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NOTlabs: Nashville Project House- 10.01.16


The NOTCOT Nashville Project House is done! And we are finally home in LA. For those who have been following along this summer, you know what an adventure it’s been for Shawn, Bucky, and I!!! (For those who want to catch up - you can see our Nashville Project House and inspiration posts as well as the Instagram hashtag.) We loaded up the car and drove out to Nashville early in June to close on a house, then proceed to fix it up, subdivide the lot, and rent it out before driving back across country. We weren’t exactly sure what we were embarking on, and naturally hit a few bumps along the way - but never stop learning more and more than we ever imagined!

As for how it all started - Shawn grew up in Nashville, and over the last 5 years, I’ve joined him on countless trips there. It’s incredible how much the city is transforming even month to month. As we’ve watched it all happen, after our Dec 2015 trip, we started watching the house listings out of curiosity thinking it might be a fun project to buy a house or a plot of land there… we’ve both long dreamed of building a house, and we love the city. Well, being us, the what-ifs didn’t last long, and in February we found one that intrigued us. Tiny house (650 sqft), but amazing lot (nearly half an acre!), super near a lot of our favorite bakery/chocolate/restaurants/cafes/bars as well as gorgeous parks, river, farmer’s market and downtown… with some amazing changes coming soon (i.e. Envision Cayce) and in a fun neighborhood with lots of nice folks. We basically spent March in talks with the seller’s realtor, and landed the house on Shawn’s 30th birthday! We gave the seller a long closing to get his affairs in order, and drove out at the beginning of June to close on the house. I thought THAT was the beginning… fixing up the house and subdividing the lot (a whole other story)… then we decided to find a renter while we figure out what the bigger plan is! Well now it’s rented out and we’re home… it turns out THIS is really the beginning (or another beginning) as we dream up our dream house for the empty lot!

So here it is - a peek at the before and after to put the last few month of process shots into perspective! See it all on the next page!

First, the quick version of the house tour with Bucky!



Here are the finished house photos we shared when posting it for rent.







The harder part of things… subdivision! But now there are two lots, the lot with the house is ~7000 sqft, and the empty lot is now ~12,000 sqft of possibilities! housefinal9.jpg

Now that you’ve seen the final product - here’s a jump to the VERY beginning.

The listing photos were… well… you can see… housefinal10.jpg

Beneath those photos, we saw lots of potential in the lot and the house has good bones! All it needed was a vision and some elbow grease!

Now for the big comparison from getting keys at closing… to now! We took out a wall, built a bar, changed up appliances, replaced all the windows, refinished the floors, fixed the ceiling, redid the carport, took down that green shed, installed moulding, built a railing, repainted everything, fixed up the bathroom, lay down some new vinyl, cleared out the decades of overgrowth in the yard… and more!



And when all is said and done - we came home from Nashville as landlords with two pieces of land to dream up ideas for! housefinal13.jpg

… so perhaps the next part of this story will be new house designs?

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Nice looking project. Glad I got the tour and walked the lot with many possibilities. Look forward to what you do next here.

----- Chris Rippy 31.05.17 14:22

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