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NOTlabs: Workshop Pergola/Deck- 10.30.16


We built a pergola/deck! When I get antsy for newness or itching to move, Shawn usually indulges me by helping rearrange rooms… or in this case, building a NEW room! Just off the garage/workshop, we’ve built a fun semi-covered/UV blocking space to work, play, brainstorm, etc. Also a perfect solution to minimize lawn coverage in the drought, and open up options for all kinds of new experiments and projects! For those following us @NOTlabs on Instagram, you may remember earlier this summer we built the pergola/deck just before embarking on the Nashville Project House adventure. We hit the road about a day after finishing it, and barely had a chance to hang out and enjoy it! And of course… moving so fast in my head, i totally forgot how much we’d done before leaving! So - going through my phone, i just found and rounded up our making of pictures - and i’m exhausted already! So on the next page you can see the full making of process, and some of the fun toys/tools we discovered to make it all possible. And… a peek at how it is currently - glowing with little spherical string lights and a work/hang out space below! (And of course, a bunch of ridiculous Bucky pictures along the way too.)

Step one was pulling up the grass… Bucky indulges my silliest whims, as he sat on his island of grass… pergola1.jpg

Then came digging and pouring the footings… pergola2.jpg

… laying down some weed blocker… pergola3.jpg

… filled it up with gravel… and started building upwards! pergola4.jpg

Got the pergola up! pergola5.jpg

… and painted! pergola6.jpg


Popped the clear UV blocking top on - after all we wanted to let the sun through, but still keep things dry during the occasional rain. pergola8.jpg



Working on getting the frame down… pergola11.jpg


The redwood waiting… we designed it to match our previous wood experiments - the triangle, gate, fences and more! pergola14.jpg

Getting the MANY hidden screws in to secure the planks… The Kreg Deck Jig system is pretty incredible, and looks SO CLEAN after! pergola13.jpg


Jigsawed our way around the posts! And see how clean the hidden screw system is?!?!?! It’s a bit more work (and more screws) but looking at it now, SO worth it! pergola16.jpg

Finished!!!! Then stained it and headed off to Nashville! pergola17.jpg

As we got home, first thing i did was order 100ft of Globe String Lights, which were a perfect fit! pergola18.jpg

Then added some chairs and a table! pergola19.jpg

Which is perfect for sipping whisky with friends as the sun sets! pergola20.jpg

And currently i’ve been working on repotting and fixing up some of the many succulent experiments that have fought to survive the LA summer heat waves! pergola21.jpg

Bucky seems to love the new space too - as i was cleaning up, i turned to find him exploring as he hopped up on the chair, and partially on to the table!!! pergola22.jpg

… so there’s a look at our new “room” - my new favorite space to work and relax, especially while Shawn’s climbing into the NOTFZJ engine (but that’s a story for another day.)

UPDATE - added some woodland camo netting up top since it’s 80 degrees in mid November! Love the way it adds some shade, while creating a structured, but leafy covered speckled light! camo.jpg

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