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The Brushies- 11.08.16


Meet The Brushies! I never thought baby toothbrushes would be something i’d be fascinated enough to feature, but the best thing about NOTCOT is probably the constant surprises! So when my email had the cutest picture of a board book and 4 finger puppet toothbrushes, i was intrigued. “Designed by two doctor moms” - a dentist and family psychologist - The Brushies aim to bring some fun into the fight against tooth decay which is apparently the #1 childhood disease. Their “world’s first finger puppet toothbrushes” are made of BPA and phthalate-free, non-toxic, food-grade silicone in the shape of adorable pigs, trexs, whales, and monkeys… and these characters are featured in their fun, playfully illustrated board book that is part of their initial Brushies Limited Edition Gift Set. The little silicone bristles are incredibly soft, and supposedly they are good on kids 4 weeks to 4 years old. Take a look at the unboxing, details, and a peek inside the cute board book on the next page.


Our favorite is definitely CHOMPS! brushies3.jpg

A look at the packaging (front)… brushies4.jpg

… and back! brushies5a.jpg

Close up of the Brushies! brushies6.jpg

And a peek into a few of the pages in the book! brushies7.jpg

As for how they fit… here’s a pic from the The Brushies Instagram! brushies0.jpg

Learn more about The Brushies here!

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