Nashville + Project House Instagram filled updates, but less house this time, as we’re in a little bit of a holding pattern and needed a bit of a break as we wait for flooring to arrive, and we focused on sorting out surveying, prepping for a planning commission meeting, hiring a gardener and more. The in betweens house work however, have been filled with more natural inspiration (the colors here are SO different from LA!), more attempts to find new shops and spots that inspire, and diving into the history of Nashville through vintage maps!!! Ready to take a peek? To the next page!

This floor! So much black and white goodness at Proper Bagel… nashnat1.jpg

… and they have FLAGELS?!?!?! nashnat2.jpg


Loving House Of Nashville - a unique boutique run by Belmont University Students! Great local wares and a fun way to get entrepreneurs hands on experience. nashnat4.jpg

Amelia’s Flower Truck was at Imogene + Willie! nashnat5.jpg

Why Don’t You Mind Your Own Business Hank Patch at White’s Mercantile. nashnat6.jpg

Adorable dachshund beer sign. nashnat7.jpg

We’ve been mowing! Well, Shawn’s been teaching me how to use a push mower and weed eater… i’ve gained a whole new level of respect for our gardeners! Also - SO MUCH YARD at the new house!!! nashnat8.jpg

While mowing and trimming - found this stump FILLED with life! So many mushrooms of various sorts growing out of it. nashnat9.jpg

These two were especially trippy to stare at… nashnat10.jpg

Delicious! Colts Chocolates! Anyone who likes peanut butter cups HAS to try a Colts Bolts!!! Classic and oh so decadent. Also chocolate covered animal crackers - WOW. nashnat11.jpg

Prisma-fied cicada! nashnat12.jpg

Late night Kroger curiosities… fancy box wine (not that bad?) and Southern Biscuits & Gravy CHIPS (basically just peppery/creamy flavoring)… nashnat13.jpg

A 1871 Map of Davidson County… nashnat15.jpg

A 1909 view of Nashville… nashnat14.jpg

A 1928 Air Corps view! nashnat16.jpg

Uh, PANDA. nashnat17.jpg

Peeked into Two Son. nashnat18.jpg

Caleb is off to doggie camp this week - but Shawn got pictures - and apparently he can turn just about any body of water he can fit into into a relaxing POOL! nashnat19.jpg

Mmmm the colors! nashnat20.jpg

Found a cicada on the doorstep fern… and it was all fun and good till it reached out and touched bucky on the nose and he jumped! nashnat21.jpg

… so we put it back. Thinking of using this picture for color inspiration for the front door though… nashnat22.jpg

The heirloom mini tomatoes at Green Door Gourmet!!!!!!! nashnat23.jpg

… and the stunning bug patterns on one of the logs on their farm… nashnat24.jpg

On yummy discoveries - Spicy Pimento Cheese Gougeres in the frozen section from Nashville Professor Bailey’s. I had no idea i could make/freeze gougere dough for super quick baking when needed! Will have to whip up a batch to store soon. nashnat25.jpg

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