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Peace: Substratum

substrateposter.jpgI woke up to the poster that RUGenius put up on .org… and it’s been stuck in my head since. This eco-war of sorts we are globally dealing with - often seen like man and machines against nature - i love the way Substratum has taken on the subject of nature in these two posters (might actually need to purchase them both for the studio when i’m done posting this). Their “personified representation of the harmony nature intended between Land and Sea” is just perfect… as is this unison of sea creatures to represent a tree of life…

[While i’m obsessing about their posters - they also have shirts, as seen over at Josh Spear’s]

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Maandag Meubels

A little late on the get go today - but just found this table in my inbox, and while i think we have probably all seen it around, love the way its put together. Something so clean and crisp about the way the legs are fused to the top. by Maandag Meubels of Netherlands.

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“Allow your plants to take care of themselves” - it sounds so freeing the way WetPot describes it, and is probably exactly what most of us need for extended vacations… it is a smart elegant solution, and i love that the clarity of the glass exterior lets you see how much your plant may be dehydrating soon. While i love it in the pics and new - my one question would be, will algae grow there? You know how it happens in fish tanks - and your plants will need sun… But in concept, its great, and even something that could be built in to normal looking pots, with a thin old styled thermometer strip to check water levels through. [via the Notcot/ThisNext tags below, as recommended to us by macandrew]

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Flat Packed Sheep

Flat packed. Sheep. Lamp. By Back4.

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In Orbit

Couldn’t resist posting another, here is the Dedon Orbit. For when the weather changes on you, and you want that cozy cabana-esque feel, with a more circular feel - how can one resist curling up in there with someone and just watching the stars? or the waves crashing? (ok ok, or simply as your own hideout in the living room, or on the patio). These curves and lines are much like what i tend to doodle when my subconscious takes over, so it’s no real surprise i am so attracted to these pieces.

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Leaf Lounging

I am an ocean kind of girl, don’t even need to be IN it so much as NEAR it at all times. It keeps me calm. And i love a good lounger, and as a definite hammock addict, this Leaf appeals to my organic simple design side as well. This woven beach little island of heaven is hand woven from weatherproof Hularo synthetic fibres and comes in seagrass and java, with optional cushions for added comfort… by Dedon.

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Futura Lamps by Rob Zinn


Hey how rad is this Futura wall lamp by Rob Zinn? Reminds me of the cover art by Peter Saville for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album… just a little bit. It comes in four different color schemes: Cool, Warm, Major, and Minor.

Here’s some more info on how the color effect is achieved from the blankblank.net site:

The shade consists of 5 white plastic planes whose reverse sides are printed with vivid colors to reflect colored light onto the preceding planes.


I’m thinking these would look so sweet all lined up in a row along an entire wall. (Pardon the bad photoshop job…)

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Target + Red Cross

You know you’re a designer when… you want to buy a First Aid Emergency Preparedness Starter Kit because of how great the packaging looks (and also the 10$ donation to the Red Cross). But seriously, Target impresses me repeatedly on so many levels. And for those of you who don’t have fully stocked cars of preparedness, get on this.

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Concrete Jungle

The furniture collection by Metrofarm makes me feel the need to rethink my definition or implication of “concrete jungle”. There’s something extremely appealing about the harsh, cold, smooth edges of these pieces that is a unique blend of street meets modern. From dj decks and benches (they blend wood/concrete nicely) to custom kitchens, its an inspiring collection. [These are the guys who brought you Koi Klub that has gotten a few posts at .org lately]

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Florence Broadhurst

On the subject of wallpaper - here’s another contribution from our Aussie correspondent, Lucy Feagins.

Still on the topic of Melbourne Design Week (already a couple of weeks old now, sorry!), I was lucky enough to attend a seminar on the life and designs of Australian designer Florence Broadhurst. Speaking at the seminar were Helen O’Neill, author of the recently released Florence Broadhurst biography, Katherine Thomson, writer of Unfolding Florence - the soon to be released film about her extraordinary life, and David Lennie from Signature Prints.

Signature Prints is an Australian company that handprints beautiful fabric and wallpaper from a large library of different designs. Among this collection are the legendary designs of Florence Broadhurst, which Signature Prints’ CEO David Lennie stumbled across and purchased in 1989.

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Dirty Walls

Paper Voyeur’ - flora and fornication. Wallpaper that is the litmus test to weed out the dirty minds entering your humble abode? It is always interesting to see how people manage to work the subversive into their products… does this take it too far? is it not subtle enough anymore? Still conceptually interesting. via reluct.

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Sumo Review

SUMO LOUNGE REVIEW!!! Andrew over at Sumo Lounge sent over this black Omni and Otto about a month ago, and i’ve been test driving it and having others come play with it as well. It is extremely comfortable for sitting and working outside i’ve found ~ a bit large for people crammed for space, but i love relaxing and working out here on the patio, where i’m posting this from. For the full verdict see below.

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Paris House

Some people inherit money, others inherit a company name to carry on with - the unique part here is that as the company changed hands, the business did as well. What began with her grandfather as a jewelry store has grown and evolved through the years. I love this part of the about page “The name Paris House was originally created by my grandfather, Cohus Paris in 1934 for his jewellery business. My father Michael Paris, a watchmaker, continued his father’s tradition until his death in 2002. It is with a sense of pride and commitment that I continue the legacy of care and quality associated with the Paris House name.”

I love companies where the philosophies are well grounded in the passions of the owners/workers. And the Paris House seems to have understood and embodied this notion whole heartedly from day one. As a designer - Sharon Paris managed to combine her background as a conceptual artist - and her ability to create some fascinating leather wallets, etc which all have text to draw you in, make you think - and thats not enough, she takes you on a ride through mental illness in this collection (even donating 10%). And packaging is fun stuff. She provides you with a pot of New Zealand bee’s wax to preserve the leathers ~ one of the first lines contained beeswax with “what’s so wrong with taking care of each other?” imprinted in it.

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Chairbag Adventures 2

Had a little fun with the Chairbag on 4th of July… and since sometimes its all about context, and people have been asking me about how this chair is as an outdoor chair, and compared to normal chairs… well this should give you a feel for its size/style/etc relative to others. [click the pic to see it properly]

This is Sunset Blvd (closer to the beach than the clubs) - and this happens only once a year… the night before the 4th of July Parade all the locals put their chairs out - some chained to one another, some duct taped to trees, some with names sharpied on them, some even have cushions. And then imagine all the chairs you see, also in mini kids form. So i wandered out and took a lot of shots of this bizarre, surreal scene of chairs abandoned and waiting around 2am… and even brought the Chairbag out with me, NOTCOT sign and all.

[i have a whole series of shots from this night, all of which are incredibly surreal and a great study on outdoor chairs… not sure whether to put them up though, let me know if you want to see some]

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Chairbag Adventures 1

So i came home the other day, and the mailman had left this bizarre black bag at the door. Puzzled but curious - my first thought was really, WOW what efficient shipping- a simple, black canvasy rectangle of a bag with a zip along the top, and the handles had just been tied (see below). And the labels were just slapped on there. Talk about not wasting any materials to send it over.

Turns out it was a CHAIRBAG. You’ve been seeing it around all the design sites lately, designed by PS Labs of Amsterdam… part buoy, part bouncy kids chair, part giant workout ball, and definite design icon in the making. So thus begins my adventures with the Chairbag, and below is my extensive review with more pics. [also click the pic above to see larger]

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